Halloween Oreos—Spiders

I had the realization recently that pretty much the only Halloween related posts I have shared this season are treats…of the Oreo persuasion. That is sad…really sad. I do have to tell you that I have not eaten any of them. I am TRYING to reduce the amount of sugar in my life right now. But I lay awake at night and close my eyes and see Oreos and try to come up with lots of different versions of them to create. Is there a 12 step program for people like me? Anyways…here is the latest version of my Halloween Oreos…the Spider…cause you can never have enough fun Halloween food…right?


These might be one of my favorites. I am not sure why. I used some fun icing eyes that I found at Target the other day in their baking aisle. They are made by Wilton and just give him some extra character.  I dip each Oreo by taking a spoon of the melted chocolate and pouring it over the Oreo.  Turn the Oreo around in one hand and drizzle the chocolate over it with the other hand. Make sure to get all around the stick and around the middle of two cookie layers.

halloween oreos spiders 6wm

Then place on wax paper. I took some fun colored licorice which was also found at Target and cut them into 8 small pieces for the spider’s legs.

halloween oreos spiders 3wm  halloween oreos spiders 4wm

Then push them gently, but firmly into the sides of the Oreo…four to each side.

halloween oreos spiders 7wm

Before the chocolate hardens add some eyeballs.  You can also use M&M’s or mini chocolate chips to make the eyes if you can’t find the Wilton eyeballs.

halloween oreos spiders 5wm

Pop into the freezer until you are ready to wrap them up and gift to someone or until you are ready to eat them with a friend.

Halloween Oreos Spiders wm

Spider Webs are not included or recommended in the assembly process…


Look at those beady eyes…just like a real spider. Have I told you how much I despise real spiders? Remember this post a while back? I share a couple of my “favorite” spider encounters with you…*shudder*!! I think these chocolate covered Oreo Spiders almost make up for my irrational fear of the real ones…

well almost!

I can’t believe Halloween is in less than a week!


  1. says

    SO cute, Amy!! I love those wiggly spider legs. They’re perfect. I’m kind of obsessed with Oreo pops, too so I understand!! :)

    • says

      Glad to know I am not alone! There should be a program we could take together…so we could learn how to make them bigger and better! haha

    • says

      Ohhh! Thanks so much! Heading over to check out your site! I really appreciate it and letting me know about it too!

  2. Connie says

    Hi Amy, I love your Oreo Pops….so clever and fun! I am going to try them out this weekend with the grandkids! They will love making them. What chocolate do you recommend, and where do you purchase it? Now, to decide which ones to make!

    • says

      Thanks Connie! What a fun grandma you are! I like to use the chocolate that comes in a big block. I get mine at Dick’s Market. They are associated foods so not sure where your Associated Food Stores are. Also another really easy alternative to work with is CandiQuik in the chocolate or the vanilla flavor. Found in the baking aisle. It is nice a smooth when melted. But, does not taste as good to me as the chocolate. But I have noticed that my kids can’t tell a difference even though I can :)! Hope that helps!

  3. JC says

    Made these tonight with my son as a Halloween treat for his class. I found the Oreos weren’t thick enough to keep the lollipop stick in between it, so the two sides fell apart which made pouring the chocolate over it difficult. SO….instead i dredged the cookie wafer, without the filling in it, through the chocolate, let it drain a bit, put it on wax paper, put on the licorice legs layed down the stick, put the other side of the cookie on top, spooned and spread chocolate on top and then put the eyes on. I found the wilton eyes but not enough for the amount we needed but used Rockets with a small dot of decorative icing in the middle for a pupil, they looked pretty wild in the end. Really great idea and very cute outcome. Leave some extra time if you have a lot of make :-) Happy Halloween!


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