Mr. and Mrs. Sign

Learn how I made this Mr. and Mrs. sign…

So…as some of you may know…if you follow The Idea Room FB page, that I have been painting and sprucing up our Master Bedroom which has been the same since we first moved into our home almost 9 years ago. And for me, who grew up rearranging her bedroom every few months, that is a LONG time with no change.  With the new paint color, we had to get a couple of new décor items.  I thought it would be fun to make a sign that was unique to our wedding date.

Mr. and Mrs 1wm

I was inspired by a wedding photo I saw where the bride and groom were each holding their respective signs.  I knew I wanted to use some weathered wood and had the perfect wood to use.  We “inherited” this old beat up garden swing when we moved into our home from the previous owners.  It was broken but I always had plans to fix it up and use it.  But it never happened.  We had slated it for the garbage man and the morning it was to be hauled off I knew I had to rescue it.  So before my husband left for work he rescued it out of the garbage can.  Phew…disaster averted.

mr. and mrs bemchwm

We cut the wood off the swing using a reciprocating saw.  Then I took 3 of the wood planks and glued them together with some left over wood scraps on the back. 

Mr. and Mrs sign 8wm

Then using my new Silhouette Cameo machine, I cut some vinyl for the Mr. and Mrs. using the ChopinScript font.


Mr. and Mrs sign 6wm

Carefully add the vinyl lettering to your sign.

Mr. and Mrs sign 2wm

Then, I added a thin coat of Mod Podge (Matte finish) to the sign.  I did this because the paint was peeling off.  I did not want to lose any more of the paint or have it shed in my room.  I also wanted to keep it just the way it was.

Mr. and Mrs. sign awm

I really like the personal touch it gives our Master Bedroom.  And I have a few more pieces of the weathered wood that I hope to find some fun projects for.

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  1. Patty P. says

    i ADORE(!!!!) the new look on your blog! it is GORGEOUS! i think it exudes everything that i love about you! :)

  2. says

    amy i LOVE it!! I really need to add some more personal touches and pizazz to our master bedroom :) Thanks for the inspiration.

    and the color of the walls is fantastic! it looks like a similar gray to what we painted most of our upstairs…we lo-o-o-ove it :) Hope you two are enjoying the new look of your room!

  3. says

    I LOVE THIS! and it looks like something I could pull off doing! :) I’m in the middle of a major overhaul of my family room & this little idea might just come in handy ! Thanks 4 sharing!

  4. Tumaini Rivera says

    I have some scrap wood!! I’ll have to try this one. Afterall, I did make my own denim wedding dress! Check it out when you have a moment at Flippin’ Factory

  5. Katherine Cobert says

    Just found your blog! Such great ideas and creativity!! I love this sign idea too!! We are redecorating our master bedroom and I am going to display some sea shells that my grandmother picked up on all of her travels. This would go great with the sea shells. Would it be ok if I sort of copy? :-)
    Oh and I just have to know, what is the font that you use for all your blog post titles? I have been searching for this font for a long time. I saw it a long time ago in a magazine and loved it. Thanks so much!!

  6. Kristin says


    I think I did a little swinging on that swing when I was younger. So funny! I am glad to see it got put to good use instead of going to the garbage. It looks great! Great idea!

  7. Mehgan Drake says

    I love the sign! I’ve been going Cricket happy lately, and I inherited a lot of old wooden pallets. We’re redoing our bedroom, too, and I’ve been wanting a Mr. and Mrs. sign somewhere! I’ve just found your blog, and I must say, I’m feeling pretty crafty now!
    BTW August 11th is a great anniversary! Our is August 11, 2003!

  8. Jill Elsey says

    I love this idea. When my husband and I were dating he would drive 60 minutes every Wednesday, after my kids from a previous marriage were in bed, just to sit on my front porch swing and talk. Now the swing is falling apart (3 years of marriage later) and I would love to make it into an heirloom type sign for our home! Gotta love crafty folks like yourself….

    • says

      What a fun idea and would be a great sentimental piece! Hope you can make it into something you will cherish!

  9. says

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