Hamburger Cupcakes

My son just recently celebrated his 11th birthday.  He wanted something fun and different than the traditional cupcake.  I had remembered seeing some Hamburger Cookies from Disney’s a while back as part of their April Fool’s Food Series and Bakerella made some fun hamburger cupcakes here.  Since my son is a huge hamburger fan, I thought it would be fun to make him some Hamburger Cupcakes too.  This is an idea that has been out there for a while, but was new and fun for us.

hamburger cupcake 5wm

They were really easy.  I simply made up some yellow cupcakes and baked them normally and then let them cool completely.  Then I whipped up a batch of our favorite brownies and poured them into a a greased muffin pan so that the cups were only 1/4 full.  These are going to be the hamburger patties so you don’t want them to be very thick.

hamburger cupcake 1wm

Cut the tops of the cupcakes off.  You will use the two pieces of the cupcake as the top and bottom hamburger buns.  You may want to cut the bottom of the cupcake down a bit if your cupcakes are too tall so that it looks more realistic.

hamburger cupcake 2wm

Then I took some coconut and placed it into a Ziploc baggie to make some lettuce.  I added a few drops of green food coloring and shook the coconut up so that it was evenly colored with the coloring.

hamburger cupcake 3wm

Then simply take some of your favorite frosting and dye some of it red and yellow to represent mustard and ketchup.  Add a few globs of each to the top and bottom buns.  Sprinkle with your lettuce over the top of the brownie.  This makes for a pretty quick and easy birthday dessert, and a happy birthday boy.  He LOVED them and said they tasted ALMOST as good as his favorite hamburger!

hamburger cupcake 4wm

Do you have a child who would love to have these as their birthday dessert?

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  1. says

    OH MY GOSH! This is AWESOME!!! You have got to be kidding me…..I’m going to make these for dinner one night & see what my son thinks ….it will be good for a laugh as his face will light up (he’s 5) when he finds out they are cupcakes!!! Of course, the meal will be desert :) ha!

  2. says

    YES, I do! I think I may have to give this a go to celebrate my son’s 13th birthday this month. I can make them up and send to school for his class to enjoy. Thank you!

  3. Karissa says

    These are awesome!! I will file this away to use for our next family party. Wondering what you used as the sesame seeds on the top?

  4. Beth says

    I’ve made these before from Bakerella’s website and they were a huge hit with kids and adults! I also made the sugar cookie “french fries”! Loved it all!

  5. says

    My mother made these with vanilla wafers (for the buns) and chocolate covered mint wafers (for the burgers)…for my first grade end-of-the-year picnic. I’m telling you, I was the proudest first grader of their own mother and her food crafting prowess that day. I bet your son thought the same of you after made these. Great birthday treats!


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