February Photo-a-Day Challenge

It’s that time again…January is almost over and February is a knock, knock, knocking at the door! Thank goodness.  January was a doosie for me and I am ready to send it packing!


Did you play along with us in January?  Well, we would love to have you play along with us. Feel free to share these photo prompts on your social media sites so your friends can play along with us!

Feb photoaday 2013

What is exactly is photo-a-day you say?
Every month I share with you some photo prompts or suggestions for each day of the month.  You can play along by taking a picture of your interpretation of the prompt (or come up with your own if you don’t like it). 

How do I play along?
You can share your photos through any of the social media platforms: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, your Blog, Flickr, etc.

You can tag me @theidearoom on your social media sites too if you want me to be able to see it!  I love to see what my readers are sharing!  It makes my day! 

Simply add the hashtag #idearoom so that the rest of us who are playing can follow along and we can all see your photos. 

What is a hashtag and how does it work?  A hashtag is the pound sign (#) followed by a word of short phrase (without a space) that describes or classifies your tweet or photo on Twitter or Instagram.  If you click on a hashtag you will be taken to a list of tweets or pictures all containing the same hashtag. 

How can I see other people’s photos?
Once you’ve shared your own photo, and included the hashtag #idearoom, simply click on the the hashtag.  You will be taken to a screen with everyone’s photos who have also added the idearoom hashtag.  Go ahead and comment and like each other’s photos.  This way everyone has fun!

What if you forget a day…or 2…or 20?
Not a big deal really! Just start up again.  You can play catch up, or just start again.  No one will care…I promise.  Heck…I skipped plenty of days when life got too crazy and the prompts are mine!!  Share with your friends and family!  Have fun.  The point is to get you to record your everyday moments.  To capture a small snapshot of your day.

But remember…The Idea Room is a family friendly site!  Let’s keep it that way people!

Want to play along?

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  1. Elaine Scherer says

    Hi Amy
    On the second photo option for February, is is something at an Angle or a picture of an Angel? Sorry confused. Thanks


    • says

      Elaine–You are correct. It is something taken at an angle. Thanks for the question. Hopefully that will clarity it for others as well!!


  1. […] Have you ever done a photo-a-day challenge on instagram? I did a sort-of-similar challenge in November (remember Instagratitude?), and  I’ve seen them floating around for a while, where you’re given a list of photo prompts for each day of the month and then upload your photos based on those prompts. I was tempted to join one in January, but never followed up. Now that February’s here, I think I’m up to the challenge. I’ll be sharing the photos on my instagram account. Here are the photo prompts for February from The Idea Room: […]

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