St. Patricks Day Gifts

You guys…I am obsessed with these bottles (recycled Starbucks Frappucino).  So I apologize in advance for this project.  But I just could not help myself!  I realized that I hardly have any St. Patrick’s Day Gifts or décor ideas on The Idea Room.  I decided that I needed to fix that.  So be prepared for a few simple and easy ideas in the coming week.


I LOVE rainbows so it was the first thing I thought of.  This is definitely not a new idea and I have seen it all over, but I thought I would put my own little spin on it.  The spin will come in the next post…but here is the first version for you if you would like to duplicate it for your own use.


I like both of these fun containers.  The tall skinny test tube container was picked up from Michaels and is perfect to give a small little treat to a neighbor or friend.


Or give a bit more candy to one of your favorite teachers for a little pick me up this St. Patrick’s Day.


I will be providing you with the free downloads of the St. Patrick’s Day printables for a few days before I move them over to my store.  So be sure to grab them if you want to use them.


You will need to go through my FB page to gain access to them.  If you are not a fan of The Idea Room, you will need to like the page first and then click on {Previous Downloads} to gain access to the printables.


The files for the “Happy St. Patrick’s Day” Labels measure 3 x 2.5 inches.  The round “I Am Lucky” Tags print out at 3 inches.  You can use them as labels at this size.  If you want the round tag to fit the top of the Starbucks Bottles you will need to be sure and print the labels at 50% of the original size so that they will measure 1.5 inches and they will fit perfectly on the top of the lid.


Click here for the printables:  St. Patrick’s Day Gift Labels and Tags

Do you give out gifts for St. Patrick’s Day?


  1. says

    Get outta Dodge! These are so cute – especially with the bit of gold at the bottom. Totally borrowing this idea. Thanks!

  2. Julie says

    Was it recently that you got the test tubes from Michaels? I went to my Michaels today and they didn’t have them. I would really like to use these for activity days on Wednesday. Any suggestions would be great.
    Thanks Julie

    • says

      I actually got them in January a while ago. I was planning on using them for a Valentine’s Day project that actually didn’t ever get made. So I used them for this. I have also seen them at Bennion Crafts (formerly Ben Franklin Crafts). I wonder if you can get them on Amazon fast enough?

  3. Emily says

    This little project is adorable, and my kids and I are all set to do it…except we can not find those test tubes anywhere! The Michaels in our area no longer has them, and I’ve scoured every other place I can think of. If anyone knows the name of the tube/cylinder, please post it and/or share a link. Thank you!

  4. Kim Kroener says

    Love it, I wanted to make one for each of my kids. I couldn’t find the test tubes so Starbucks bottles it is! Dis you go through a ton of shuttles though?

    • says

      haha! Yes! The bottles use a lot more skittles. Each bottle took over half a bag of the larger bag of skittles so do keep that in mind. So for two bottles you will need two bags or go with more rolos in the bottom of the jar to take up more space.

  5. says

    such a cute idea to reuse those bottles – don’t you just love them? So many uses – gotta love it. Stopping by from SNAP’s ‘show & tell’. Nice to ‘meet’ you! =) laura ~ eye candy creative studio


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