Myrrh Bath Salts Recipe–Christmas Gift

Looking for a great Christmas gift?  Make these Myrrh Bath Salts!  Bath Salts are so easy to make and are a great gift idea.  Add new meaning to your gift by adding some religious significance to your religious holiday.  This is a great way to add more meaning to the gift giving season.



Myrrh Bath Salts Recipe

1/2 cup Rock Salt or Epsom Salts (or a mixture of both)

1/2 cup of Kosher Salt

drizzle of Olive Oil

5 drops of Myrrh DoTerra Essential Oil

*optional—3 drops of Lavender DoTerra Essential Oil (highly recommended because it smells amazing)

Mix the salts together in a bowl and then slowly drizzle a very small amount of Olive Oil on the salt.  This will be great for your skin in the bath.  Add your essential oils and mix together again.  Last up to 3 months in an air tight container.  Use 1/8 to 1/4 cup in a warm water for soothing, detoxifying and relaxing bath.  Makes about 1 cup.


I bought my Myrrh and Frankincense Essential Oils here:  Frankincense and Myrrh DoTerra Essential Oils

For the directions of how to obtain the printable labels and how to make the crate and gift set you can go here:

{Gifts of Christmas Gift Set}

For the Frankincense Sugar Scrub Recipe go here:

{Frankincense Sugar Scrub Recipe}


    • says

      I know! I was excited to smell it the first time. It smells a bit woodsy. I love it with orange or lavender!

    • says

      So glad to hear that Courtney! You will love that oil from do terra! Hope you stick around and continue to enjoy what you see here!

  1. Brenda says

    I love this gift set! I just came across the information, but unfortunately the tutorial link no longer works. Can you send me the instructions? Thank you!

  2. Violet Klein says

    i seriously love this idea, totally gonna do this for my friends and family, for christmas! THANK YOU!

  3. says

    Hi – what a wonderful idea for christmas! Going to try to make this up tonight! Q – ive tried to open the gift set attachment on this page and also the frankensense page and both tell me it doesn’t exist can you email it to me? Wswpub2(at)

    Thanks! tina

    • says

      You will need to use a desktop or laptop to get the printables. Trying to have my tech guy figure out why mobile devices have a hard time getting them sometimes!

  4. erin says

    The link doesn’t work for me either, I am on a laptop. hoping to make for Christmas.

  5. Karly says

    Hi! Love the gift set!! Was wondering where you got your jars and box. i’m doing a make and take so i’m going to have to get some those items in bulk. Thanks!

  6. Katrine says

    What a lovely idea! I love my essential oils. Would love the wooden crate tutorial – the link doesn’t work or me either and i’m on a desktop.

  7. TJ says

    Hello Amy, love this display….Could you please help me to find the link for the printables and where it is you got the glass jars….thanks so much!

  8. Wendy says

    I pinned this last year but I didn’t download the printables. I am on a laptop and the link for the details of the box and printables do not work. Can you help?

  9. Christina says

    I LOVE this! I want to make them as Christmas gifts for my sons preschool teachers. I am using a laptop and can not get to the instructions for the crate or the printables either! Can you send them to me?

  10. JOLENE says

    I just stumbled across this site via Pinterest. I am so happy that I did! Thank you for making these printables available to us non-creative types :) My family teases me that I am big on homemade items at Christmas but I am not good with coming up with the ideas myself. I will be a frequent visitor from now on and will be sure to click your links and purchase items if they interest me through your site. Thanks and again and many blessings to you!! PS DoTERRA is aweome!! :)

  11. Amber says

    Hi there! I was wondering if there is another way to get the printables and crate instructions, as the link above is still not working, even from home computer? Thank you in advance! I love this idea as gifts and would love to utilize the whole concept.

  12. Kim says

    Thank you so much for this great idea!
    I am going to make this for friends and family this Christmas. I agree with reducing the oil in the sugar scrub and I think I will try cedar wood with the myrrh because I kind of like the woodsy smell, but the lavender is a great idea too. Thank you for your talent and willingness to share it with others.

    • says

      Thanks for the suggestions! I love how easy it is to tailor these to your different tastes. And yes, the oil amounts can be varied depending on whether you prefer a “dry-er” scrub. Cedar Wood would be a wonderful combination!

  13. Kristina says

    LOVE this idea!! Can you please repost the directions for printable labels and how to make the crate & gift set?

    • The Idea Room Assistant says

      There should be a link that you can click on to get the labels. Let me know if you still can’t find it, let me know.


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