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Valentine’s Day is coming.  What are you doing to celebrate?  Since we have 5 children and don’t always feel like sharing our night with several strangers cramming into the same restaurants, we usually have a nice low key night at home…with the kids!


We have, in the past, done a nice candle-light meal and some chocolate fondue with the kids.  They love being involved and really…they are the most important people in my life so it makes sense to include them.  Then, because it is important for my husband and I have to our own relationship, we will plan a date for just the two of us at a different time.


This year I thought it would be fun to plan a family movie night and make it a little extra special.  I shared this with you earlier as part of a Group Valentine’s Day Gift Basket Giveaway.  The lucky winner has received her fun Movie Night Gift Basket, but I thought it would be fun to share these fun printables with you too in case you might want to celebrate Valentine’s Day with your own movie night!


Print out these fun tickets and give them to those you would like to invite so they can anticipate a fun evening at home with their favorite people.  Pop up some popcorn and chill some of your favorite drinks in an ice bucket.


Fill up a basket lined with a kitchen hand towel to make this fun Popcorn Basket (basket found at Home Goods) or print out this Popcorn Box Template I shared for the Fourth of July (red popcorn box pictured above).


Hang up a painter’s drop cloth (which I cut down to hang nicely in front of the fireplace in our living room.  This can be used as a decoration with some fun bulb lights or you can actually project your movie on it for a real movie theater or drive in movie feel.


Gather up your blankets and pillows and make sure you have plenty to get cozied up and comfortable for the main feature…or two.

To download the Movie Night Printables click here:

{Movie Night Printables}

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And…just because I am curious…what is one of your favorite movies? What movie will you watch on your Valentine’s Movie Night?



  1. says

    I am trying to find where to download the movie tickets but it’s not working. I did exactly what it says on facebook.
    thank you!

  2. Crystal says

    Love the printables!! We love having movie nights with our girls. We haven’t decided what movie we will watch, but it is between Sleepless in Seattle, Pillow Talk, You’ve Got Mail or Two Weeks Notice (my girls are 20 & 16 which only the 16 yr. old will be with us this Valentine’s Day). Thanks for the printables!!

  3. Tammy says

    Not long ago we watched While You Were Sleeping as a family. I have all boys and they even enjoyed it!

  4. Alexandra says

    Movies are my life, i live for watch, study and make movies and this is truly Perfect!! I would love to have this on my birthday party this year <3 <3 Thanks a lot for sharing I'm in love with it.

    I love you work <3

  5. Marty says

    I love that Soda Pop crate. Did you buy it or make it? It is exactly what I am looking for for my my basement.

    • says

      I made it! I have not gotten around to sharing the tutorial for it yet…sorry! They are really easy to make though. Just make a box and then paint it and stencil it!


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