DIY Porch Planter Boxes

One of my favorite parts of being a Lowe’s Creative Blogger is the push that it gives to me get some of the projects that are floating around in my head, finished!  You know…those things you would love to have but just don’t find the time or the motivation to tackle?

DIY Planter

I have wanted some tall porch planters for a long time to spice up my front porch.  I, of course, never want to pay the prices that planters like these cost, especially when we can make them for much cheaper!


And perhaps my favorite part of this post is the fact that I am then “forced” to plant flowers in March.  Those flowers have made me happier than they should every time I see them.  They make me feel like winter is over…even when it’s snowing outside!

DIY Planter

Want to make some Porch Planters for your home? Here is how we made them…

Materials needed for ONE Porch Box Planter:

Non-pine wood (pine will shrink)

2 side panels 10 inches (width) x 24 inches (height)

2 (front & back panel) 11 inches width at top tapering down to 9 inches in width at the bottom x 24 inches (height)

decorative molding for the top

2 scrap pieces for the inside to hold the bottom

bottom panel

decorative drawer handle or pull (we used old ones we had pulled off a dresser & spray painted black)

Dremel Saw Max

nails (nail gun)

wood glue

painter’s caulk

drill (1/2 inch drill bit)

Stain paint or wood stain (we used Olympic Maximum stain paint in the Pewter color)

river rock (gravel)

potting soil

boxwood plant (or plant of your choice)

DIY Planter 11

1.  Cut your 2 side panels.  We cut ours 10 x 24 inches.

2.  Cut your front and back panels.  We cut them so that they were wider on top and smaller on the bottom so that the porch planter had a bit of an angle to it instead of a straight rectangle.  The top was 11 inches and the bottom of the panel measured 9 inches.  We just drew a straight line from the 11 to the 9 inches with a ruler and cut on the line to taper the angle.  (Pictured above with the saw cutting from the bottom up).

DIY Planter 12

3.  Add glue to the ends of the side panels and glue the box together.  The front panels went on first with the side panels behind them so the seam is not visible from the front.

4.  Add some nails along the sides to hold the wood together firmly.  You will want the extra support for the weight of the wet soil.

DIY Planter 15

5.  After the wood glue has dried, you can caulk the seams inside and out so you have a nice clean edge and finish.  Use the proper caulk depending on if you will be staining or painting the planters.

DIY Planter 14

6.  Take some decorative molding and measure the top of your planter and cut it according to the size and style you chose to make a nice finishing edge around the planter.  Cut and nail and glue into place and then caulk the seams.

DIY Planter 16

7.  Take some scrap pieces (just a strip of wood) and nail them into the base of the planter on the side or front panels.  This will be the base and support for the base of your planter.

8.  Measure a square piece of wood that will fit into the bottom of your planter and will rest of your side supports.  We drilled three holes into the base so that the water can drain out properly.

DIY Planter 8

9.  Sand the edges so you have a nice, smooth finish.  Paint the inside and the outside to give you protection from the moisture and the outside elements.  We chose a paint stain to give us a long lasting protection from the weather.  Let dry.

DIY Planter

10.  Fill with gravel or rock in the bottom…about 2 inches.  Fill the rest with potting soil and then add your plant.

DIY Planter 9

This is a really quick project and I LOVE the way they updated my front porch.  I also picked up a couple of fun, green and white, SPRINGY pillows from Lowes.  I also threw together a monogrammed pillow to personalize things as well.  I simply made a pillow cover out of a canvas paint drop cloth (one that I have used for several projects here) and stenciled the letter H on it.


I am still loving my black front door and if you are interested in how to paint your front door, be sure to refer to my tutorial in the link.


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DIY Planter-Tutorial

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  1. Crystal says

    They turned out great!! Love the handles (I think that’s what they are) on the front of the planters. Porch looks amazing!!

  2. Samantha says

    Love them…..I’m going to try also. Can’t wait to freshen up my porch after all this horrible pollen from the oak trees is gone. The handle on the front really makes it fancy.


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