Grace Adele Giveaway

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Have you heard of Grace Adele?  If not, let me give you a brief introduction.   Grace Adele is a Scentsy company that offers a stylish and affordable and stylish accessory line for women.  Grace Adele offers a variety of customizable sets of handbags, wallets, jewelry and accessories.

If you have not checked out some of the items available through Grace Adele, you might want to check it out. 

One of The Idea Room’s sponsors, Jana Bennett, is an independent Scentsy and Grace Adele Consultant. Jana would love to offer an awesome giveaway to one Lucky Idea Room Reader!

What does the winner get?

The winner will receive One Grace Adele bag AND One clutch of their choice.

To enter for your chance to win, simply enter the Rafflecopter entry form below. 

If you are interested in becoming a Grace Adele Consultant, hosting a party or have any question regarding Grace Adele feel free to contact Jana Bennett through her Facebook page.

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*This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Jana Bennett with Grace Adele.

Contest runs February 23-27th, 2013.  Contest is open to individuals 18 years and older

and citizens of the United States.  A random winner will be selected and will be given 48 hours

to claim their prize before a new winner is chosen.

OUr Family Trip to Kauai

Back in October of 2012, we took a family trip to Kauai.  We had been talking about taking the family on a big trip for quite some time now.  Family is so important to my husband and I, that we are constantly talking about and finding ways to nurture our family. 

We realize that in three short years our oldest son will be gone serving a 2 year mission for our church. And three years goes so fast. We feel like we are running out of time when all of our kids are still under the same roof.  So after much talk, praying and consideration we decided to surprise our kids with a trip to Hawaii.

Kauai 21 wm

We had a super early flight out, woke up the kids at 4 am and drove to the airport.  Since it was dark outside, the kids didn’t really realize we were not headed in the right direction.  As we neared the Airport, we told the kids where we were really headed.  They were so shocked that they all kind of just sat there in disbelief!  Haha!  Only a couple of them had ever been an airplane but were too young to remember it.

Our trip to Kauai was so amazing and we had such a great time together.  The kids were so great and we surprisingly had very few quarrels!  We also were blessed with great weather!  We had decided to stay at a rental house rather than in a hotel so we could have access to all the gear (from surfboards, boogie boards, snorkeling equipment and paddleboards) rather than having to rent it for everyone.

kauai 22 wm

On our first full day in Kauai, we got up early and headed to Queen’s Bath.  It is a unique tide pool on the North Shore surrounded by volcanic rock right on the edge of tall cliffs and the ocean.  When we got to the tide pool, we were told there was a white tip shark trapped in the pool.  The week before we arrived, Kauai had some really high surf and we suspected that the shark had accidently been swept into the pool and then was trapped when the surf level dropped.

Kauai 23wm

He was about three feet in length.  The kids crouched on this ledge on the edge of the pool and put on their snorkel masks to they could watch the shark.  It was so amazing, but this mama was a bit nervous.  There were a few other people in the tide pool who were swimming very respectfully while also keeping a distance from the shark. 

Then after over an hour of watching him we all took a little swim in the tide pool cautiously so we could say we had swam with a shark.  It was such an awesome start to our vacation.  And a once in a lifetime experience for sure.  And the tide pool water was crystal clear that day due to the higher surf the week before.


The rest of the trip was basically spent relaxing on the beach and playing in the water together.  We all learned how to surf, except for the youngest.   She wanted nothing to do with that.  She was happy to just float around and swim in the calm water for hours on end.  We were able to do some awesome snorkeling at Tunnels and Ke’e beach. 


But we ended up spending most of our time at Hanalei Beach where we had a blast body boarding and surfing.  We were so glad that everything worked out as well as it did.  It can be difficult to travel with such a large family, but it was so worth it.  The kids have not stopped talking about it and asking when we can go back…haha! (Probably not going to happen unfortunately)!

kauai 25wm

We also spent quite a bit of time at Anini Beach.  The water here was so calm that the kids just played in it for hours.  We all learned how to Paddle Board here.  The youngest was too little for the board herself but she loved sitting on the back of the paddle board and being paddled around by the rest of us.


As you might imagine, we were one of the few tourists there with a larger family.  We definitely got some stares and some comments from curious people.  This is not unusual for us as a family of seven.  And I do realize that most people take this kind of a trip without their children.


But we felt strongly about taking our children with us.  The one thing that did surprise me is that some people seemed to be so surprised that we willingly and knowingly had all of these children on purpose.  Haha!  One the flight we had several comments from the flight attendants who seemed almost sympathetic to our large family.  I also got a lot of “bless you’s,” which always makes me smile.


I really do get the curiousity, but have to tell you that I feel so blessed to have the children that we do!  They have been a blessing for us.  And I am not going to lie, five children can be very difficult at times as well.  Motherhood is not always a pretty job, and is definitely the hardest thing I have ever done and will do, but the rewards are so worth those bad days.

We feel so grateful for them everyday and were so happy to be able to take them all with us.  We made some great memories and are so grateful we were able to experience it together.  And in today’s world, there are so many things pulling our kids away from the family.  Even when we are home together, there are so many distractions with electronics, extracurricular activities, friends. etc. that can interrupt quality family time.

kauai 24wm

And as a big believer in the importance of families, I think it is so important to carve out quality time with them.  Not that you have to take a large trip to get quality time, because you definitely don’t.  But we want to give our children experiences that let them know how important they are to us. 


And this once in a lifetime trip was something we felt very strongly about. 


Friends and associates will come and go in our lives, but our family is always going to be there.  It is so important to remember that.  We are trying to build strong relationships with our kids and help them build strong relationships with one another so that they will always have each other to enjoy and depend upon.


My parents were also big believers in family.  We went on a few trips together when I was growing up which are now some of my fondest memories.  A trip to NY that was one of the craziest trips ever filled with some hilarious memories which we laugh about often now, and a trip to Oahu.


Now my siblings and I are not just close, but good friends too.  We know that we can always depend on each other for anything we may need.  And I am so grateful for my parents for teaching me about the importance of being a family.  Everyone’s family is not going to look the same.  And a family may not even consist of “flesh and blood” relatives, but a group of people who love and care for one another.


I hope and pray that my children will grow up with a strong sense of family.  That they will long for families of their own to enjoy. 

What about you…What do you think?  What have you done as a family that has brought you closer together to create memories?  I would love to hear about it!

Valentine’s Day Printables

One day I went a bit crazy…other than my normal crazy ;)! I got a little carried away coming up with some fun labels for some DIY Valentine’s Gifts.  I have been a bit obsessed lately with making printables!  Have you noticed?  Hi…my name is Amy…and I have OCD!


Mustaches are all the rage right now…don’t ask me why…but they are kind of fun.  So of course, I had to join in.  I took these lip and mustache sucker molds and make some simple chocolate (for the mustache) and Wilton’s Candy melts (for the lips) suckers.  Simply melt them in the microwave on 15 second bursts and then pour into the molds.  As soon as they harden they are ready to eat or gift.  I shared an earlier project with these fun sucker molds here:

Moustache and Lip Suckers


Want the downloads? Simply click on the images of the label or labels you want to download.  This will take you to my FB page.  You must like it to gain access to the labels.  Then in the upper right had corner you will find a link that reads “Get Your Free Gift”…click on it.  Then click on Previous Downloads.


valentines-printables 1

You can use these as gift labels or a gift tag for a lot of different things if you don’t want to make the suckers.


And…if those weren’t enough…I came up with these little stickers for Mints…Peppermint Patties, a box of mints or the round mint tins.  You can actually print them out onto some sticker paper or print them out onto white cardstock and then cut them out and glue them onto the packages.

You should be able to resize the labels to the size that you need.  Most printers give you the option to resize or print at a different percentage than 100%.


You can get access to the “We Were Mint to Be” labels by clicking on the image below and then following the same directions I shared above.

mint to be round red


I have one more set of printables coming…and then I promise…I am done…until next year!

Will you be making Valentine’s for the kids or family members this year?


Winner of The DIY Bloggers and the Names of Each Blogger!

hot stuff Amy H.amy-1_edited-1_thumb.png

Oh my goodness, I hope you had a great time travelling back in time yesterday and laughing at our childhood portraits! Did you guess who I was? There were so many of you who were soooooo close to guessing all the DIY bloggers correctly, but finally one person…one blogger…one true DIY fan rose to claim victory!

Please meet the winner of the Before They Were Bloggers Contest:

Sara from Mom Endeavors

This girl knows her DIY blogs because she’s a blogger herself. Please take a minute to congratulate Sara by leaving her a comment on her blog today. She spent a lot of time holding a sick little baby yesterday and clicking back and forth to the different blogs to match all 29 faces with their blogs (she’s quite the multi-tasker isn’t she.)

And now… the moment you’ve been waiting for… here are the match ups.

A. Pretty Handy Girl

B. Decor Chick

C. All Things Thrifty

D. Tatertots and Jello

E. The Lettered Cottage

F. Infarrantly Creative

G. Sawdust Girl

H. Funky Junk Interiors

I. The Idea Room

J. DIY Showoff

K. The Shabby Nest

L. Not Just a Housewife

M. Vintage Revivals

N. Southern Hospitality

O. Young House Love

P. Home Stories A to Z

Q. Beneath My Heart

R. Thrifty Decor Chick

S. House of Smiths

T. The Nester

U. The Inspired Room

V. Songbird Blog

W. My Blessed Life

X. The Shabby Creek Cottage

Y. 320 Sycamore

Z. Just a Girl

# Makely School for Girls

@ Remodelaholic

? Miss Mustard Seed

How did you do? Were you close? Check out each blog because most of them will be posting a side by side photo of themselves. Feel free to laugh a little more.


Merry Christmas

Just wanted to pop in and wish you all a very Merry Christmas (Happy Kwanza and Holiday Season) with your family and loved ones.


I am going to be taking a few days off and spend some time with my family.  And getting over the cold that I ended up catching from my sick kids this week.

I am busy making last minute preparations and planning a new eating plan for myself.  If you follow me on FB and Instagram you will have seen that last Thursday I was diagnosed with several food allergies/intolerances which would finally explain some of my health issues the past several months.  Yeah for answers…but this is going to be a big change.  Chances are I can eventually add some of the foods back into my life but for now I need to eliminate them so that my body can heal itself.  More on this to come…

Photo: So it looks like I am allergic to a few different foods. This is going to get interesting!! #iamallitchy #makethemstop

I will be back a little later this week with some New Years ideas and the January Photo-A-Day Challenge…so be sure to check back in. 

The winners of all the giveaways have been announced.  So please make sure to check the original posts to see if you by chance were one of the lucky ones.

And just to show how much I appreciate all of you loyal readers, I want to offer a free pattern from The Idea Room store to the first 25 people who leave a comment on this post. 

You can pick from the following patterns:  Tooth Fairy Pillow, Finger Puppet Patterns, Star Wars Puppet Patterns, and the Pear/Apple Pincushion Patterns.

Be sure to leave your name, email address (or email it to me) and the pattern you pick.  These will be mailed out to you within the coming week. 

Merry and Bright

You can find this printable and an idea for how to use it here: 

Merry and Bright Chalkboard Tags.

Merry Christmas!!


The Shopping Bag Giveaway

Aren’t we having some amazing giveaways here on The Idea Room?  We have so many amazing sponsors who are in the mood for spreading Christmas Cheer.  Today I would love to introduce you to our brand new sponsor…

If by chance you love shopping, or getting amazing items at a great deal, you are going to love The Shopping Bag Store.  The Shopping Bag carries a wide variety of items including but not limited to party supplies, gourmet food items, women and men’s fashion and clothing items, jewelry, stationary and cards and fun items for the kids.


The Shopping Bag Store has a fun and eclectic selection of items that would make great gift items for friends and family…or for yourself.  Plus, just because you are an awesome Idea Room Reader, you can use the promo code IDEA and get an additional 10% off your orders.

And, they want One Idea Room Reader to have the ultimate Shopping Bag Store experience.



Pretty awesome right?  So…how you enter for a chance to win this amazing prize?  Simply follow the directions in the Rafflecopter Entry box below:

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*This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of The Shopping Bag Store.

Contest runs December 20-23, 2012.

A random winner will be selected and will be given 24 hours

to claim their prize before a new winner is chosen.

Velata Giveaway

This giveaway is now CLOSED!

The winner has been chosen and is named on the Rafflecopter box below! Congeratulations!  Jana, who sponsored this post was so happy with the response she wanted to offer a couple more Velata warmers to giveaway as well!!  Wahoo!  Here are the other two winners!  As always, you have 48 hours to claim your winnings!



a Rafflecopter giveaway

Looking for the Silhouette Black Friday deals?  Click here Silhouette Black Friday Code.


Are you familiar with Velata? Well, you should be! Last April, I was lucky enough to be chosen to participate in a small focus group.  In this group we were able to sample the new Velata Warmers and chocolates.  I was so impressed by the amazing quality and taste of the chocolates.  I liked them all, but my favorite was the Caramel Milk Chocolate! YUM!


I also couldn’t believe how easy it was to use the Velata warmers.  Simply open the pouch and pour the chocolate or caramel right into the special Velata warmer dishes and let the chocolate warm up to the perfect smooth and creamy consistency.


Here is what the makers of Velata have to say about their product:

We set out in search of the world’s most perfect, blow-your-mind chocolate. Our journey took us to (where else) Belgium — the world capital of fine chocolate. We found the perfect chocolate with the purest ingredients and the velvetiest (sometimes you have to invent a word) consistency. The kind of chocolate fondue you want to dip into, heart and soul.

Perfect chocolate needs a perfect melt! So we invented a patent-pending silicone dish heated by a light bulb in a hip, fun, smart fondue warmer. Who else but Scentsy could find a hip, fun, smart way to use a light bulb?

Whether you are a foodie, a trendsetter, or just someone who thinks of chocolate as its own food group, Velata fondue products are for you.

Take a dip in indulgent Velata chocolate. Once you’re hooked, make sure to take a look at the Velata opportunity. You never know, you may make a life out of your love of chocolate.


Jana Bennett, an Independent Consultant with Velata, wants you to be able to enjoy the Velata experience for yourself.  She is generously giving…

One Idea Room reader a Velata warmer of their choice along with 3 packs of the Scentsy Chocolates {which come in Dark Chocolate, Milk Chocolate, Caramel Milk Chocolate, and White Chocolate}.


If you would like to enter for a chance to win simply follow the directions in the Rafflecopter box below.


If you would like to learn more about Velata or how you can purchase some for your Holiday parties this year, you can contact Jana Bennett for more information, by clicking on her name.


Favorite Things Giveaway

This Giveaway is Now Closed!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

25 creative bloggers have gathered together to share THEIR favorite things in a gift giving guide, and nearly all of the items are under $25! I am so excited to be a part of it and to add my list of items to this large group giveaway.  Here you will find some great and simple ideas for the holidays.  Gifts don’t have to e excessive or extravagent for the recipient to love and appreciate them.

Here is how it will work:

  • Take a quick glance at the gift collage below
  • Scroll to the bottom to see mine up close with details and links to buy my favorite items
  • Enter to win my gift basket at the giveaway below ($25 value)
  • HOP to all of the other sites to enter to win their gifts!
  • Look around and enjoy the sites of the 25 creative bloggers–they will not disappoint!


To view closer shopping details and links on where to purchase each basket item, simply HOP on over to the links below, where you can also enter to win the giveaway on their sites.

1. All Things Thrifty

15. Six Sisters’ Stuff

Here is what I included in my Favorite things gift basket!!

things i love giveaway-1

1.  Wilton Candy Eyeballs (Target)

2.  Dove Milk Chocolate

3.  Apricot Fruit Leather (Target)

4.  Bath and Body Kitchen Lemon (Bath & Body Works)

5.  Scentsy Body Spray

6.  Crystal Light Pink Lemonade

7.  Fuzzy Socks (Target or Old Navy)

8.  Personalized hand sanitizer/soap bottles

9.  doTerra Tension

10. Aquaphor

11. Earrings

12. Martha Stewart Glitter Paint

13. Mod Podge Starter Pack

Book Review—Divergent by Veronica Roth

So I am going to jump in here today and share a quick book review about a book I just barely finished reading…in the wee hours this morning!  I had a guest post lined up for the Fall Festival but the dates got mixed up and so I have an opportunity to slip back in and say hi!!

I have shared some past posts about my favorite books and am pretty sure that I am going to have to add this one to My Favorite Book list

Divergent by Veronica Roth.


I have seen this around recently and had heard some good reviews for it.  I have not had much time for reading recently, but with the cooler temps and the sun setting way too early (goodbye late night runs….boo), I have found some time to get a little reading in before bedtime.

I have to say that I really, really enjoyed this book.  It has a feeling similar to the Hunger Games, which I did enjoy as well.  But this book does not feel as heavy theme wise…although it has a similar theme.  It was pretty darn clean too and you can’t beat that for a good book. 

I really like that there is a stong female heroine in this book who is valued for her bravery, and her brains rather than her beauty! 

Have you read this? What did you think?  And, since I am always on the lookout for a great book I would love if you would share your favorite reads too!

Laundry Room Sign

I am back with another great deal from Silhouette! This one is usually the favorite deal, the Sihouette Cameo and Vinyl Bundle! Want to take home this great bundle for $269.99?


I also have a tutorial so you can make a sign for your laundry room, like the one I made for the DIY blogger house.

laundry sign 6

Let’s get the deal details out of the way first for those of you who may be interested.

This Silhouette vinyl bundle includes:

  • Silhouette CAMEO®
  • Silhouette CAMEO® electronic cutting tool
  • Power cable/AC adapter
  • USB cable
  • Silhouette Studio® software
  • $10 download card
  • 12″ x 12″ cutting mat
  • Silhouette blade
  • Basic Instruction Guide
  • CAMEO instructional DVD
  • black 12″ premium vinyl
  • white 12″ premium vinyl
  • 12″ transfer paper

Want to snag up this deal while it lasts? Well you can do that by simply clicking on the blue link below, and entering the code: IDEAROOM upon checkout!

Order the Silhouette Vinyl Bundle Now!

Use the code: IDEAROOM

*This deal runs from August 23, 2012 through the 31st!

laundry sign 4

All right, now let’s talk about how I made this laundry sign. I simply took a scrap piece of plywood that I had laying around and cut it so that it measured about 18 x 8 inches.

laundry sign

I painted it yellow and then antiqued it with Martha Stewarts Tintable Antique Effect and some brown paint. Simply mix the two mediums together and paint it onto your board. Then take a lightly wet sponge and remove it from the areas you want less antiquing effect.

laundry sign 1

I let the paint dry and made up this laundry sign template on my Silhouette CAMEO machine and cut it out on some black premium vinyl (which you can pick up today for a great price :)!!

laundry sign 2

Then I simply transferred the vinyl to my painted board.

laundry sign 3

This sign was then used to decorate the DIY Blogger House. Want to make one for your house? You can get this exact same template on the Silhouette online store. Just search for Laundry signs and you can’t miss it!

laundry sign 5


our sponsors: