Idea Room Store–Glass Tile Pendants

Click here to order a Glass Tile Pendant

1 pendant for $6.00 USD or
2 pendants for $11.00 USD or
3 pendants for $15.00 USD

Shipping is $2.00 anywhere in the United States or Canada.

I have both upper case and lower case letters! If one choice is not specified, the choice will be made for you.


Be sure to leave me a note and let me know which number of glass tile pendant you would like to purchase.

I can also make initial pendants. If you would like an initial tile pendant…please specify in the notes the initial and the color of the background. I can also do lower case initials if requested (not pictured).

**The pictured tiles are not the finished product. They are just to show you what styles are available. They will each have a silver bail that will allow you to hang it on your own chain. The chain is not included. These are water-resistant but not water-proof. Do not swim, shower or bathe in your pendant. May take 2-3 weeks for delivery.


  1. Carol says

    Amy, I just ordered 3 pendants and forgot to tell you which ones! I want 3, 15 and 19. Thanks!
    Carol Harlow

  2. Heidi says

    I just wanted to say that I actually won one of these tile pendants in a giveaway and I LOVE it! It's super cute and so fun to wear, I get compliments on it ALL the time! Glad I can send them your way to buy them now!

  3. Lexie says

  4. Jenn says

    Where do you get your prints for these? I just started making them myself but LOVE the letter ones :)

  5. **Amy** says

    Jenn–The paper is just scrap book paper. I made the initials by putting vinyl stickers on scrapbook paper. Super easy!

  6. Sharmin says

    I actually learned how to make the scrabble pendants at my MOPS group, (like these so much better!) I would like to make these as well. I was wondering what size are the glass tiles and bails?


  7. gunnygirl says

    Hi! I love these tiles! I wanted to know if you make anything small enough to wear 3 on one chain (akin to the birthstone babies, but those are sooooo expensive)? Yours are soooo affordable!!!

    ~ Sara

  8. **Amy** says

    @Sara (gunnygirl)–I only make the glass tile pendants in that style. Nothing smaller. They are an inch in size! Sorry!

  9. youngsters says

  10. **Amy** says

    @arizonafamilies–Yes! The scrapbook paper is sealed on the back to make it more water resistant.

  11. harry says

    hi Amy!…lovely stuff. i would love to buy some for my nieces and my girl friend, but i live in India.

    do you ship here..?

  12. Amy says

    Hi Amy,

    I was wondering if you could stamp the numbers “31” on the pendants in place of letters?

    Amy : )

  13. melissa says

    Can you do custom tiles?

    like this:

    Great is our Lord,& abundant in power;
    his understanding is beyond measure.

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