Confessions of a Mommy Blogger…

I have recently received some emails from my readers asking me how I stay so organized and seem to be able accomplish so much. While I do enjoy working really hard to get things done, I want you all to know that it has never been my intention to give you the impression that we have it all together over here all the time.

I do crave organization and order and really try hard to stick to a routine, keep my home clean, put nice dinners on the table and so forth, but my family and I are far from perfect.

I do not want people to come to my blog and go away feeling badly about themselves as a mother or a person. I have simply been posting my successes on this blog, as I feel you people are coming to be inspired or to find new and fun ideas for your family. But I have recently come to see the value in keeping it real too. So…I have a few confessions I’d like to share with you today!

Most days I get it right. But every once in a while my house looks like this…

And sometimes after making a yummy treat or dinner…my kitchen looks like this. And sometimes, it may not get cleaned up until after the kids go to bed. And just maybe every once in a while…it may not get cleaned up until the next day!

Sometimes, my daughter dresses herself (or should I say “undresses”) and I am too lazy to care enough to find something a little more suitable even though it is snowing outside (unless of course we need to go somewhere. Then I might brush her hair if a hat can’t be found).

Sometimes I am too tired for my morning exercise and eat a peice of cake or a cookie for breakfast.

I hate flossing my teeth (L. – don’t tell that husband dentist of yours :)!

And sometimes I get comments from some “well-meaning women” who have noticed my toddler’s bare feet sticking out from the shopping cart. I know they think I deserve the award for worst mommy of the year, but I am too tired to care because I just finished wrestling her into the car seat, then again into the shopping cart. Besides, I know that I just don’t have it in me to wrestle with her to get her shoes BACK on, when she will just take them off and throw them down some random aisle the first chance she gets.

Sometimes the time-out chair gets used multiple times a day. The funny thing is that I have yet to send my 2 year old to the time out chair. When she is upset she will walk over to the chair and put herself in time out. I guess she has seen her siblings there enough to know that when you are upset you go and cry on the chair until you feel happy enough to come apologize and get a hug from mom.

I can’t count how many of our family photos turn out like this! And sometimes before I take a picture of my kids to put on this blog, I have to do their hair or change their food stained shirt first!

And just recently, I was THAT mother in the grocery store. You know…the one whose kid is screaming and throwing a tantrum because you won’t buy, much less open the candy bars that are right at their eye level while standing in MR. SSSSS-LLLLL-OOOOO-WWWW’s check-out line. All the while trying to pretend you don’t see all the glances from other people whose children NEVER acted that way…ever!…Really?

And even though we have a weekly menu plan, every once in a while I don’t follow through and make what we have scheduled. Then find myself at 5:33 digging through the freezer and pulling out the chicken nuggets and frozen peas for a quick and easy dinner. And guess what? The kids usually exclaim that this is THE BEST dinner ever…then I try to not feel guilty or feel like I am a bad mom for enjoying the fact that I didn’t have to make a big dinner.

And just maybe, I find that I might stay in my jammies all day and put off all my chores by finding all sorts of ways to avoid doing what I know needs to be done.

And somedays…Daddy can’t get home soon enough!

But some days…I am working it!

I get up and exercise, eat a healthy breakfast, shower and put on some make-up. Then I send my kids off to school with clean clothes and a love note in their lunch bag. I then make the time to play games or dress Barbies and Polly Pockets for the umpteenth time with the younger girls all while managing to clean the house and put away the laundry. Then during nap time, I whip up a fabulous craft. Later I manage to get a delicious AND healthy dinner baking in the oven as I conquer algebra (okay…not really) with one kid and quiz another on their spelling words.

So there you have it…The Good, The Bad and The Ugly. I hope my confessions don’t scare you away. Real life happens over here too! Now…don’t leave me hanging here! Or I might regret that I shared so much of what we as mom’s try to sometimes pretend doesn’t happen in our homes. What are some of your confessions??


  1. Hurst says

    I think it will make us all love you more:). Thanks for being honest! It makes the rest of us feel more normal, I'm sure!

  2. Samantha says

    So funny! You totally made me laugh and feel much better about myself! Love love love the photos. Especially the time out chair!

  3. Sky says

    I've just recently started visiting your blog and wanted to say thank you for sharing yourself! It's great to see that you are real. You are very talented! Thanks again :)

  4. Kata says

    Love the post, Darling! (and that is what I call my precious friends) You are- and I knew- I am sure they ask, "…how do you do it all…" I think the best answer is– "guess what, I don't. and who does?" You are just adorable. Thanks for all the inspiration! I have made MANY of your things. I am a total phantom reader- never leaving comments. Maybe I have left you only one in the past. But I adore your ideas, and I scroll through my reader to look for your blog. Thanks! And aren't the nuggest the best life saver-eva?

  5. Crystal says

    Love it!

    I have so so many confessions and blog about them on a regular basis.

    As the mom of f.i.v.e boys, I will be the first one to tell you, it is all about keeping it real.

    Some days, I just want to move to a downtown apartment (by myself), order carry out for dinner every night, and re-establish my high heel collection.

    And then some days, being a mom is the greatest ever!

    I blog about it all. Check me out

    And you know what? We ARE normal!

  6. Katie says

    Ha ha, I feel like I could have written that post myself. We could be twins. :) We do what we can, and that's all that matters.

  7. Sandra says

    I want a sign in my hall, where everyone who enters can read it:
    My house was clean yesterday…
    Sorry, you missed it!
    Love this post! Thanks for sharing!

    Warm hugs,

  8. Joni says

    My confession is that I have a mountain of unwashed clothes in my laundry room. Yes a mountain! I think snow has formed on top from the high altitude. AND…yes and…my grass outside is at least as tall as my mountain of clothes. My mower broke this past summer and we have yet to buy another one. And one last thing…just to make me feel super horrible about myself :) … sometimes my kids wear the same outfit for two days in a row (on weekends of course, never to school), sometimes sleeping in it and wearing it the next day (if it didn't get too dirty). Yuck I know! I get lazy like that at times.

    PS. I made the play dough swirl lollipop cookies yesterday and didn't clean up til midnight!

  9. Lela says

    Thankyou for being human! And sharing it all too. I'm so glad I'm not the only one who does all these things too. :)

  10. Samantha2818 says

    This is so funny. Thanks for sharing – I can stop beating myself up now for being such a failure!!

  11. the cookie cutter says

    Aaaah, thanks, what a fun read! I am having one of THOSE days! My husband is away fro 2 weeks and we are still at the beginning end of that. I am holding the fort with 4 kids aged 4 to 10. Today I had chocolate for lunch, did no washing, the kids are watching a movie as they came home from school, even though the sun is shining, I am taking a freezer meal out for dinner cos I just couldn't be bothered and fell asleep at 9:00 this morning cos have been up crafting too late at night! My diary says I am going to accomplish big things today, oh well, maybe tomorrow! Thanks for all the great ideas, love your blog, love Nadine

  12. Rachel says

    I confess that my little girl is just like your little girl only she is 3. Sorry, I can't offer you any hope that someday soon, she will keep her shoes on or wear clothing at home (my prefers swim wear since we are done with diapers:)I crafted all weekend instead of doing laundry and my husband let me and watched the kids for me! I love weekends. Thanks for the Monday Morning Laugh.

  13. mom2domgigi says

    Love it!!! My fav is when you use a hat instead of brushing DD's hair and then she won't keep the hat on. Then you have unbrushed hat hair. YIKES!!
    Yesterday as I was getting ready for Church, I didn't double check what DS7 was wearing since DH was right there. WE got out of the car at church only to realize that DS had on slightly too small stained pants that we keep for playing outside and around the house. They are kept in a totally differnt place than the wear out of the house pants.

  14. Heather@PixieDust says

    thanks for sharing – if I saw your barefoot kid at the store I would never, ever give you the look

  15. Darla says

    thanks for making us all feel better. it's nice to know that real life happens everywhere. i absolutely LOVE those keychains you made, i have been making them as gifts. you have the best ideas.

  16. Sarita says

    I think many of us spend too much time portraying ourselves as perfect. People to expect that are not being realistic. Thanks for sharing!

  17. MaggieJo says

    I don't think people can be real friends until we are honest and trust each other with our faults. Like calling someone up and saying, I'm so tired! My newborn was up all night, can you watch my kids for a few hours? Thanks for being a good friend!

  18. Kristen Duke Photography says

    I love it. I am one that cringes at the "supermom" comments b/c I've heard it and I think it makes me more guilty that I have given that impression. To my friends. I do have a private blog that I post everything on, and several times I have had to do something like this, lest anyone gets concerned that I "do it all." I love that your daughter puts herself in timeout. I need to be better at having chicken nuggets on hand, because I am often scrounging for ANYTHING on those crazy dinner days.

  19. Save the Date for Cupcakes says

    Nothing says it better than pictures! Having 5 kids I go through these same struggles. Everyone asks me those same questions. How do I do this, that, and the other! I tell them, it's not easy. Sometimes it's not fun, and when I need help~ I put those little hands to work;o)

    Thanks for sharing!


  20. Alexis says

    Thank you for keeping it real!!! Who knows what will get done in my house today since a head cold has gotten the best of me, thankfully children are in school! I do have the rest of the week to catch up if I need to!!!

  21. Heather P. says

    THANK YOU! These pics completely made my day. My startling confession? I still have my Christmas decorations up. eep! shhhhhhh. :) With 2 little ones plus a newborn, I'm just happy they have clothes on…. :)

  22. Seattle Coffee Girl says

    You so seriously ROCK, Amy! I come by for a visit every single day, and your blog is one of the very brightest on the web. This post made me laugh and made me tear up a bit, too. Keeping it real is AWESOME, and being FABULOUS is your God-given right. So you're working it on all ends, girlfriend! :) Thanks for inviting us in a little further into your special family life. Now please excuse me while this pregnant mama and her 2-year old spend our day in jammies…I'll be serving pancakes for lunch and watching PBS's "Emma" while the boy naps! Hee!! xoxo

  23. TidyMom says

    GREAT post Amy…….my confession, the name says "TidyMom" – but I have a HUGE clutter/junk pile on my office floor that is starting to take over the room – even my hubby is disgusted with it! LOL…MUST. CLEAN. OFFICE. SOON! LOL

  24. Mom of the three B's says

    aawww….so refreshing. Thanks Amy for sharing! It makes me feel better about myself as a Mom. I love to hear of other Mom's "real life" dealings. It takes some pressure off to realize life shouldn't and couldn't be perfect!

  25. Madeline says

    Amy…my kids say the same thing about dinner! I had to laugh…why is it that Tyson chicken patties and Ore Ida fries are their favorite?! Argghhhh!!! :)

  26. Elena says

    Thanks! After spending 2 hours in the emergency room last night to have my 5 yr old's elbow relocated because she was playing too hard with her big sis, made me realize it's okay to not have everything just right.

  27. Cathy says

    After I got my son to preschool today I realized I totally forgot to brush his hair. It was sticking up everywhere. Wanna know why? Because I was too tired to get up and get a shower early today and tried to fit it in right before we had to leave, which made us late hence the unbrushed hair. :)

  28. Michele says

    Thanks for keeping it real! I consider staying in my pjs all day an achievement! And don't you dare look at my shower stall. I sprayed some bleach in there earlier, but the smell is too strong to finish that cleaning job! So much for "green" cleaning products…

  29. Melanie says

    Cutest kids EVER! I would print that picture and frame it and love it forever if I were you :). I know how you feel thought. I am a perfectionist and hate it when things dont turn out how I want but I really think that pic is SO cute!

  30. Sadie says

    Cute blog post and way cute pics. I think we all have our days when motivation is not a word in our vocabulary. I know I do. Here's one of my confessions: This just happened today actually, Sometimes my daughters run out of clothes to wear to school because I haven't done that laundry in, what?, like 2 days? And so I make them wear their Sunday dresses to school and they hate me for it.

  31. KreativeKristina says

    I love it! Thanks so much this. I only have one…yes, one child and I rarely get my dishes done before putting him to bed, as a matter of fact, most days they have to wait until the morning and the hubby and I are rushing to get them done before work. I also have a mountain of laundry. We resorted to washing what we "need" last week, so since I'm off work today that's my task, wash the laundry. We still have our Christmas lights up outside, which wouldn't be too bad since they are clear on white siding, except for the huge wreath above the garage! Isn't it nice to be "normal." :-)

  32. Mauri says

    Thanks for the reality! I often think people get a little to wrapped up in the "perfection" they think they see on other people's blogs. If I saw your child with bare feet at the store I would smile and maybe giggle a little bit. :) I've got my fifth child on the way and I don't know how I'm going to handle one more! I too am often in my pajamas until noon when I finally get in the shower so I don't look like a complete mess when I need to go pick up the kids from school. Thanks for the laugh, it made my day!

  33. Skooks says

    Oh man, I've been there. ALL there, before. My toddler consistently finds it great fun to strip down at the randomest times, or begs to be left in pjs all day. And the dinner and the cleaning and the wearing jammies all day and avoiding stuff that needs to get done. LOL. But like you, sometimes I'm a rockstar. I prefer to focus on that for the most part too. ;)

  34. Tiffany says

    I just discovered your blog the other day and LOVE it!! I was wondering how you manage to do all of the amazing things you do with 5 kids underfoot and somedays I can barely manage to find time to get dressed and brush my teeth before the hubby comes home with just 2! I think all mom's need to remember that there is no such thing as a Supermom..we are all just Super Moms they way we are! :)

  35. Kristine says

    My 4 year old was looking at this post with me and asked, "Mom, is that our house?" Enough said.

  36. Candace@craftysisters-nc says

    Great post! I had to laugh at the "well-meaning" women in the store. I have stopped counting the number of times I have been told to put some socks on that child! I swear I do try…they either pull them off, or they are chucking them at people in the aisle!

  37. Card Family says

    Amen!! :) I think "this" is real life for a lot of us… we just get caught up thinking that the grass is greener in everyone elses yards, because we don't see the dirty laundry, messy houses, etc… Refreshing to read, and to be reminded that we are all human, and can really only do so much all the time and function and have our families function in a healthy manner :) Thanks for sharing :)

  38. Michelle says

    You are awesome!! I love that you shared all that and now you are sooo much more real to me. Thanks for all you share and do to inspire others. I love blogs for that reason…it seems that you can get to know others (the good, bad and ugly:) Thanks!!

  39. she wears flowers says

    Thank you, thank you, thank you for sharing! I needed to know that amazing people are normal people, too!

  40. Michelle says

    You too!? I could just repost everything you said (but hello, not going to!) because I do and think the SAME things. In fact, I'm reading blogs instead of playing with my 3 and 1 year old…better go! ;)

  41. anna banana says

    We are all the same! It is the truth, never judge that woman who you think is too perfect, because she isnt perfect, her life is just the same as yours!

  42. Laura says

    When your kid is throwing a tantrum in the grocery store and it's the RARE moment that mine isn't, I'm the one giving you the look that is trying to convey I have nothing but empathy! The gosh-I'm-usually-the-one-getting-all-the-stares-and-this-rare-moment-of-having-a-smiling-baby-apparently-means-I've-passed-the-curse-to-someone-else-today look. I love your blog! And even crying, you have such beautiful children!!

  43. The Gang's Momma! says

    Ha. First, my confession: I'm sitting here at 11 a.m. on a Monday, in my jammies. With a pounding head ache and a cold cup of coffee. Bleary eyed from a late night of Football watching and Appetizer eating at @pplebee's with a friend. For over four hours :) And some of my kids are still in their jammies. AND I let one stay home today that just needed "a mental health day," I think.

    Then. I was just thinking on Saturday about the phenom of blogging and Facebooking. What if all of us took off our masks and posted posts and statuses that did NOT represent the best or the cleanest or the tidiest of us? What if we all were totally honest, totally real, and totally NOT managing our image for just one week of internet interactions? THEN! I went over to "Without Wax" by Pete Wilson. Ugh. It's not pretty.

    What if?!

  44. KK says

    Know I love you even more! I figured out the secret to "perfect" blogging long ago. It's called close up shots & cropping! God forbid that I might actually pan out on a few photos. I'd be so busted! I'm currently taking a break from doing the "Dog & Pony Show" before a house showing. Gotta run I just saw a massive dog dust bunny run by…

    Happy Monday!

  45. Susan says

    Sounds like you're just like the rest of us. I confess – and am a little dismayed – that as soon as I posted a new housecleaning schedule for the new year – I quit getting it done! I keep finding much more interesting things to do than cleaning!

  46. Stacey says

    ONE of my confessions is: I am redoing my 7-year-old son's bedroom. I started painting last weekend (8 days ago!), and since his bedroom is torn to smithereens, we are letting him sleep on our bedroom floor (which he loves). I just need to find the time and energy to finish his room so he can move back in!!!

  47. Anonymous says

    I giggled reading through this post!! Because man you could have been describing me to a Tee!

    No mother is perfect and if she acts as though she is, she trying to comfort herself because she knows she falls short just the rest of us.

    I wanted to thank you for posting the link to the Chore Chart. I have implemented that with my kids and they LOVE it. They go on everyday to check their points and see what they have enough for or what they still need to save toward. It's awesome.For the most part, they go about there chores now happily … it's a downright miracle !!! :) Thank you so much for your already limited amount of time for your resourceful and thrifty ideas! You are awesome, never believe otherwise!


  48. Michelle says

    Hi there :) I'm new to your blog and all I have to say is ~ thank GOD I'm not the only one that has a piece of cake for breakfast sometimes!! hehe

  49. Amy says

    I could say "ditto" to everything that you have said. I resort to going grocery shopping after dad is home just so I can go in peace and also not have to deal with the kiddos and the begging. We are all mommas and if we think that others don't deal with the same things we do then we are all up in the night. Your post made my smile, but I wondered if you were following me around this last couple of days. My big confession is I like to start a craft while my boy is down for his nap but it usually over laps into dinner time and I am frantically looking for a meal to quickly make and what is on the menu is not even remotely going to happen unless we want dinner at 9 pm.
    Have a nice day and enjoy the mess!

  50. Lauren says

    This is my first time ever posting on a blog of someone I don't know in real life. EVER. I just love your blog. I, too, crave organization and order. I am a big fan of lists and schedules. I'm just barely married and children aren't even twinkling in my eye yet but I can't tell you how many of your posts I've bookmarked for "future reference." It definitely IS good to hear about the times things don't get done though. SO OFTEN my schedules never come to be. You inspire me to get myself prepared before my family grows!

  51. Shailley Sinha says

    I am sure every Mom knows exactly what you are going through and we love you for what you are – the best, the trying best and the tired :)

    We Moms should sometimes just let guilt take a holiday and do something that makes us feel great and the kids too- like having some easy peasy dinner from the bag and not worry about it.

    You rock.

  52. Anonymous says

    I love to be organized and put together too but I also know that there is ONLY one perfect person and it ain't me! =)
    So with that, I try to keep my attitude in check with my 3 kids and my husband about all the stuff that gets in the way…

    I totally get the no shoe thing! =)

    My girlfriends tease me that my children never have shoes on, I am just too TIRED of putting them back on AGAIN…
    Love your blog, I love to sew and I love to try new organization tips. Thanks for being REAL! =)

  53. Anonymous says

    Thanks for reminding me of those days — mine are 20, 16, and 15, but I remember days when my hubby walked in the door and I handed him a baby and ran to the bathroom for some quiet time.

  54. Dean, Andrea, and Tanner says

    Made me feel better and I only have one little guy to chase around! Glad I'm not the only one. ;)

  55. Lena says

    It is so true that we shouldn't compare ourselves to one another. God gives us each different gifts! I was laughing reading your great post, because your bad days are like my good days, and I only have two children!
    Thanks for sharing!

  56. Misty says

    So I have to say that I want to be organized and put together, but the truth is that I am far from it. I try to keep my house clean daily, in fact I feel I pick up the same room 10 times a day and it still isn't clean. I have four kids and always tires, and yes I do stay in my pjs until noon when I finally get in the shower because I have to get my daughter…..THanks for letting us know that it's o.k.

  57. Jeanna says

    I feel soooo relieved that I am not the only one who doesn't have it all together ALL of the time. Thanks for sharing!

  58. Bugg's mama says

    Some days, I stay in jammies and blog ALL Day! The children just fend for themselves. My trick is to call it a jammie day – then everyone thinks it's cool!

    You are so awesome. And BEAUTIFUL! I saw you on Studio 5!

  59. The Harris Family says

    Wow sounds just like our house. Only I just have two to keep up with. You're still amazing and I really am inspired by your blog (including this post).


  60. Sarah says

    Love it, love it, love it! Thanks for reminding us that it's ok (and way more fun) to keep it real. God's blessings, Sarah :D

  61. Crystal says

    I only have one baby right now and I'll tell ya there isn't a day that there are not dishes filling up the sink. I hardly ever cook a real dinner, but I love baking so quite often you'll see me and my husband snacking on cake or cookies for breakfast. The only time we really clean the house is when people come over, so one of our goals for the year is to have people over at least once or twice a month 'cause that's better motivation, haha. Amen to everything you said. We're Mommies and we just can't be perfect everyday, and that's ok. ;)

  62. Crafty Engineering says

    Wow you had me cracking up! I come to your site to get the inspiration and ideas for all of teh projects and such that you do, but it was good to know that you have those bad days too! My house is rarely clean (because I clean it and the minute I turn around, everything that got put away is back out again…trolls maybe I am not sure!) and my dishes occasionally make it to the next morning as well. But i will say when I pull off a cool craft with my kids or have a fun outing, it can make up for those days that I want to go hide in a closet to get away from them…and I only have 2! So while I know you are not perfect (no one is), I still think you are superwoman because you do all that you do with 5 kids where I struggle with 2! So keep sharing the perfect stuff, but feel free to commiserate with the rest of us about the not-so-perfect stuff!

  63. ComfyDenim says

    :-) Thank you!! It's important to realize that life happens to the best of us. Even those of us that aren't clutter-free.

  64. Lexie says

    Yes, it is great to know that I am not along and there are others out there that don't care about cleaning up the kitchen right away, or yes the 2 yr old is only in a diaper & socks. And to go along with the the sign 'my house was clean yesterday, you missed it'. I know of a sign that says 'this mess is a place' and love it.
    Thanks for sharing that life isn't always orderly, i'm sure it feels good to let others know that you live just like other moms!
    Have a great Monday, Lexie ><>

  65. Tasha says

    I think this is a great post…Most often, people only talk about how great the baby is or how clean their house is, and it makes you feel so incompetant as a mom. Thanks for the real life story!

  66. Crystal says

    They say that confession is good for the soul!

    LOVE this post! It's comforting to know that you are a "real" mom, just like the rest of us. I was starting to wonder if you were from another planet. =)

  67. Nicki says

    LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!! My little girl always goes to the stairs when she gets upset too, lol. They just see from the older kids I guess.

  68. Anna says

    thanks for posting this! I seriously ALWAYS wonder if I'm the only mom that blogs that doesn't have a purely blissful life. Your house sounds just like my house, except I only have two girls! Thank you thank you thank you!

  69. Monica says

    Thank you so much for this post! After reading it, I don't feel nearly as inadequate as I did one week ago! ;)

    My confession is this: My days are, more often than not, like the ones you described in this post. Every once in awhile, I will manage to get something cleaned or crafted! haha. Still, I strive to have more "on" days than "off" although it continues to be a work in progress…as do I.

    Thanks for the inpiration…(yes, even this post is inspiring!)

  70. Poston Kingdom says

    I have only recently started following your blog and I LOVE it! Thanks for the confessions…..I feel so much better!!

  71. Ali says

    It's so nice to know that amazing blog moms lead real life's too and though we all desire to be amazing and all together some days we just aren't. Thanks for posting this :)

  72. Monika says

    I am a new reader and you just endeared yourself to me. For some reason I always think you extra hip bloggers have it going on, so why can't I accomplish all that, too? So, now I know that we're all the same. Thanks, I needed that.

  73. Britney says

    Confessions…. Occasionally I watch the Hoarders show and think….. at least I'm not THAT bad…. Until I walk into my garage and I think… maybe we should call them :)…… And possibly one more than one occasion, when my 2 year old is acting like a 2 year old and not the well mannered loving child I know, I may have said (jokingly) that I was going to sell said 2yo on Ebay……………..

  74. Rainy Day Farm says

    Thanks for this post! I love that you are mom just like the rest of us, in the battle to raise great kids and be the best you can be! I LOVE your blog because it inspires me have more good days than bad! Keep it up!

  75. buchananclan says

    Just wanted to thank you for sharing and to let you know that it is 1:04 in the afternoon and I am here on the computer STILL in my pj's. It's nice to know that there are mommies out there who go through the same hardship I do.

  76. Jamie says

    It's fun to see a snapshot of your "non-perfect" side! But I get just as much inspiration from your other posts–I've never felt down on myself because of them, they give me a goal to work towards. And usually, I can achieve it! Your example has helped me become a better mother, and that means a lot to me.

  77. Emilia says

    I love this post, thank you for sharing.
    I posted a note on my blog about your play dough lollipop cookie post. Take a look when you have a chance.
    Thank you,

  78. Anonymous says

    You crack me up, Amy…I don't like to floss either! We'll keep that our little secret!!

    : ) Lora

  79. Steph says

    Thanks for sharing. That made me smile. My dark secret is that my 2 year old goes to bed at midnight in MY bed nearly every night. Pretty bad, I know! But sometimes it's really enjoyable because we get to snuggle and giggle together at the end of a busy day. And then she sleeps in really late in the morning allowing me to get some things done. :)

  80. Heidi O'Barr says

    I just have to say that I have a loathing for "well-meaning," mothers. I really don't understand people who, self-righteously, think that there comment will actually change some strangers life that they definitely don't have a relationship of trust with. I know I used your blog post as an opening to vent. Thanks. AND thanks for keeping it real.

  81. Dawn says

    I am a new lurker (google reader) follower of your blog and must say I am thrilled to see you are as down to earth as the rest of us. Why as woman do we think we have to be perfect or the best at everything? We are always harder on ourselves then we ever have to be. Thanks for showing it all.I know I appreciate it very much.

  82. Tami says

    Thank you for that wonderful post. I feel that exact same way. It's like you told my story. Thanks for being not perfect, but normal.

  83. Michelle says

    That is great! I love it. It happens to all of us! I adore your blog and knowing you're not perfect makes it even easier to adore you. :) You have such a precious family. Don't you just love it when you're having that moment in the store with one of your kids?!?!

  84. Natalie says

    oh thanks for sharing. just yesterday i was having a talk with one of my friends about how i feel down sometimes because i'm not being 'super mom' – and being a working (outside of the home) mom makes it even harder, so knowing that the folks that seem to have it all together have days like me, that makes me feel better.

  85. Mom's Place says

    Oh my heavens! I love you even more! Another mom of 5, who some days, just doesn't care, and just wants to sit and relax for 5 minutes!!!!! Ahhh! I love it!!!

  86. Sara and Wade says

    You are awesome!:) Thank you so much for sharing. I have wondered how in the world you get it all done and now I feel much better about not getting it all done, all the time:) I laughed out loud at the picture and caption of your 2 year old daughter in the time out chair – how sweet!!! Thanks again for your great blog and this little peak into your real life!

  87. Ben and Emily Wells says

    Are you kidding me? Don't fret about being real. And confessions… well, I have plenty of those. But I'm a first-time commenter, so I better not state them now. Love your blog! Emily

  88. The Whimsical Princess says

    You are too funny! I have that same nemo cup and yep sometimes my kitchen looks just like it. Hey are you sure you didn't take a picture of my house! I have a shoe thrower too, so if I am not mother of the year because of the lack of shoes well so be it!

  89. Anonymous says

    I absolutly love this post!! Your blog is my new favorite to check in on every day!! I totally relate and I too have those awesome-get-everything-done days… they just seem to not happen as often as the days you wondered what-was-I-thinking-having-kids-kind of days. I guess as long as we keep trying then we are doing OK!!!.. and it makes those days that I just get a shower and don't yell out loud seem almost perfect!! Just appreciate what you do!! Thanks!!

  90. Chris, Kristina, Nathan and....Audrey! says

    Love your post! My confessions for the day…my kids ate PB & J for dinner while they wandered around the house (getting who knows what sticky), my dirty dishes from yesterday are still in the sink and I am in bed on the computer and I'm sure in the morning while getting ready to go I will be searching the house for discarded coats and shoes that weren't put away in an attempt to get were we need to on time… plus more! I love hearing about the other "normal" moms out there, makes me feel like I'm like everyone else and don't have to be "super mom".
    Some words of wisdom passed on from my friend to me "Your raising kids, not a house." Something I try to remember when I'm stressing about my messy house.

  91. kelly says

    mary englebreit has a quote "life is just so daily!"
    reality is daily, good, bad and ugly! thanks for sharing sometimes you do feel like it is hard to live up to the "image"!

  92. Emily says

    I just found your blog and check it all the time. Honestly – I love the thought that there are people like you out there that CAN do it all (or almost all – most the time). It gives me hope that some day when I don't have lots of tiny ones running around and destroying…I can be like you. Really – I think you are amazing. I love this post and all the rest to! I want to be like you when I grow up…

  93. Pittman says

    Thank you so much for this post. It allows me to know that I may just be normal afterall. For a moment I thought my life was being featured, lol. I really appreciate your truthfulness.

  94. Midwestern gone Idahoan says

    It is sooooo good to know I am not the only one that has days, weeks, months, and years like that!! I have five children and a wonderful hubby – but many a days like yours!! Good luck:)

  95. Laurie Jones says

    I wanted to say as Amy's sister, that she has maybe TWO or THREE days like that a MONTH-that's it! I don't know what she is talking about, because almost every time I go over to her house, kids are happy, house is spotless and organized and she has some project going. I still don't know how she does it! So while she is down to earth and normal, she is still super organized.

  96. Hansen's Fantastic Four! says

    Thank you. Loved the confession. love your blog. I don't as bad anymore! ha ha.

  97. Gavin's Family says

    I'm so glad that there are other women out there that admit to having cake for breakfast. This morning was a left over (pink cherry chip with sprinkles) birthday cupcake.

  98. Stephanie says

    Love this post! Thanks for making me feel like I am normal! (I'm writing this right now while in my pj's and it's the middle of the afternoon, and neither of my kids are dressed either, lol).

  99. Our little family says

    One time I let my kids eat ice cream sundaes for dinner. :-)

    They lived to tell about it.

  100. MamaBug says

    Thanks for the confession!
    Mine: Last week my youngest (2 year-old) had a melt down wanting the little chocolate balls that are sold next to the cash registers at Michael's. And I gave in and bought one just to shut him up, knowing that's not the way to deal with tantrums but just wanting it to all. stop. now.
    I had older women clucking at me but they didn't have to try to get him into the car screaming at me…obviously I am still scarred from that mommy-failure. :)

  101. Heather says

    I am glad you were brave enough to do it. I wanted to write a post about mommy guilt on my blog but thought I was going out on too much of a limb with such an honest post- what would people think of me-heaven forbid they realize it isn't a perfect world at my house either. thanks for the honesty. Blogging can be tricky- we can't show the whole picture of our lives or get the whole picture of someone else's life so we are left to make asumptions and comparisons and they aren't always accurate. I agree with so much of what you said. Good for you.

  102. K'Lyn says

    I love that you ended this post on an up! It made all the difference in not giving any of us permission to be less than we can and should, but to do our best to try to make great things happen like you listed knowing we are all trying to make each day as fun and magical as we can for our families. I just found your site and am loving how it helps get my brain going. My confession is that my floor just got mopped tonight after not being mopped for much too long. Gross.

  103. FunOnaDime says

    I don't know why, but I love to read posts like this! I think your 2 year old and my 2 year old would get a long just great! A lot of those pictures reminded me of her. And yes, my kids throw random temper tantrums at the grocery store, too. I've had them snag a candy bar without me seeing it and start to eat it, forcing me to buy it or they run away and I'm the crazy lady trying to hold on to the 2 yr old while I chase the 4 yr old! Gotta love it! Thanks!

  104. Robyn from Idaho says

    Thanks for being honest. Remember to be true to yourself and that's what matters most. You do a great job and lots of us come here to see ALL you share….everything.

  105. Anonymous says

    Thank you for that post! I couldn't have read it on a better day. It was one of those "slow getting going" days and those never turn out well. I have been trying to get used to dividing myself between 2 kids. Today nap time turned into mommy napping with baby while the 2 year old mysteriously got into the bathroom and played in the sink when he was supposed to be in his room. Glad to know even you have an off day every once and a while.

  106. Amy says

    You just made my day! I thought I was the only one out there struggling with the household chores! I always dream of those picture perfect mud room pictures where the shoes are all put away, the laundry is all folded and the kitchen is always spotless! So nice to see I'm not the only one that struggles with this daily! I love your blog and follow in RSS in my google reader! Right now I'm a SAHM since I lost my job in October and right now working on my website and blog stop by and check us out! ~ Thanks for being so honest! ;)

  107. Lynn says

    My confession is that I am a normal mom just like you…some days I have my game face on and others I just declare a jammie day and relish in the joys of being a mother to an active toddler.

    The advice I gave a friend today about people judging others is that she need not worry about those who may judge her because; first, those who judge will be judged in the same manner, second, those who judge are just cowards and wankers in my book (yes, I lived in the UK for three years), and last, those who judge are not worth my worries because I am the same me I was before their judgement and I like me.

  108. Benitta says

    I recently came across your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my first comment. I don't know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Nice blog. I will keep visiting this blog very often.


  109. Patti says

    Amy- I just love your honesty. I think we all strive to make our homes an environment that helps each and every family member the best they can be, but sometimes things just get a little wild and crazy and that is just fine too.

    In 10 years, our kids won't remember that there were some things on the floor or dishes in the sink (overnight) ;), but they will remember the special things made together that made lasting memories.

    Again, thanks for everything you share with your readers!!

    Have a blessed day!

  110. KatieJ says

    At least you pull out the peas with the chicken nuggets! I just get the ketchup :) I just found your blog and it is really cute!

  111. Kay says

    Just makes you a 'normal'mother.

    When my kids were little, my husband was working 100 miles away and was gone from Tues-Fri. Before they could tell time, in the cold months when it got dark early, I would feed them dinner at 4:30. By 6:30 is was quite dark and would be BED TIME…off to bed they'd go. They were great sleepers and slept all night. My friends…and kids…still tease me about this. But oh those fabulous 'alone' evenings to get projects done, or just watch tv and do nothing!!!

  112. ninja*davis says

    Oh I love it. Reading this made me feel much better about my mommy duties. I'm a new stepmom to a half grown child and trying my hardest to properly fill my role as a "mom". Hardest job I've ever taken on, but also the most rewarding.


  113. EBeauty03 says

    I'm a little late finding this post but I'm glad I did. It is SO true though that "typical" blog world is all about the good…especially when you're blogging about crafts, etc. I am a single mom and my blog is all about the good the bad and mostly the ugly! I use mine more as a diary than a "good face for others too see." –THANK YOU for this post though, makes me feel "normal"

  114. says

    wow! this makes me love you and your blog. I hate it when I felt like the blogs I’m looking at looks so perfect…and I can see that being a big family is not an excuse to be able to have an organized home… :)

  115. Linda Kosarski says

    I’m 71 and have many similar memories from two great kids and three wonderful grandsons who spend a lot of time with me although the are 14, 18, and 22 . Cherish your experiences.

  116. says

    WOW! I loved this post. you are so candid with the not-so-good days which many of us fail to see.

    And to think this was in 2010, love how your blog has grown to what it is now.


    Love from Kenya

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