More Valentine’s Day Treats


Here are just some more fun Valentine’s Day treats you can whip up quickly for those special loved ones. Above are the chocolate chip icecream sandwiches I made up for our Family Home Evening on Monday night this week. (For those of you who have not heard of Family Home Evening, it is a weekly routine for members of my church to set aside Monday nights (or a night that works for your family) to have a spiritual lesson and an activity/game/outing as a family.

I have recently cut myself off from all desserts for a race I have started training for…YIKES! So I had a few carrots while my family enjoyed those beauties :(!


Then, for the superbowl, I made some chocolate pretzels using Hershey’s heart shaped chocolates and pretzels. I unwrapped each chocolate and placed them on a pretzel. Placed them in the oven that was heated to 350 degrees. I watched them very closely till they started to get melty and then immediately removed them from the oven. Then I pressed Valentine M&M’s to top them off and add a bit of color. I did manage to sneak a couple of these!


  1. Letti says

    Yum those look so good and so easy too. Thats my kind of treat…lol

    PS I love that your blog has grown so much. You are doing a fabulous job. I remember being one of your first followers :)

  2. Julie Harward says

    Oh Yummy…I have made these but not exactly like this…looks so cute! Come say hi :D

  3. Between You and Me says

    I think those chocolate chip cookies on top are about the best thing I've seen all week! :) And, I don't even know what to say about you eating carrots while your family enjoyed them. Good for you! (I think)

  4. Melanie says

    Ohhhh my DELISH! I am off Chocolate for a while too and that is how my FHE's go! I want those cookie sandwich's SOOO BAD!

  5. Beth Priest says

    ok I am def going to make those ice cream sandwiches! I have made a version of the pretzel treats at Christmas using a kiss on top then chrismas m&ms. I think I will make some like these for valentines day! So excited!

  6. -nick and whitley- says

    can you give us the recipe for those chocolate chip cookies?!! they look fantastic!

  7. Tom and Audrie says

    I think I gained 5 lbs drooling over them! I love your site, thanks for sharing all your great ideas!

  8. **Amy** says

    I should specify that I don't eat treats lately, but I still eat a small piece of chocolate every once in a while. Totally necessary for my survival! Thanks everyone and Letti too! You have been a loyal follower :)!

  9. Lacie @ Creative Attempts says

    I am so into all these easy yummy treats that come out of hiding at this time of the year

  10. **Amy** says

    Missy–I thought the pretzels looked like hearts too, but they are just regular pretzels. I believe they are the Rold Gold brand.

  11. Scrappy Gifts says

    mmmm…yummy! I'll have to try those, especially the pretzels. I love salty and sweet together along with crunchy and smooth

  12. savannah says

    OH WOW!!! These look so amazing! I think Im going to make these this weekend for valentines day!! They look so yummy! I really like the ice cream sandwiches-one of my favorite treats! thanks for the ideas!!!

  13. says

    I’ve made these before with a caramel chocolates and a pecan on top. Tastes like a turtle candy. I must try these for the seniors I work with — they love chocolate. Thanks for sharing!


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