Book Wreath

Really…another wreath? That was my husbands reaction when he saw me working on my latest creation. One can never have too many wreaths…right?

As soon as I saw Lindsay’s book wreath from Living With Lindsay, I knew I would be making one for our study/office. I had the perfect spot for it.

This wreath really was super easy. I have been fighting a sinus infection and am finally conquering it with the help of some antibiotics. I have never had one before and hope I never do again. Ugggghhh!

So I made some good use of my “sick” time and made this book wreath. I followed her directions but instead of using a full page from the book, I cut the pages in half. I also did not paint the edges of the book black/brown. Instead, after the wreath was finished, I took a lighter and VERY CAREFULLY (outside with a bucket of water on hand just in case) burnt the edges of most of the book pages. I burnt them a few at a time and quickly blew them out.

I love how it turned out!


  1. Jacky {The Sweetest Petunia} says

    That looks super amazing! That book page wreath has been on my list of things to make for a while now…just haven't done it yet. But I love it, and I'm a voracious reader, so it would be great!

  2. Beth says

    Love the wreath!

    On a different note–I used to have cronic sinus infections until I started using a netty pot. Ever heard of one? They sell them at Walgreens. I haven't had a sinus infection in over 4 years. I also hear it helps with snoring, but I haven't yet convinced my hubby to try it!

  3. Travis and Camille says

    It looks great although do the burned edges make a mess? Also did you just tear pages out of a book? How'd you get the pages to stay? Did you use a styrofoam wreath as a base? Sorry for the Q's! :)

  4. Travis and Camille says

    Ha! I just got a clue and checked out the link you had posted at the beginning of your post…my bad. Next time I'll try keep patient about skimming the words so I can get to the pictures!

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  6. Suzy says

    I LOVE this idea. I am a book-a-holic and I want to make one of these now. Thanks for the inspiration.

  7. Infarrantly Creative says

    It looks fabulous. I love Lindsay. She is a sweetie. And that wreath has sure made the rounds. I like the addition of the burned edges though. It is always fun to burn things..speaking of burning…my neighbor's oven caught on fire last night. My whole neighborhood was buzzing…there you have it…random thought of the day from IC.

  8. Kelli says

    I love the singed edges! They add a lot of character to this. This might have tipped the scales in my "should I/shouldn't I" debate…

  9. **Amy** says

    Thanks everyone! Kelly…if you must know what book I used I will tell you…but don't get mad :)! I used my copy of Wicked. I know this might tick some of you off, but I just could not get into the book. Then a good friend told me there was some trashy stuff in the book that is not in the Musical. So, rather than struggle through the book…I have an excuse now to make my hubs take me to the Musical. I am dying to see it!

    I was a little nervous about burning the edges and destroying all my hard work. But I only had 1 small moment of panic. But it was all good. It has not made a mess. I tried to shake and blow most of the burnt, loose paper off outside.

    I have not tried or even heard of the neti pot. I will have to check it out. Then my husband can use it for his snoring problem :)! My antibiotics are doing their trick now!

    Beckie (IC) I am so glad she did not burn the house down. But what an exciting night!

  10. ssthebest says

    Can you tell me what size the book was that you used before you cut the pages in half? Also, did you use a 10″ foam wreath too? Did you fold your pages in the same way every time or did you vary the folds?Thanks!


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