Star Wars Finger Puppets

Star Wars Finger Puppets 4 wm

I have been so excited to share with you my latest creation…Star Wars Finger Puppets!!  I had so much fun making these and my two boys were eager to fill my head with all sorts of Star Wars Trivia.  They helped me to come up with the outfit choices for each character to make sure I had them just right.    Part of the reason I am so excited about them is that they are for BOYS…and of course girls too!  But most of the time the projects I share are geared toward little girls since my youngest three are…well…girls!

Star Wars Finger Puppet Patterns 5 wm

Star Wars is STILL as popular as it was when I was growing up.  And my husband is a huge Star Wars fan…me?  Well, I have seen almost all of the movies…but can’t remember much about them after the original Star Wars.  So my boys and husband were a big help with this project.

Anyone else have any big  Star Wars fans?

Well, these Star Wars Finger Puppet Patterns are now available for sale in The Idea Room Store.

The patterns are colored and have step by step instructions so that you can make your own to look just like the ones in the pictures.

Star Wars Finger Puppets J wm

{my friend let me borrow her son to help model some of the puppets…isn’t he cute?}

All 12  Star Wars Characters are included in this tutorial for one great price!

Darth Vader

Luke Skywalker

Han Solo

Princess Leia


Obi-Wan Kenobi




Storm Trooper



The Star Wars Patterns and Tutorials are now available for $4.00!

*The pattern can be purchased through PayPal and will be sent to you via email within 48 hours from the time of purchase.  I am a busy mama…I try to check my email fairly often though when I can so most likely you will see it sooner.  Make sure your email address in your PayPal account is current.  If you do not receive your email check your spam folder as sometimes they end up in there.

To purchase the patterns follow this link:

Star Wars Finger Puppet Patterns



Amy Huntley is the owner/author of The Idea Room. A mother of five, who enjoys sharing her love of all things creative in hopes of inspiring other women and families. Connect with her on Google+, or read more of her posts.


  1. 1

    Oh my goodness, Amy! I LOVE these! I have BIG (and little) Star Wars fans around there who would LOVE these!

  2. 3

    How cute are these???? My boys would be totally impressed! :-)

    • 4

      Thanks Gina! I really appreciate ALL of your comments…this one included. And yes, I do recognize you as one of my faithful commentors and readers.

  3. 5

    These are so stinking cute! My sons are 25 and 28 but I still want them! :)

  4. 6

    What a great concept! I’m impressed by their likeness to the characters.

  5. 7

    These are great! I’m doing the untimate Star Wars Idea link-up and I love for you to share these.

  6. 8

    Awesome!!! Great idea.

  7. 9

    soooooo cute!!

  8. 10

    Those are adorable!!!! I don’t have any kiddos yet, but I may just make some for my husband for Christmas. I think He’d get a kick out of those. :P Thanks so much for a great idea! (And at such a great price!)

  9. 11

    How adorable! I just had to purchase these as I know my husband is going to flip! I remember the movies, but never can remember how it all goes together and who is who too…I tease my husband that its like a “soap opera” for men! ;) I have a 2 yo daughter who will love these as she plays with her daddy…cannot wait to start them soon! Plus, we have friends who did a whole Star War themed wedding and their little girl would love these I bet too. Have to go see how my felt supply is looking as I now think I just need 2 sets! ;)

  10. 13

    Those are going to be very popular! Cute idea!

    • 14

      Thanks Noreen. They were a lot of fun to make. I hope that others will enjoy using them with their families! My boys were glad there was finally a craft just for them!

  11. 15

    these are awesome. Any idea what age this would be a good craft for? I am worried my star wars loving godson would have a hard time cutting out the shapes. Also is it just a lot of gluing or is sewing involved? Thanks I love them!

    • 16

      Hmmm…I would think this would have to be for a child at least 8 and older. There is a lot of precise cutting of patterns. But a younger child could definitely help with some of the easier parts involved like glueing…unless you are a perfectionist! :)

  12. 17

    OH MY GOSH…those are the cutest. I have a toddler…but, my 9 year old will love them even more!
    Thanks for sharing,

  13. 18

    My son will love these! He just turned 5 & is obsessed with star wars! Had a cool star wars party a couple weeks back (posted on my site) ….These would have been great for the party!

  14. 19

    These are so fun!! Pretty sure I need to be buying these patterns.

    Also wanted to let you know I featured these on my blog today, so feel free to check it out & grab a featured button :)

  15. 21

    These look great! Is the pattern for $3 as you mentioned? I can’t seem to find a link for it at that price. When I went to paypal they came up as $4. I wasn’t sure if the price was changed. Thanks!

  16. 22

    So cute, Amy! I’m includeing this in my “Gifts for Boys” Christmas post. :)


  17. 23
    Florencia says:

    These are so cute! I’m a Star Wars fan and my bff too! I’m making these with her.
    Cheers from Chile!

  18. 24

    Thank you for the patterns! I finished making the Star Wars patterns and a few of the animals for my nieces and nephew. I was so inspired by your work that I made some finger puppets inspired by Tangled. Thanks again!

  19. 25

    I would like to buy this, but I am new to buying patterns. What does that mean? The pattern is like an out line? and you trace it? Besides the felt what else would I need to put them together? Do you need a sewing machine or just glue?’
    sorry for all the questions

  20. 26

    These are ADORABLE!!! Are they glued or sewn?

  21. 28

    Oh my goodness! My 4 year old daughter is obsessed with Star Wars. I’m ordering the pattern now.. I hope there isn’t too much sewing to be done on these, but I think it would be worth it regardless.

  22. 30

    Did anyone have any trouble finding the right colors of felt for these cuties?

  23. 31

    Hi! Just wanted to check in with you. I purchased the Star Wars finger puppet pattern but still haven’t gotten an email from you. I was hoping to make these for Christmas for my nephew. Thanks!

  24. 32
    Erica Viedma says:

    Hi, I paid for this pattern on the 19th Dec. Has not arrived yet. Is it still on its way as my bank statement shows the payment went through fine?


  25. 33
    Tracey Stanley says:

    I am in the UK – would you supply to me?

  26. 34
    Coralie says:

    I’m still waiting for my patterns to be sent. Can you please get these to me?

    • 35

      I actually sent them out twice to the address I see here. Can you provide me with another address and I will forward them to you? I am so sorry but it seems that for some reason they are not getting to your address.

      • 36

        Maybe try this one? I don’t know why the other one isn’t working but I checked again and still nothing. Sorry for all the trouble!

  27. 37

    Sorry you are having troubles. I found all my colors at JoAnn’s. Hope that helps!


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