Rice Krispie Bar—Halloween Ghosts

Do you still need a quick and easy Halloween treat for a classroom party or to give out to your friends and family? Whip up some of these super easy and super adorable Rice Krispie Bar Treats in the shapes of Halloween Ghosts.  A fun and easy twist on the ever popular Rice Krispie Treats. And…it’s on a stick!! You know how much I love that!


Now, I wish I could take credit for these cute treats…but I can’t.  My super creative neighbor (you know who you are Smile) is my daughter’s church activity day leader and she made these for a fun Father and Daughter Halloween Party earlier this week.  Luckily I have trained my family well enough to know they can NOT eat the treats until mom gets a picture of it…sad but true!


To make them you will just need to whip up a batch of Rice Krispie Treats.  The recipe is on the back of the box of Rice Krispies.  Or you can find the original recipe for Rice Krispie Treats on Rice Krispies.com.  Spread them out into a jelly roll pan so they are fairly flat.  You will also be able to get more ghosts this way.  Take a cookie cutter shaped like a tombstone and cut out the ghosts as close to one another as possible when the Rice Krispies have cooled a bit but are not hard.  Transfer each ghost to wax paper and insert a sucker stick into the bottom of the ghost.  Let them fully harden.


Then dip the tops of each ghost into some melted white chocolate or almond bark and add a couple of mini chocolate chips for the eyes.  Let the chocolate harden before wrapping up or serving.  Aren’t they so much fun?  Go ahead and make some for yourself.  I think I found the perfect treat to take to my son’s class for his birthday treat next week!

Thanks H!!



  1. april kennedy says

    hahaha…’trained my family well enough that they can’t eat until I get a picture of it’! Oh the life of a blogger’s family. My family jokes all the time…”I’m going to the bathroom mom….do you want to snap a picture before I go!”

  2. april kennedy says

    oh p.s. those ghosts are really cute too. I’ve never made treats for the classroom…bad mommy. I’m good at other things!

    • says

      haha! Well, I think in the vast scheme of things…making a classroom treat is not going to be too high on the important things I did as a mom. You are an amazing mom!

  3. H says

    These were quite tasty Halloween treats and the kids loved them. Thanks for posting on the respected Idea Room blog, Amy.

  4. aline says

    thanks! I’m so happy I’ll make them for the kids in my Halloween party ! So many things to think!!! decoration, invitation, music, food activities…This treat is so cute and easy!

    • says

      Thanks so much for the pin and for taking the time to stop on over and leave a comment. It is always appreciated!!

  5. Robin says

    I was wondering if I could shape these in a lightly greased popsicle mold and then dip? Not sure if they would harden well enough to retain shape…

    • says

      Yes! I really do think you could do that and have them harden. It might be tricky getting them back out unless you had some way to access both ends of the mold to give a little push while pulling. Does that makes sense?

  6. Christina says

    Hi just wondering how much in advance can I make them and don’t store in the fridge? Thank you!!


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