Sugar Scrub Cubes Recipe

2013 is not getting off to a very good start around here.  When it rains…it pours…right?  So not only am I in the midst of a huge elimination diet due to some newly discovered food allergies/intolerances, but my sweet Mom suffered a stroke on Tuesday morning.  She spent two days at the hospital and we found that she has had some past strokes from her MRI.  She is just fine now with just a few lingering effects and hopefully she should recover fully in time.

Unfortunately, we have been down this road before with my Dad who has also suffered several strokes.  After one particularly large stroke, we discovered my Dad had a hole in his heart.  He had heart surgery to repair the hole about 8 years ago.

Anyways, needless to say I wasn’t around much last week.  Things are getting back to normal and I am trying to get caught up with my life.  I have had this post sitting here half finished, but there were plenty of more important things I needed to attend too.


With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, I wanted to come up with a gift idea you can give to your girlfriends or yourself.  The sugar scrubs I have shared recently have been a big hit.  So I decided to switch things up and go with a Sugar Scrub Cube.


Sugar Scrub Cubes are fun because they are single serving cubes that have all the same qualities of an awesome sugar scrub in a fun this square.

I looked all over to see if I could find a great recipe, but I couldn’t find anything that didn’t require some special soap base, which I didn’t have.  So I did a little experimenting and came up with a little recipe that I really like.

Here is what you will need:

Almond Oil or Olive Oil or Coconut Oil (or oil of your choice)

White Granulated Sugar

Shredded Bar of Soap or Soap Base

An Essential Oil (I used DoTerra’s Citrus Bliss Essential Oil)

a few drops of Vitamin E oil (optional)

Mixing Bowl


Microwave and possibly a double boiler

A square silicon mold or a scoop

sugar scrub cube-1  scrub 2  scrub

This recipe calls for 1 part oil, 2 parts shredded soap, and 3 parts sugar.

Sugar Scrub Cubes:

1/4 cup Almond Oil

1/2 cup Shredded Soap

3-4 drops of Essential Oil

1 cup Sugar

1.  Pour the oil into a bowl and add the shredded soap of your choice.  Microwave this on high for 10 second intervals stirring in between each.  If this does not work to slowly melt your soap into your oil you may have to melt the soap shaving in a double boiler.  (If you don’t have a double boiler like me, simply place a small bowl over a saucepan filled with boiling water).

2.  When the mixture is melted and and stirred together, add several drops of your Essential Oil.  I used DoTerra’s Citrus Bliss.  {If you have not used DoTerra’s oils, you are missing out!  I love them.  I get mine here.  You can find more information by clicking on the link.  I will be sharing a bit more about my love for doTerra oils in an upcoming post}.

3.  Get your mold ready to go before adding the sugar.  This is important because once the sugar is added the scrub will harden VERY quickly.

sugar cubes 5

4.  Pour in sugar and stir quickly.  Take mixture and place it into your molds with your fingers.  Or…if you don’t have a mold you can take a scoop and make rounded sugar “cubes”.

5.  Let cubes harden by popping them into the freezer for at least 30 minutes.  Then pop them out of the mold and cut them into fourths depending on the size you would like them to be.

citrus sugar scrub cubes-04

Then simply throw them into a fun air tight container and add a cute label.

Sugar scrubs smell amazing and gently exfoliate your skin for a smooth feeling.  The fun thing about these sugar scrub cubes is that they also have a fun “cleaning” element with the addition of the soap.  And the citrus bliss smells amazing and has some relaxation and calming benefits which you can learn more about here.

scrub cubes

And…you know I am going to be sharing the fun labels if you would like to make some for yourself.  Click on the link below to gain access to the labels and to the use-age tag so that the gift recipient knows just how to use their fun and personal gift!

Citrus Sugar Scrub Cubes Labels

{click on previous downloads once you are taken to The Idea Room FB page}


What do you think? Have you ever tried Sugar Scrub Cubes?

scrub cubes 1

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  1. says

    I love sugar scrubs! Making them into cute little cubes is a wonderful idea, I will have to try this with some Dove soap and peppermint essence. I particular love your photo arrangements, very artistic :)

  2. Linda Roth says

    I have been looking for something for favors for a baby shower. These would be sweet. I don’t have molds. Do you think I could spread it on a sheet cake pan and then cut into squares after it hardens?

  3. Susan Jenkins says

    So sorry to hear about your mom’s health issues. Prayers going up that she makes a fully recovery.

  4. says

    Great post! Can’t wait to try….

    Hugs and prayers for your family…..I know all too well what it is like…my husband suffered 2 major strokes in October, at age 35….
    And we came out of it with no answers…..which is very hard to accept…. But we’ve talked to the best….even been to mayo……
    Anyhow praying for you…

  5. Beth says

    Please never feel that you are neglecting your blog when it comes to caring for your family. I know on top of all the other wonderful blessings of poor health that everyone in Utah is trying to deal with the worst winter in decades. That ice storm last week sent many older and younger people to the hospital emergency rooms due to falls and accidents . Just do the best you can do and hang in there with all you have got because this too shall pass!! Hugs!!

  6. Crystal says

    Praying for your mom! I had a stroke at the age of 39 but I recovered. Just take care of your family now and don’t worry about the blog. We aren’t going anywhere and we understand how life can throw major curve balls at you.

    I’ve never used sugar scrubs or cubes. My skin is really sensitive so I’m always hesitant to use them. I love all your pics though!!

  7. [email protected] says

    Oh no!!! What a rough week! Please know we all expect your family to come first!!!! They are your first priority!!! So sorry to hear about your mom! And elimination diets can be so hard!!! I’m in the middle of one myself, so let me know if you need help! All 3 of my babies have had food issues so I have to do special diets when nursing! It’s tough, but worth it! Hang in there! Super cute soap scrubs too!

  8. says

    I am so sorry to hear about your mother, and hope she continues to a full recovery.

    Your sugar scrub cubes look wonderful, and I plan to try them soon.

  9. Ana says

    Im so sorry to hear about your mom! Praying for her to have a quick recovery! You are such a blessing to everyone :)

  10. TeriS says

    So sorry to hear about your mom. I had a stroke five years ago and spent 8 weeks in Salt Lake Regional. Thanks to the fantastic staff, I walked out on my own. Some are not that lucky. I still have problems with my right hand…but crafts have proven to be great rehab. I am very close to my mom as my daughters are with me, so I knowyour pain, FAMILY FIRST!!!!
    People understand that things happen….Just remember that those of us out here following you, are thankful to have someone to help with extended rehab! :-)

  11. Lani says

    Reading about your Dad and the large stroke/ whole in his heart…. My Dad had the exact same thing about a year ago! Hope all is well with your family!

    • says

      Oh no! I have heard of a lot of people with the same condition since my Dad had his surgery! Glad they caught your Dad’s too. Scary stuff!

  12. Rhonda G says

    I made these yesturday, and put them in a patterned ice cube tray. I froze them and when I tried to take them out 1 hour later they started to crumble, so I left them in the freezer overnight and that worked!

    BUT, when they warm up again they start to crumble when you reach for one in the jar, Did I do something wrong when making them?

    Please help, THANKS!

    • says

      Depending on the soap base you used, you may need to add a bit more oil next time to keep them from crumbling.

  13. Lisa says

    I just tried doing this because I’ve been making my own sugar scrubs for awhile now and I love the sugar cube idea! Unfortunately I didn’t have great luck. First off I used an unscented bar of dove and I could not get the shavings to melt with the oil for a looonngg time. For the mold I used a plastic ice cube tray. When I went to take the cubes out after an hour in the freezer they wouldn’t come out and they just crumbled up! Any advice welcome!

  14. Christine Jimenez says

    Any ideas on what to do if its crumbling? And what bar of soap was originally used?

  15. Frederikke says

    How do you use the cubes? Do you just drop them in the tub, or do you scrub your body directly with the cube?

  16. Rachel says

    These look absolutely divine! Thank you for taking the time to share these even thoughyyou had so much else going on :) These will make gorgeous gifts for friends & save me plenty of pennies! A few of my girlfriends are allergic to soap, is there an alternative you can think of to get around this? xx

  17. Ashley says

    I am so excited to try this! But I do have a question, my cocconut oil is a solid at room temperature, them turns liquid when warmed -body temperature– What kind are you using for this, I get the picture yours is already a liquid that is pured in… Are you using fractionated oil? Thanks for the help!

  18. Surprisemom189 says

    These look so great. I found this last week and want to make them for teacher appreciation week. Where did you get the ice cube tray? Thank you :)

      • Wenonah says

        Could you use a plastic mold? I have a Jello-bean mold that would be the perfect size, but the mold comes with a caution to grease it first so it won’t stick. Does that only apply to the jello jigglers mix, as the soap sugar scrub cubes has coconut oil in it, or should I still oil the pan before using?

        Otherwise I will use my silicon ice sticks tray. They’re narrow, so I’d just have to cut the length I want the cubes to be. How big are your cubes?

        • Wenonah says

          I think I can ‘grease’ the mold with coconut oil, that’s also in the mix and good for your skin. I’ll try that now.

          • says

            That sounds like a great solution. Sorry I was not on the computer earlier to answer your question earlier.

  19. Wenonah says

    You said the recipe is 1 part oil, 2 parts soap, and 3 parts sugar. But your recipe says 1/4 cup oil, 1/2 cup soap, and 1 cup of sugar. Shouldn’t it be 3/4 cup of sugar?

  20. Heidi says

    Made these sugar cubes today and they turned out perfect!!! I used clear glycerin soap from hobby lobby and coconut oil. I put them in rosé shaped candy molds! Can’t wait to use them. And yes they are holding there shape

      • Beth says

        You are very welcome. I should have said thank you for sharing!
        I used the sugar scrub cubes last night and this morning. They work wonderfully!
        They dissolved nicely in my hand AS I showered. My favorite size was the snow flake shaped or possibly a flower shaped one ( not really sure on the design it is supposed to be) but is is the same size as yours, uncut. It did from head to toe. The little hearts, I’ll have to grab 2 or 3 as I like long hot showers.
        Basically I was just really excited that they stayed intact at room temp. The reason being is I made so many at once without testing them Ha!!!!
        I even made a sinus infection batch one with lavender, eucalyptus, peppermint. Vicks makes something similar that you drop into the shower and just dissolve.
        My husband of 20 years actually asked me if I was feeling ok because this is so not typical of me to make beauty products. I usually go to the high end counters and buy them. Thus said, these will make a great gift for anyone. I mean anyone to make or receive.
        Well done Amy, well done!
        And…. Thank you.

  21. Katie says


    Could you make these in one big flat block and then cut them to size or is it essential you make individual smaller moulds as I notice you say about cutting the cubes into quarters so I wondered if you could cut a bigger sheet into the right size?


    • says

      You could. The only thing I would worry about was it being crumbly. But if you have a great base, then it should be absolutely fine!!

  22. Pam says

    Great recipe!! I didn’t have any almond oil so I used canola oil with almond extract. It turned out great!

    • says

      Thanks Pam for sharing that. I am sure it will be helpful to others who want to use other ingredients. Thanks so much for taking the time to stop back over and share it. Hope you have a great day!

  23. Diane says

    I noticed that in your recipe you used 1 cup of sugar, yet when giving proportions you said 3 parts sugar, which would actually be 3/4 cup sugar. Which amount is correct? I used 1 cup of sugar. The soap and oil mixture took a long time to melt and the soap never really seemed to totally mix into the oil. I used it anyway and it seemed to mix well with the sugar. I also wonder why you gave directions to freeze the mixture after putting it into the mold you are using. Was this direction for those who would have to cut the cubes in half? I used old candy molds and don’t intend to cut them in half. Will these harden at room temperature?

    Thanks for any tips.

    • Melissa Collins says

      Eucalyptus oil is an essential oil, whereas Almond oil is not – it’s a carrier oil, therefore Eucalyptus cannot take the place of Almond oil. You could however substitute Coconut, Olive, etc. Hope this helps you to understand :)

  24. Beth says

    I’m very new to making sugar scrubs and I see you suggest using either Almond or Coconut oils to make your scrubs and these cute sugar cube scrubs. Other scrub recipes I’ve seen, before finding your wonderful site, suggested using Olive Oil. Will this work as well for the cubes?

    • says

      Yes! Olive oil is another great oil for your skin. It will work great. But I sometimes choose the other oils I mentioned because Olive Oil can have a yellow or green tint that can color your sugar scrub!

  25. Karen Bader says

    i cannot get the bar soap shavings to melt! It has been in a double boiler for at least a half hour now; will it melt ever?

    • says

      Oh no! It is probably the soap base you are using. I used Ivory soap and it melted pretty well for me. I bet there are some soap that are harder to melt. I didn’t think about that since the one I used had no problems!

  26. Karen Bader says

    this recipe does not make cubes; they just fall apart when u take them out of the ice cube tray unfortunately!

    • says

      Some soap bases are not great for this. You will need to be sure to find one that will melt easily so that you have a good base to start with.

  27. Katie says

    Hello there, I was wondering if you could also make these without the essential oil. I have none currently and don’t have the money to buy any anytime soon. If not, are there any substitutes that you could use in place of the essential oils? I would love to know as soon as you can.

    • says

      You can just use lemon juice or an extract but keep in mind that there will be a very short shelf life and it could discolor or become sour quickly. You could keep it in the fridge for it to last longer.

  28. Debra LeRoy says

    Hi Amy:)) Thank you so much for taking your time to give us all a wonderful recipe!:))! and I am very sorry about your family going through some health issues but God has took care of them very well and they are getting better. Amy my question to you is can I use a homemade liquid soap base for these awesome sugar cubes? Just thought I would ask Thank you and have a blessed weekend:))

    • says

      Thank you! She is doing well now! I would not use a liquid soap as a base. I don’t think it would hold together the same way. But…you could always experiment. I could be wrong!

  29. Abbie says

    Hello! I love this idea! I make homemade soap and I’m going to try shredding some of that. I have one question- do you mind sharing how you make your cute labels? I love love love them and would love to be able to label some of my soaps.

  30. Tara martin says

    Hi love this recipe but having real problems :(
    Used extra virgin olive oil coz that’s what I had and Nivea soap to start the soap wouldn’t melt fully so looks bit like carrot cake lol , but now they just won’t set :( I made them around 14.00 yesterday it’s now 9.00 and they are still soft to touch I can’t pick them up or they will fall apart , I used the 123 method, and froze for 30 minutes they looked great when they came out of mould but but now …. Not so much
    Any advice would be great please xxx

    • says

      The only thing I can think of is your original soap base. You need to start with one that will melt easily. If it didn’t melt easily, it will not work very well. If you want one that will melt well and are having a hard time finding one you may have to go with a soap base from a craft store…those are made to melt easily! Hope that helps.

      • Tara martin says

        Hi thanx for your help :) have just come home and still not set so may have to stick to soap scrubs for now :(

  31. Tina says

    I have made 6 batches of these and absolutely LOVE them! I used leftover scented wax cube containers. They were crumbly when I made the first batch…even after freezing overnight, so I just stuck them in my dehydrator for a couple of hours and they are perfect. I also have found that if you use coconut oil (solid…not fractionated) they hold together better. I keep a jar on my sink to use as hand scrubs and a jar in the bathroom for shower use. Love this recipe…thanks for sharing!

    • says

      Great tips! Thanks so much for sharing! I am sure that will help some of those who are having trouble with crumbly cubes!!

  32. Cassandra says

    Awesome idea! Do you happen to have the labels available in a format I can personalize? I’m going to make these with different scents!

  33. Beth says

    I used olive oil in place of almond oil. I also used dove soap. Dove melted down easily. Into the freezer.
    30 min crumble.
    1 hr crumble…. I give up on that batch.
    Off to try a batch with coconut oil to see if they will set.

  34. Beth says

    I just reviewed my previous post. I don’t know why I typed olive oil. I used grape seed oil. Regardless it didn’t work – at all.
    Well since I grated 2 bars of soap, I couldn’t stop with one try.
    Instead of grasped oil which is liquid, I used coconut oil, a solid. I’m on my 4th batch. I picked up some silicone molds from Hobby Lobby. Then little glass half pint canning jars from good ol’ WalMart.
    I must say, I’m impressed. I only wish I could post pictures on here for everyone to see how cute they really are.

      • Beth says

        Ha! I don’t know why I didn’t think of that. I posted some pics on FB today while taking a break from making sugar scrubs and getting gifts ready to mail up north. I had to cover my gigantic bag of sugar with a towel. I have already given some of these as gifts. They were a hit! I hope others will have such nice results as well.

  35. Alicia says

    I just discovered your page the other day and I LOVE it! I made sugar scrubs and bath salts for my mom and sister last year for Christmas and they loved it. Not to mention my nieces went crazy for it as well. This year, my daughter and daughter in law are getting them as well as the others. I love all of your recipes for different “flavors” and can’t wait to try them all out! Thank you!!!

    • says

      I am so glad! I hope you enjoy them all! Thanks for commenting. I love to hear from my readers! So happy to have you joining with us! xo

  36. Tammy says

    Im so confused on what type of soap to buy i have read all the other posts and they contradict one another in what type to use. I wanted to use the soap base from joanne fabrics but its really expensive does the Ivory really work? or do the glycerin bars work help me please just a little confused I want to add these to my business :)

  37. Tammy says

    I eneded up using the Honey soap glycerin base from Joannes fabrics, it was a 5 pound block using your recipe I changed things up a little and it worked .First the soap base 1/2 cup it melted real easy then I added 1/4 cup of coconut oil the solid kind then added vanilla after all was melted together then added 3/4 cup brown sugar and omg what a awesome smell it held together real well ive used these and they are awesome thank you so much for the recipe

  38. kwmechelle says

    Came across your website the other day while looking for sugar scrub recipes to make as Christmas gifts. After reading this post, and the comments, I decided to try my hand at this recipe. I “tweaked” it a bit to make sure that the cubes wouldn’t crumble after they were frozen.

    1 cup granulated sugar
    1/2 cup coconut oil (the organic type that comes hardened in a jar)
    Orange essential oil
    1/2 cup Dove Sensitive Skin Soap
    Ice tray

    I found the soap fairly easy to melt in the microwave with the coconut oil. Once melted, I mixed all ingredients, froze for 3-4 hours, and voila’! It really turned out great, smelled wonderful (as in good enough to eat), and looked terrific with their light orange tint.

    Thought I’d share my tweaked concoction for anyone having trouble getting these to not crumble. And by the way, I LOVE your site. Thanks for sharing your wonderful ideas with the world!

    • Colette says

      I just made the’ tweaked’ recipe for the sugar cube scrubs. I mostly do use the coconut oil, and the soap I used was “grandma’s lye soap”. I didn’t have any trouble melting with the oil. When adding the sugar, I also have started adding some colored decorating sugar instead of any food coloring and I love it. e.g. pink sugar with my grapefruit citrus scrubs, or yellow for lemon oils, pink or red with peppermint.
      I just removed 2 sample cubes. I ran the bottom of the mold under warm water and they popped right out!. Still hoping to avoid the crumbling when I go to use them, but I am sure that it would be a ratio issue as the coconut should be solid at room temp. More oil if crumbly. I just never seem to be able to gauge how many drops of essential oil to use.
      Thanks for all the great ideas, and I really love the comments section. Good to hear other peoples creative ideas or problems that they run into.

  39. sarah says

    I’m allergic to coconut oil AND almond oil, but this looks so fun, is there a substatute for thoes oils

  40. sarah says

    Thanks, i make my own bath salts using DoTerra too, but there so expensive so I only have lemon and I look forward to making the cubes!

  41. molly says

    Hi, i used ivory soap and plastic heart trays! Worked perfect!! The ivory soap scrnt is strong tho so i used extra lavendar oil. Still smells like ivory .. Any suggestion s?

  42. Madison says

    What was your tactic for getting the labels to stick? Did you print your labels on sticker paper? Thank you for sharing such a great idea.

    • says

      No. No printable sticker paper needed unless of course you want to go that route. I just print on white cardstock and then cut them out and glue them with a glue stick. It works so well and goes on nice and smooth. You actually have to scrub the labels off when finished!! Cheaper way to do it for me.

  43. Mandi Kaye says

    I’ve now made 3 batches – 2 of them with Ivory soap – and none of them set. None of them melted properly. :( I give up!

    • Jen says

      Stuff like ivory is full of chemicals and crap so no, it won’t set. You need a melt and pour soap base from a soap supply shop. I bought one for 14.50 and it’s easily enough to make 10 batches.

  44. Sandra says

    I made two batches this evening. One batch, I used grapeseed oil, but it didn’t set. The second batch I made, I used coconut oil, and it didn’t set either. In both batches, I used a different soap, and both times, the soap didn’t really melt despite using the microwave and then the double boiler method. Because I didn’t read ALL the posts after the origional recipe, I didn’t see which soaps melted best. I’m really disappointed that I had to read all of these other comments to know which soap I should have used. As it stands right now, I have spent $38 on this DIY recipe and am planning to go out tomorrow to buy sugar scrubs for my gift baskets. I’m very disappointed. I was really looking forward to making something homemade for the girls in the family. After the holidays, I’ll try it one more time with coconut oil and ivory soap and cross my fingers.

    • Madison says

      I used coconut oil and Dr. Bronner’s castile soap and it worked, kind of. I used the double boiler method. The soap shreds didn’t fully melt, but I was able to get it sort of consistent enough that I could add sugar and then put it in the silicone ice cube tray. My problem is that I actually tried it in the shower and it left this, almost sticky, film on my skin. I’m going to try another soap, but because I have sensitive skin it can’t be a typical bar soap like Dial. I went to Michael’s to investigate the soap base and they have it, but it has sulfates and other stuff. I’m on the hunt for a sensitive skin soap base.

    • Jen says

      What works the best is to buy a melt and pour soap base. I spent about 30 dollars from a soap supply store for a base, almost oil, body product safe coloring, and fragrance oils. I have enough product for about 10 – 15 batches of these (16 per batch), and will easily have the fragrance and colorant necessary for probably a few hundred batches if I wanted to. Try getting a real soap base meant for projects like this and you will find it is so much easier.

  45. Jheri says

    I made these for gifts this past Christmas and they turned out great. Thank you for posting!
    Anyone looking for molds, try the dollar section at Target. They usually have cute ones. I saw some with shapes that were for candy molding that would work and the ones I used were for small, sort of rounded, ice cubes. They popped out perfectly.
    I used vanilla essential oil and a bar of lavender soap from The Honest Co. and it didn’t melt very well. I added more oil and no real change. I was getting frustrated BUT I figured I’d still try to use the mixture since I was sort of experimenting anyhow and it was just sugar that needed added, no other extra pricey ingredients or anything like that. To my surprise, it worked perfectly still. I mean the soap and oil mixture just blended right in with the sugar, even though the soap hadn’t fully melted. So, maybe just try it if you’re having the same issue! You might get lucky like me! :)
    These were a hit among my sisters and friends for Christmas. I picked up some small Ball jars from the canning section at Walmart and they looked so cute all together with tags and ribbon. :)
    Thanks again!

    • says

      Great idea! So glad yours turned out and thank you for sharing as it seems that others are having trouble with the melting soap too!

  46. Andrea Rambharose says

    Love this! I want to make these as favors for a Birthday party. In total I need 40 favors. How should I go about increasing this recipe and making the cubes? I don’t know how many cubes this recipe yields. Based on the pictures I’d package 2-3 cubes per party favor. Please help! Thanks!

    • says

      I wouldn’t double the recipe as I think it will not turn out as good. I would just make a couple different batches and you should have enough depending on how big you make the actual cubes.

  47. Gabriela says

    I am terribly sorry about your mother. I really hope she is better now.
    I wanted to ask you if you think I could use glicerine instead of almond oil. I want to make many of these as favours for a party but here in Mexico, almond oil can be a bit expensive and glicerine not as much…
    I absolutely love this idea!!

  48. Paula says

    I am going to definitely try making these. I think any glycerin soap base, along with the coconut oil, would work the best. Will try it and see how it goes. Thank you for this lovely recipe.

  49. Gae says

    Thanks for sharing. Was looking for recipes using regular soap. I used the ivory soap- which does not really shred, it just crumbles into a powder, which is fine. It also does not melt easily like natural soaps so you have to grind up, or remove any large chunks before adding to the hot oil. Yes- the oil should be hot. I used coconut oil because it solidifies at room temp. I also cut back the sugar to 3/4 cup. Basically, I have found that the ratio of 1 part oil, 2 parts soap, and 3 parts sugar works best. The cubes set after 5 mins in the freezer and stayed firm in the shower. Perfect!

  50. Paula says

    I am thinking if I could use a bar of Kirk’s Castile Soap. It has a coconut oil base. For the oil, I guess I would use something very light, like the Grapeseed Oil. Anyway, I will definitely have to try it and see how it turns out.

  51. Jen says

    For those having trouble, I really recommend buying a melt and pour soap base, which is what I did. I paid 14.50 for a 2 kilo base from a soap supply shop.

  52. preciousmoon says

    can’t we use a liquid soap or body wash instead of the soap, in order to skip the shaving and melting?

  53. Daria says

    Hi there,

    My question is, what type of almond oil so you use. The one that can be purchased at the grocery store or essential almond oil?

    Thank you!!


  54. Katie says

    I took them out of the freezer and popped one out of the mold and it didn’t have a crumbling problem. They were too hard to cut so letting them sit right now.

    But a note to readers: DON’T use olive oil, and if you do decide to — use as LITTLE as possible! The bottom of my bars, surprisingly not on the sides, too, have some discoloration that makes these look like they’re food gone bad. I’d suggest a clear oil, like coconut.

  55. Katie says

    FINAL UPDATE: The olive oil coloration, after letting the bars sit for a few hours, disappeared! So grease away if that’s what you have :)

    Also, I had no problems with crumbling. I was able to cut up the bars without issue!

  56. says

    I made this using my own goat milk soap shavings and avocado oil. Mine did not set and were crumbly so they are repurposed into a scoop-able soap sugar scrub. I will try again as it looks like a great idea.

  57. says

    When someone writes an post he/she maintains the plan of a user in his/her brain that how a user can be aware of it.

    Thus that’s why this piece of writing is amazing.

  58. Lindsey Tower says

    Your original instructions stated 1 part oil, 2 parts soap, and 3 parts sugar. 1/4c to 1/2c to 1c? Would it not be 3/4c sugar? Math was never my strong point. I will try the recipe both ways and see what happens.

  59. yuandini ariefka says

    i love ur photography…. that’s make me to try your scrub recipe. but i wanna ask something…. white granulated sugar is a sugar that we use to make drink or cake, isn’t it? or sugar for scrub only…

  60. Renee says

    I’m about ready to try this recipe. I see alot of difference feedback on the soap base. How many cubes would one of this recipe make, approx?

    Do you need to do any prep to the silicon molds? And how far in advance of a shower can these be made and stores

    Thanks! I’m a newbie!

  61. Debbi says

    Such a fun Project. I used my Young Living Oils, and used Citrus Fresh, and they turned out heavenly. I may try a batch of Peppermint, or Cinnamon Bark oil, for Christmas Gifts…..but will try a small batch first. Will let you know how they turn out

  62. Betsy says

    I’ve stalked this recipe for what seems like ages! I finally made it today!!
    1/2 cup LouAna solid coconut oil (walmart, ~3.50 for 14 oz)
    1/2 cup finely grated Kirk’s original coco Castile soap (fragrance free, 4 oz bar ~1.99 whole foods)
    ~10 drops Aura Cacia Spearmint 100%essential oil (~$6 on sale, whole foods)
    1 cup sugar
    Green gel food coloring
    First, don’t mix your coloring into your oil. I know better, but ended up with an inconsistent color and too dark as I put too much in.
    Second, watch how fast your scent comes out of the bottle. The 10 drops worked out ok, the actual cube was not overpowering, but the batch as a whole was!
    My oil and soap gratings took about 1 min 45 sec total in microwave. It started to foam, so i worked with it starting at that point.
    My mix was VERY oily. When I put it in my Ikea heart mold (each mold has 12 hearts, my mix made 21 hearts), the liquid oil (remember it is hot after mixing!), rose to the top. I put a plate underneath and stuck each mold in freezer. All frozen in about 20 mins!! I pulled out a cube to let it come to room temp, so far so good!! Smells awesome, and left my hands super soft, but i did need to rinse well and dry harder to get my hands nongreasy.
    I think this will be awesome as a foot scrub especially!!
    I LOVE this!!! I am going to try lemon tomorrow, also was on sale at Whole Foods today!! Thank you for an awesome idea and recipe!!

  63. Brandy King says

    I am wondering where you get the cute containers thinking about making this for the women in my family :D

  64. Jamee says

    I used Kirk’s castile soap and coconut oil (solid type). It took a long time and did not fully melt the soap. While waiting, I read some comments, and added about 2T of liquid olive oil. They’re in the freezer now. I used jello molds and ice cube trays. I will try some old candy molds if this works. I feel like the scent isn’t strong enough. I intend to add a few more drops of oil. My recipe became: 1 bar of Kirks, 1/2 cup plus 2T EV coconut oil, 2T EV Olive oil, 9 drops essential oil, 2 drops red food color, 2 C white sugar. I used the excess that was left in the bowl, and my hands feel lovely. Fingers crossed that they set!

  65. says

    The photos of the scrub are so beautiful! And the recipe is very, very clear. I just made some (smells delicious! I used some jasmine essential oil) and they’re in the freezer (I used little heart-shaped molds).
    Thanks a lot! Your blog is lovely. <3

  66. Heather says

    If you use Ivory soap, just stick it on the glass turntable in your microwave oven for a minute or so. It will foam up all over inside the microwave. Wait until it cools and then you can crush the soap “meringue” into tiny crumbled flakes…

  67. Jill B says

    Do you think i could I add some cocoa butter to the mix?? I’m thinking shred and melt it with the soap. What do you think??

  68. Jaden Lane says

    I love your scrub recipies! I’ve been venturing into making my own scents and would like to make labels using the cuteness of yours that you provided! Do you know what don’t is used on the labels for this? It’s exactly what I’ve been looking for.

  69. Alice says

    Hi! I love your recipe but I have a question. If I use a Shea Butter Glycerine Soap Base, would I still have to use oils?

  70. Susan says

    I love your website and your spa recipes. I am having difficulty finding the printable downloads for many of the projects, especially the Frankincense and Myrrh Christmas set. Can you advise me to where I can locate these?
    Thank you in advance.

  71. Mandy says

    Hi I tried making this ( sugar cubes)with two different bar soaps from the store (Dove and Store Brand) both batches turned out fine at first, they were very hard (left them overnight in freezer), but when I took them out of the molds, they did not hold their shape and just turned into a normal scrub. What soap did you use? And how do I keep the cube shape? Thank you!

  72. Armenda says

    I’m just now seeing this on Pinterest. I know the original post was some time ago. Hopefully your mom is much better these days.

    I was just wondering if you have ever thought of making these and selling them on etsy? If so, I’d love to but some:-)


  73. Marcie says

    Thanks for this recipe. I made these tonight, using fractionated coconut oil. They turned out very crumbly, and then I noticed at the top, the proportions called for 1 part oil, 2 parts shredded soap, and 3 parts sugar, but the recipe says 1 cup sugar (which would be 4 parts sugar). They crumbled when I cut them up. I will try solid coconut oil next time, per previous posters’ comments. Fun project!

  74. Allie says

    What is a good soap base? Is it have to be shreds or is there a liquid soap base too? Thanks


  1. […] There is a printable label to download! Get the recipe and instructions at The Idea Room. […]

  2. […] What I love about these sugar scrub cubes is they are perfect to use in thee shower as each one serves one use and they leave your skin feeling beautifully soft and silky. What’s also great is that you can tailor the scents by using the essential oil of your choice. You could even make up several batches for example lavender scented ones to relax and so on. Check out the recipe here at The Idea Room. […]

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