Coconut Lime Sugar Scrub

With Mother’s Day this weekend, it’s time to start thinking about gifts for the special women in your lives.  Now, I don’t know about you…but as a Mother myself, I prefer gifts that are of the pampering kind and a good sugar scrub is always welcome.  I have been obsessed with using DoTerra Essential Oils and just got some Lime oil.  It smells AMAZING!  So…I made a Coconut Lime Sugar Scrub.

Coconut-Lime-Sugar-Scrub 6

If you have been hanging around The Idea Room, you have been aware of my Sugar Scrub obsession.  At the bottom of this post, I will share with you my entire collection of Sugar Scrubs so that you can take a look at them if you are interested.

Coconut-Lime-Sugar-Scrub 12

Since my food allergy diagnosis, I have incorporated Coconut Oil as my main cooking/baking base and I am in LOVE with it.  It is the perfect oil to use in this scrub because it has a slight scent and leaves the sugar a nice, crisp white.  It also leaves your freshly scrubbed skin feeling soft and smooth.

Coconut-Lime-Sugar-Scrub 13

Plus, the combination of Lime and Coconut scream summer, which we are totally looking forward to at our house.  I also threw in some fresh grated coconut to give the scrub a little more texture.

Coconut-Lime-Sugar-Scrub 19

You just might want to eat this stuff…which would totally be fine since everything is edible :)!

Coconut-Lime-Sugar-Scrub 18

All you need is a cute jar and a label, which I am providing as a free download (see below for link) and you have a great gift for that special Mother or woman in your life.  You will want to make a really big batch so you can keep some for yourself!

Coconut-Lime-Sugar-Scrub 21

Or if you want to get really creative, you could gift your sugar scrub inside of a coconut shell after the fresh coconut meat has been removed.  Then wrap it up with a cellophane wrapper and a cute little tag.

To make this Coconut Lime Sugar Scrub, you will need the following items.

Supply List

Coconut-Lime-Sugar-Scrub 17

Coconut Lime Sugar Scrub

*printable recipe

1/4 cup coconut oil (melted)

1 cup white sugar

1 TBSP shredded coconut

6-8 drops of Lime Essential Oil


  1. Melt Coconut oil in microwave.
  2. Mix in with the sugar, until fully incorporated.
  3. Add the coconut and the Lime Oil.
  4. Mix together.
  5. Makes one cup of scrub.

Coconut-Lime-Sugar-Scrub 22

And, I apologize for the picture overload, but I just couldn’t narrow down the pictures to share with you.  I had a bit of fun with this photo shoot.

Coconut-Lime-Sugar-Scrub 2

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For a printable recipe card, click here: Printable Coconut Lime Sugar Scrub Recipe Card.

*Please do not sell or share these printables.  They are created and shared her for your personal use only.  Thank you.

Coconut-Lime-Sugar-Scrub 11

If you could create your favorite Sugar Scrub scent…what would it be?

You can buy high quality/food grade Essential Oils here: Lime Essential Oil

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I tried your candy cane scrub, handed it out to friends from Christmas to rave reviews! I will definitely try this, ready for a little summer! Just getting acquainted with EO’s, wondering how a scrub with the oils that best deal with stress and anxiety would smell.

I wanted to make a lime coconut scrub and was wondering if I could use a few drops of straight lime juice instead of essential oil

I was wondering about the shredded coconut. Did you buy a fresh coconut and cut it open and use a grater to shred?

Sounds great! Only I’m afraid to use this in the shower before a workday because I’m afraid I’d end up sitting in the sun with a tropical drink in my hand instead of getting ready :-)

Where did you get those cute jars?

Two of my favorite things! I LOVE lime and coconut! I think you’ve saved me for Mother’s Day since my mom has forbid me to spend much money on her this year. How could she resist this? We already use coconut oil for a bazillion things so we have a nice stash. I’m going to run out and get the lime oil today. Thanks!

So glad I could help you out. This definitely doesn’t cost much to make. Just the initial expense of the essential oil, but it lasts for a really long time.

The sugar scrubs I have made in the past last as long as 3 months. Just be sure to scoop it out with clean hands or spoon to reduce bacteria contamination.

This sounds divine! Oh. MY. Do you use the scrub on your face, body..? Also, I have the same questions on Robin on how long it will keep. Thank you for sharing your wonderful ideas!

Fresh grated coconut??!?? You’re a rockstar. And I’m sure you smell divine– please don’t take offense if I lean in a bit closer the next time I see you — which I hope is soon! Thanks for this recipe!

Sounds divine! Can hardly wait to try it. I don’t have a Facebook account and wondered if I can still get the coconut/ lime scrub tag? Thanks for always posting great blog posts! I love your blog!

Here is the link. Then click on Previous Downloads. It should then take you to the labels. Let me know if you still have a problem.

{Watermelon, Rosemary, Lemonade}

The light sweet scent of watermelon offsets the earthy rosemary and balances well with lemon. It has become my favorite new flavor/scent. I flavor my lemonade and water like this…I am addicted ;)

You may go over this somewhere, but how do you recommend fixing the label onto the jar? Do they make paper that’s all sticker so you can make custom sticker sizes? Or do you just print on regular paper and glue? Sorry if this is a dumb question!

Not a dumb question. I just use a glue stick and it works great! There is sticker paper you can print them on to if you want to make them fancier!

Quick question, does the coconut oil solidify back up after you mix it into the sugar scrub? I am just wondering how it stays soft and easy to use. I usually make scrubs with jojoba oil or even light EVO when I am in a pinch, but I love the idea of using coconut oil. Thanks so much!

The oil does not solidfy hard. It looks just like the photograph days after making it still. I love that it does not clog the pores either. Coconut oil is now my new go to for scrubs!

Coconut oil will only be in a more “solid” state under temperatures of 75/76 degrees, above this temp is is a liquid, so unless you live somewhere where it never gets above those temps you won’t have a problem. Also, once coconut oil is mixed with other ingerdients it will firm up some (again under 75/76) but not as much as it will w/o anything else mixed in to it. (in my experience)

Nope! The pre-shredded will work just fine!! It is not even necessary to use the coconut. I just like the extra texture and the fun little hint of coconut it adds to it!!

Us the oil 1/4 cup before or after melted? TIA! Great recipe! Can’t wait to try it this week!

I’m not sure if anyone else has asked this, but when i click on the link to get the label, it goes to a oage that dies not have a label to download/print??

Made the Candy Cane Sugar Scrub & gave away for Christmas. Everybody loved it. Can’t wait to make The Coconut Lime Sugar Scrub!! Idea:How about making a Ginger Sugar Scrub? =)

These scrubs sound divine. I think I’ll make one this weekend for myself.

I think strawberry lemonade would be another good scrub for summer.

I make a scrub using either coconut oil or olive oil (depends on what I have on hand), sugar, cocoa and sweet orange EO. I love the smell of chocolate and orange together – YUM

Wow, I am so glad I found your blog. It looks perfect for me.

I can see using most of the doTERRA oils in a scrub. I can’t wait to experiment. All of the citrus oils, lavender, citrus bliss, some of the more “manly” scents could be used for Father’s Day scrubs – I can’t wait to play in sugar!

One question. I see that you use regular coconut oil for your scrubs. Is there a reason you do use the doTERRA oil. Cost, consistency?

I like to use coconut oil from the store for my scrub. I like the consistency better and my doTerra coconut oil I like to save to use for my regular doTerra oil uses! That is a great question though!

I too love lime and coconut and sugar scrubs, so this combo is great. Well done on the photos, by the way. The 1/2 lime in the 1/2 coconut is great, as is the photo of the coconut shell filled with scrub. Well done!

I love the smell of sandlewood.. So wouldn’t that make a nice body scrub? I’m trying to think of what ingredient would go well with it.. :):)

Hi! This looks great! I just wanted to put in a plug for not microwaving the coconut oil. I have read on many websites (including the one I just found below) that the microwave and/or direct heat destroys the good stuff! So, just fyi. :) Thanks!

“Never melt coconut oil in the microwave or over direct heat (unless you are using it to fry or sauté). This will damage the healthful properties and destroy the good fats it contains.

Instead, I prefer using either a double boiler or a bain-marie. Make your own version with a small saucepan and glass or Pyrex bowl. Add an inch or two of water to the saucepan and set the bowl on top (if the bottom of the bowl touches the water, that’s okay – just make sure it doesn’t touch the bottom of the pan, but instead rests on the lip of the pan). Heat the water to a gentle simmer. Add the coconut oil to the bowl and allow it to melt gradually over a low heat.” … by

How can I get the cute labels? I would love the coconut/lime and lemon. The links don’t seem to be working???

I am very excited to make this! I just have one question. How long does this last or is there a certain time frame that it should be used by? The reason I ask is because I’ve read other homemade scrubs should be used that same day to three days, after that to toss away. Thank you.

Sure you can. It just will not last very long and I have found that the mix tends to turn a little brownish after a couple of days when I did a little test of it.

Coconut shavings are optional. I have found you will have to use it up a lot quicker with the real lime juice and it can tend to turn the sugar a little brown and discolor it after a couple of days. You could just make a batch at a time though…enough for just a couple of days use.

Raw sugar will work great. I have used that before too. It makes for a better exfoliation. I have also done a mixture!

Can you use regular table sugar or do you use raw sugar? I’ve heard conflicts on this.
Also, warming oils are different than essential oils for scenting these, right?
Thanx for your assistance!

Yes. You should be able to use both. I find it best to use a mix with the raw sugar though. But sometimes I just like the smaller granuales. I am not actually sure what warming oils are though. I have not heard of them before!

Isn’t introducing coconut oil into your plumbing a dubious proposition? This stuff solidifies at a relatively high temp — so it’s going to build up it your drain and pipes. Same principle as bacon grease.

Here in Hawaii the oils is always melted. Will it seperate when it settles? How long will a batch last?

Does this need to be refrigerated?
I’d love to send it via US Mail as a gift from Missouri to Florida.

Wow, I’m just learning about scrubs. Since I am a native of south Florida, this immediately caught my eye :-) Oh how I miss tropical living!!
Would like to make these and distribute them as gifts.
What is the shelf life? Thanks

HI! OK, first, I LOVE this! I am going to make it tomorrow. Second, I am wondering if you could help me. I have tried to make a GREAT smelling eucalyptus mint scrub (or lotion, or body butter) but I can’t get it to smell right. I am wondering if you know of a recipe for the scrub?

Thanks Sarah! I have not made a Eucalyptus Mint Scrub or seen one but it sounds divine!! I want to try it now! If I get a chance I will try it and let you know!

Yes! You can make this into a salt scrub just as easily. It will give you a different result though but could be used as bath salts for your bath or as a foot soak!

Looks so delicious! I would love to try this with pineapple and papaya to take advantage of the exfoliating enzymes in the fruit. I’d also like to try adding a couple of other essential oils especially good for cell rejuvenation too.

I was looking for homemade holiday gifts and came across this recipe. I will definitely be trying it, along with a couple others! I think a chai scrub would be interesting, as would a rosemary peppermint or lemon thyme foot scrub. Just food for thought.


This scrub is going to be one I make and give away..I’m looking for large batches to make and having a hard time finding recipes. Would particularly like facial scrub recipes.

Can you help?

Thank you any any input, looking forward to hearing from you..

All the best to you,

Hi, i will like to make and sell some of mu own scrubs, i recently make some scrubs. however some scrubs only last for a month as they melt with the other ingredients. ive been using sugar , lemon juice , honey ? any help for it to last longer?

I would like to know if baking coconut, such as grated coconut could be used for texture as well as scent?

What about dried herbs & spices like mint flakes?

Thank you!

Sure! Just remember that they are degradable so the shelf life would be very short. But in small batches it would work great and be so fun!

I just made this a week ago and my coconut oil solidified. Any ideas as to how to keep it soft?? I hate the idea of giving this as Christmas gifts and people having to use a butter knife to scrape it out of the jar to use.

It will solidify. So if that bothers you, you can use a different oil. But I do find that if your jar is by the steamy shower, it does get soft so they won’t have to be scraping it out. As soon as it touches the warm skin it will soften as well. That is one of the down sides of the coconut oil.

My coconut oil does not have a scent, which is disappointing as I wanted to make coconut scented scrub (I got the white tub at Walmart…LouAnas). How can I get the scent? I have some coconut extract but I’m worried about that causing it to go bad sooner. Ideas???

Hi… Im pretty new to sugar scrub home i have a few questions,the sugar that’s used is it sugar i would buy from the grocery store to make kool-aid or lemon aid? And can this sugar scrub be used in the shower ?where would i buy the oils?oh and for the coconut shreds would those be the ones u find in a pack in the bake good aisle ?…
i really can’t wait to start making these for family & friends !!
Thanks :)

I have wanted to try a sugar scrub for awhile now.Question-For a foot scrub or body scrub does the sugar have to be the large crystal kind or is just regular sugar ok.Also can you mix about anything with it without melting the sugar or causing a mess?Such as grapeseed oil,olive oil etc.

I just made this for team gifts for tomorrow night – it is divine! I did a little variation and did two layers – tinted the lime with a slight green shade, and used coconut essential oil in the white one – it is heavenly!!!
Your site is amazing!!!
Thank you.

I made this today, it smells and feels wonderful. I had to add a bit more oil since it solidified on me. It’s pretty cold in Northern VA. I will be trying the others. Thanks for sharing!!!

Amy! Thanks so much for your awesome site! I planned to make a sugar scrub as part of my 12 yo Feb winter birthday party and I love your coconut lime ! However I can’t seem to get the link for the label to connect? Any chance you can help ? Thanks for all you give to the idea room- it’s one of my favorites!
Best regards! Dawn

Made a sample batch: love it! Making it as a thank you for a baby shower I’m co-hosting. Wondering how far ahead I can make this and store for the shower? Thoughts/comments?

Finally something I can do with the white sugar I no longer ingest. This looks like it will be heavenly.

What do you do about the whole pieces of coconut shred does it just dissolve away into tiny prices because it could stick and wrapped up on the drain. So what I’m asking is like what the coconut feels like in the sugar scrub??

What a fun gift this was to make for teacher appreciation!!! Thank you for the recipe! I love finding fun ways to use my doTerra oils!! :D

Made this for mother’s day on Sunday and it was so easy. The scrubs smells amazing! Since I had a little leftover I tried it out on my own skin (I’ve really dry and sensitive skin) and it felt really good. My face is incredibly soft now. Thanks for that wonderful idea.

Does the sugar dissolve in the coconut oil? Do you wait until it cools off a bit first? Awesome idea, thanks!

Awesome site you have here but I was wanting to know if you knew of any community
forums that cover the same topics discussed in this article?
I’d really love to be a part of community where I can get
responses from other knowledgeable individuals that share the same interest.
If you have any suggestions, please let me know.

This sounds amazing and I can’t wait to try it! Just a quick question: how long will the scrub keep once made? Is it best to make small ‘one use’ portions? I’m thinking that coconut and pineapple would be pretty good too! There are worse things to smell of than a Pina Colada! ;) xxx

Hello I just love your label for the coconut lime sugar scrub. It’s too super cute! Thank you for posting this project. I can’t wait to try it I am so excited about it. Although I have a question. I am not on facebook. (I know I am probably one of the only people on the planet who does not want a facebook account.) Would you be willing to email me a PDF of your labels please?



I am sure you are tired of people asking for your label. But I think it is so cute! I am not on facebook. How can I get your label for my scrubs?

Also, in reading some of the comments, in your directions you say to microwave the coconut-but someone posted that you shouldn’t?? so do you have an answer on this?

I would also like to ask if using a mix of raw and white sugar would be best? (or is it white sugar for the color?) Sometimes reading the comments makes things a little more complicated for me.

Thank you in advance!
Keep up with the great ideas. I have pinned several of yours. I do like your style!


Could you help me with a Lily Mango sugar scrub? I have tried one by LaLicious brand but would like to make my own. I live in Hawaii so I am wondering about incorporating the exotic fruits and flowers that grow everywhere. Aloha, Holly O

This sounds fab, really want to give it a go, I was wondering I have some oils/fragrance that I use to make homemade soap would these work just as well as essential oils?

And im sorry if you cant understand what im writing! I come from Denmark and I’m 12 years old:)

I am making some of these for my moms birthday next week. The doterra oils are pretty expensive and I don’t have time to wait on shipping. Would extracts work just the same or would they ruin it?

Hi, I can’t seem to figure out how to get the coconut lime sugar scrub labels. The link keeps sending me to Facebook to like your page which I’ve done long ago…please help! :)))

On the FB page you will see “Get your free Gift” Click on that and then click on “Idea Room’s Previous Downloads” Hope that helps!

Do I have to refrigerate this or anything? Stupid question, I know, but I’m just wondering because sugar can grow mold and etc.

You should be fine if it is kept in an airtight container for up to 3 months and you are careful not to introduce any bacteria when scooping it out. Always use a scoop or clean hands!

Juices, fruits, hydrsols,honey or other botanicals or food items should never be used in a scrub without a preservative. And also should NEVER be kept in the shower or allow any water to enter the product. This is how yeast,mold and other nasties grow. Even though you can not see it it will begin to grow immediately! This can cause staph and blood infections that could prove to be deadly.

I’m so glad I’ve found your blog. I’m absolutely loving it !! Iwill definitely use many of your ideas Thank you for sharing them .And it seems like lots of my friends will get sugar scrub this Christmas :) I just got one question: is there any particular reason you using doterra oils. In my country they are extremely expensive and I was wondering if I can use any other brand I’ve found on ebay.

I use the doterra because they are food grade and the highest quality. They are pure and not watered down which is why they are a bit more pricey. But you only need to use a tiny amount so they last a long time.

I apologise if this has been asked I did have a quick look through the comments… What is the shelf life like once these scrubs have been made. Thank You

Thank you for all the wonderful ideas! I love your scrub recipes but am having a problem with using coconut oil, as it hardens so much it’s even hard to get it out with a spoon. I’ve tried adding olive oil, but that changes the color dramatically. Maybe I’m adding too much. Do you have any recommendations for softening the scrub but preserving the white color? Thank you!

Yes…that can be a problem. If your coconut oil is too hard and you can not find a softer version or a more liquid option for coconut oil, or you live in a cold place :) You can substitute coconut oil with almond oil. It has a lighter color and should work just as well for you…while staying soft!

How long do sugar last in the jar because like I’m thinking about giving them away for Christmas would it be OK if I started making them today

Is it suppose to dry hard? I put them in jars for Christmas gifts. I checked them today & its hard. I assume I just dig in to use it but I thought it would stay a little oily so wasnt sure. Thanks

The coconut oil does that. Some are worse than others for the hardness. Once they are warmed up, the sugar scrub will soften again. They can warm them slightly in the microwave if needed, especially if they are in a very cold climate.

I actually just print it on regular white paper, cut it out and then glue them on with a regular glue stick! It works so great and is nice and smooth just like a sticker!

Thank you! My daughter is having a Pinterest Party for her 13th birthday. Your scrub is one of the projects she chose for her guests to make. Really looking forward to it-

Hi! This idea seems amazing and I would love to try it! I’m pretty sure someone already asked..but I couldn’t find quantities for the recipe.. how much sugar, coconut and coconut oil should I use? Thanks!

Hello im wanting to make this for my Mom for Mother’s Day, but for some reason everything is showing but the actual instructions.

Hey :D just found your site! On the coconut lime scrub, do I just mix all the ingredients & done? I seen a list of ingredients but nothing on what to do, also didn’t see how much to use of each item. Thanks bunches! The pics really do make u wanna eat some!

Is it just me…. I can’t find the recipe for this. I see the ingredients but that’s it. Help.

What are the quantities of each ingredient needed to make the coconut and lime scrub please? For some reason I can’t find it on here.

Coconut Lime Sugar Scrub

1/4 cup coconut oil (melted)
1 cup white sugar
1 TBSP shredded coconut
6-8 drops of Lime Essential Oil

Melt Coconut oil in microwave.
Mix in with the sugar, until fully incorporated.
Add the coconut and the Lime Oil.
Mix together.
Makes one cup of scrub.

Hi! Has anyone ever used a different essential oil? I don’t have any lime, but I do have Lemon!! Id love to try this and wondering if anyone tried with it lemon?

Hi there, just wondering how you store your scrubs, are they okay to stay in the bathroom? Will they still keep around 3 months if stored that way? Thanks , very keen to give it a go for gifts !

They will be store fine in the bathroom in an airtight container. Just make sure your hand are clean when you getting it out. Bacteria can grow in it if your hands are not clean. Enjoy!

I have issues with sugar scrubs (they tend to turn into yeast infections even if really well rinsed) Could this be done as a salt scrub?

Nicole, you can store the scrubs up to three months in an airtight container. Just make sure to wash hand before using so you do not contaminate the scrub. Hope this helps. Thanks.

Cotton candy sugar scrub?? I’d love to try that if you have. My daughter loves the smell of cotton candy.

I am working on making the coconut lime scrub and wanted to print recipes cards. However, the recipe card is for coconut lime sorbet. Is there another link you could give? Thank you!!!