Christmas Gift–North Pole Produce

I have one more really simple Christmas gift idea that I hope you like.  This gift is a bit healthier than some of the other gift ideas I have shared on here…*ahem!  That is a good thing…if you worry about all the sugar that is around during the Holiday Season and the sugar melt downs that can sometimes accompany them.


I thought it would be fun to give someone some fruit from the exotic “North Pole Greenhouses”.  Oh…you didn’t know there were Greenhouses on the North Pole?  Well, there are…and most Christmas Oranges, poinsettas, holly, mistletoe and Reindeer Feed are grown right there.  Pretty awesome right?!


Why not give someone the gift of some tasty and healthy North Pole produce.  Each piece of produce grown in the greenhouses comes with an authentic North Pole Greenhouse sticker certifying their “authenticity” (I use this term lightly because…well…you know) and is placed lovingly by one of the elf gardeners.  Simply wrap up the produce in a nice wooden crate like the one we made in this tutorial for the Gold, Frankincense and Myrrh Gift Set.


If you don’t want to go to the extra trouble of making a cute little wooden crate (and seeing that Christmas is only 3 days away) you could put some fruit in a simple basket or even a bag and attach the gift tag to it.


You can also add these North Pole Greenhouses produce stickers to any fruit that may end up in the Christmas Stockings.  I always love the fun little touches and surprises that just add to the Christmas magic.


The printables I have, can be printed on sticker paper…or simply printed out on your printer on white paper.  I punched them out with a 3/4 inch paper punch, the same that I used on these Reindeer Nuggets, and then glue them onto the outside of the fruit.


A little dab of Elmer’s White Glue should do the trick.  Just be sure to remove the sticker and wash the produce really well before eating…which you would hopefully do anyways.


This is perfect for neighbor gifts, teacher gifts, friends and family.  If you are going to a Christmas Dinner…this would also be a fun hostess gift.


If you would like to download the North Pole Produce Stickers and/or the Gift Tag, click on the link below.

{North Pole Produce Gift Printables}

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I grew up with getting an apple and an orange in our Christmas stockings and have continued the tradition with my own family.  This year they will be from the North Pole Greenhouses.


What about you?  Does Santa leave you produce in your stocking on Christmas morning?


  1. says

    Super cute idea, Amy! Our dad is a farmer and we’re shipping out citrus this week and I can’t wait to add these fun embellishments to the fruit. Cute! Thanks chica! Happppppy New Year! xoxo

  2. Terry says

    Hi – I am trying to download the North Pole Produce Gift Printables but I am having a problem. I have “liked” you on Facebook but when I click this printable it brings me back to this page. Is there something that I am doing wrong? I just love all the projects and printables you share!

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