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Over two years ago we remodeled our 30+ year old Kitchen, but you know how it goes…if you give a girl a paint brush…

And so after a lot of hard work, elbow grease and kids projects, homework, sports and life…we are almost officially finished with our kitchen.  Now, I am sure I will continue to make some small changes here and there because, let’s be honest…I really enjoy changing things up, but for the most part we can cross this project off our “to do” list.

kitchen-tour 1

When we started 2 years ago, we had plans to just repaint the fronts of the cabinets since we thought they were still in pretty good shape.   We knew we also needed to get new countertops. When we moved in the countertops were tiled with large floor tiles and the grout was in terrible condition…and even though I spent hours chlorox-ing every single grout line…I still kind of felt like the grout was filled with germs.

kitchen-tour 8

We also had plans to lay down new flooring.  We had already sanded down the floors and refinished them when we had first moved in 10 years earlier, but I wanted dark wood flooring and the wood we had would not stain as dark as I had wanted.  The other room you can see off to the right of the above picture is my home office/craft room if you are interested in checking that out.

kitchen before


kitchen before 2


We also knew we had to fix a terrible patching job the previous owners had made on the kitchen ceiling.  They had removed a panel of cupboards that sat right above this bar but had not done a great job filling in the hole.  We knew it was going to take some serious elbow grease to repair and wondered how good the results would be.  So we decided to add a wood plank ceiling to hide the ugly and I have LOVED how it turned out.



When decided to hire out for the countertops and the wood flooring and do all of the tear out and the rest of the remodel ourselves to save as much money as possible.  When we tore out the countertops, we realized that half of the cabinets were in terrible condition including the sink and dishwasher cabinets which were rotted out.  So we made the decision to replace the cabinets too.


The big boys were great helpers and actually begged to help us with the tearing out process.  I think they were enjoying being destructive.

kitchen during remodel

After the flooring was in, the cabinets were put in…we had some drama with this when the guy installing our cabinets was upset about something at work unrelated to our job (we could hear him on the phone) and then stormed out in the middle of the job quitting right on the spot…#awkward.  So we had to call the company and work out getting a new installer.  Turns out the original installer had made some big mistakes on our install and others and someone had to come in and fix his mistakes.

kitchen-tour 12

After finally getting them installed correctly, we were waiting on the countertop to be delivered, we had someone come and replace the kitchen window with a window that would actually open.  When the window installer was taking out the old window, he dropped it and it busted one of the top sections of the new sink cabinet.  Seriously?  So we had to wait for his company to pay the cabinet company and for the cabinet to be remade.  Oh…and did I mention that the husband was out of town during the entire floor laying and cabinet breaking fiascos?  I really don’t like dealing with stuff like that!

kitchen-tour 9

(The opening to the other room (with the brick) is our Family Room.  I will be sharing the updates to that room soon as well).

When all of that drama got taken care of we were able to have the countertops installed.  The installation of that went flawless and I was so happy to have my kitchen almost back in order.  At least we were able to move the refrigerator (which was in the family room) and the stove (which was on the back porch) back into place!

kitchen-tour 7

We installed the backsplash by ourselves and went with a very practical and neutral white subway tile.  Since I love to change things up we wanted to be sure we had something that would be able to change with us.  I also LOVE how bright and clean it makes the kitchen feel.

kitchen-tour 10

During the whole process, we kept our eyes open for a kitchen table that would fit our entire family.  Our current kitchen table only fit 6 people around it and we needed space for 7.  The table had worked fine for us up to that point because we had the youngest in her high chair.  She had since outgrown the high chair and so we were forced to pull up an extra chair every meal for her to sit in and it wouldn’t work out much longer.  But our kitchen has a weird square space and a door that encroached on the dining area that made it hard to find a table that would be large enough for our family to fit on.  The ones we found that would work were WAY out of our budget…so we decided to make one!  Knowing our history, we knew we could make one to fit our needs and taste perfectly.

kitchen-tour 13

 We will be sharing the tutorial for how we made the kitchen table here shortly.  I will add the link here when we have it.  We picked up the linen chairs from RC Willey (after much searching) and the cross back wood chairs from a small local furniture store who we LOVE! I can email you the information if you are interested.  She searched for the perfect chair and special ordered them for us!


We also made the white dish hutch.  I had always wanted a hutch to display some colorful dishes but because our space was so limited we couldn’t find anything in our price range that we loved.  So…we designed one according to our space and built it to fit our style.  I LOVE it!  We are also planning on sharing our plans and a tutorial here shortly.


We also built this fresh herbs box that we have in our kitchen window.  I shared with you the first phase of that herb box and will update you with the final tutorial in an upcoming post.  So you get a little sneak peek of the finished herb box.  I also made the herb sign below which I will be sharing in another upcoming tutorial (guess I better get writing some tutorials…).  It hangs right as you come in the kitchen from the front door which is to the left of the refrigerator.


 The large sign we have hanging by the kitchen table is one that we got from Between You and Me Signs.  It has now become one of my favorite areas of the new kitchen.


We put in the wainscoting in one of the earlier phases of our kitchen remodel several years ago which I shared in an earlier post.  We also added some crown molding.  The paint color is Benjamin Moore’s Quiet Moments which is a nice soft blue with gray undertones.  I LOVE it.  I LOVED it so much I used it to repaint my daughter’s room.

We bought our stools from Amazon here…Kitchen stools.


The doorway you can see at the end of the above photo is the entrance to our Laundry Room, if you are interested in checking that out.

I made the GROCERY sign that is hanging over our pantry.  To see the tutorial for the Grocery Sign go here:

Wood Grocery Sign Tutorial

And finally, the sliding doors were replaced a few years earlier with the French Door.  We shared how we framed in the door in an earlier post.


The spice rack that you can see in the pictures by the stove is one that I made out of an old Dr. Pepper Soda Crate.   The labels on the flour and sugar glass canisters I have on the counter were purchased on Amazon here…Kitchen Labels.  But I swear I only paid half that amount…because I would have made my own for that price….

Anyways, I am so happy to finally have it finished.  But once, we finished the kitchen, everything else in my house didn’t “fit”.  Not the MAJOR expensive home furnishings, you know…but the paint colors.  You know…because if you give a mouse a cookie, she is going to want a glass of milk…. So I had to freshen up the other rooms by repainting  them.  Everything is almost finished and it feels so good.  We have been working on our first starter home and this home for about 17 years now and this momma is ready to be done.


    • says

      Thank you so much Kerstin. No, you did not miss them. I have not posted them yet…but I will…hopefully soon! It will be quite the lengthy tutorial so I need to get some courage to write it :) I will be sure to share it and let you all know.

  1. says

    This is beautiful, I love the ceiling. I eventually want to do that to my kitchen and this just makes my decision that much easier. It is gorgeous!

    • says

      The ceiling is definitely one of our favorite parts as well! I LOVE the extra detail it adds to the whole room! You should totally do it!! Your neck will ache but it will be so worth it ;)!!

      • Kristen says

        Do you think sheets of bead board would work for a less expensive and quicker way to do a wood planked look ceiling? Looking at your remodel makes me totally want to remodel mine. We have an extremely similar floor plan and your remodel gives me hope!

        • says

          You can do the bead board…although…I personally don’t love the bead board because you will have big seams where all the sheets of them connect. You could try and fill the cracks with painter’s caulk…and see…but personally it is one of the reasons we chose the planks.

  2. Anjanette says

    I love your style. I am pretty sure that I have the exact same flooring in my kitchen and our countertops are pretty similar too. I would love to have the name of the small furniture store. I like buying from small local businesses.

    • says

      Well you have great taste haha! I LOVE my dark flooring. It does tend to show more dirt and crumbs but I don’t mind it because I love it overall!! I will email it to you.

  3. Kimberly Crowe says

    I love your kitchen!!! Where did you find the stools beside the tables? I would love to find them!

  4. says

    SWOON! I LOVE everything about this! It’s beautiful! Can’t wait to see the table instructions. We have a REALLY long odd space and I’m thinking about making our own farm-style table for the space.

    • says

      You totally should and it would be so easy to make one to fit your specific needs! Thanks so much for the sweet comment! Hope you are doing well!

  5. Jill says

    Amy, I love your ideas and your website! I just looked at your kitchen and it’s beautiful…I am a kitchen designer, I have my own business…and I think you did a wonderful job! God bless!

    • says

      Thank you so much Jill! I really appreciate that! I struggle with the little details! Thanks so much for the kind words!

  6. Mel Louth says

    Well done, I love it.
    Especially the ceiling idea- genius. Also the microwave above the cooker.
    Stealing ideas galore!

  7. Erin says

    So beautiful! Can I ask about how much it cost you to make the table and the skill level needed? Also, how big is it? I live it and an wondering if it’s something we could do and afford.

  8. Alicia Cortes says

    Oh Amy! Your kitchen is gorgeous! I love it as it has a calm, clean and tidied atmosphere and looks elegant yet cozy ;-) I love your blog and all your ideas, you’re my idol ;-)

  9. hula belle says

    beautiful kitchen…. Where did you get your light fixtures? I love the smaller ones.

    • says

      We picked up the lights from our local Duncan Lighting store. I will ask my husband if he can remember the manufacturer and get back to you!

  10. Melody Wright says

    BEAUTIFUL JOB! I would love to do that in my kitchen. Your style is perfect and I love it!

  11. Carrie says

    So beautiful! Well done! What are your countertops? Granite, Corian, etc.? We are planning a remodel and the biggest thing killing my budget is the countertop. Any affordable suggestions?

    • says

      The countertops are quartz. I LOVE them. They are a bit cheaper and because it is manufactured stone you can put hot plates right on it. No need to seal them either.

  12. Cara Ford says

    What kind of flooring is that, oak? I love the dark wood look! Planning on one day doing the kitchen and dining :)

  13. says

    So cool to see how much DIY was involved- your space is so cheery and BRIGHT! Love it, Amy! Can’t wait to see the rest of the tutorials (: XO

  14. Crystal says

    Gorgeous!!! I love it all!! You did a fabulous job!! Love the kitchen signs. Cabinets, floors, everything is so beautiful. Love, love, love it!!

  15. Jayne says

    I LOVE the color of your wood floors and wanted to know what type of product (solid wood vs. engineered hard wood) it is and the color . Thanks!

  16. Stephanie says

    Your kitchen is beautiful. We have a similar layout in our current kitchen (of course it looks like your old kitchen). We are discussing a remodel and I just mentioned a place for stools at the countertop to my husband. Would you mind sharing the dimensions of your kitchen up to the edge of the counter with stools?

  17. says

    Love the remodel as we have the same situation you did and wan to do the same thing. Can you tell me what the make and model is of your cabinets?

  18. Coni says

    I really love your kitchen!! I’d love the tutorial for the kitchen table but can’t seem to find it on your site, have you posted it yet?
    Thanks for all the great ideas & photos.

  19. Kim says

    I love your kitchen! The link for the stools keeps taking me to the labels on amazon. Do you have a link for the stools? Also would you mind sharing what cabinet company or brand you used.

  20. H says

    Beautiful work!!! I would so greatly appreciate it if you could please email me the purchasing info re: your dining chairs (the ones w/the wooden “x” back) and your kitchen stools (the link you’ve provided takes me to the labels for the glass jars on your counter). Thank you for generously sharing!!!

  21. Sue Kennedy says

    Accidentally happened upon your blog and have subscribed to it. We are starting a remodel of a kitchen of a home we moved into a little over a year ago. I am going with white cabinets….love love love your kitchen ideas…seems we have similar tastes. I love your chalkboard spice jar labels and have been searching for a download for the labels. Could you send me the link. Thanks!!!

  22. Teresa says

    I love your kitchen. I have one question, I noticed no electrical plugs in your back-splash. Do you have under cabinet plugs? If so what product did you use? We are in the middle of doing our kitchen now.

    Thank you,


    • says

      We actually do have a couple of electrical outlets on either side of the kitchen sink. There is also one in the under cabinet appliance garage. The appliance covers are white so they blend in pretty well with the backsplash. Good luck on your kitchen remodel!

  23. Joyce says

    Love the remodel, you have a great eye! The link that you put up for the stools sends me to the flour/sugar labels. Could you give me a manufacturers name so I can research. . .I love them!
    Thanks :)

  24. CarrieK says

    Hi! I am enjoying your remodel. I love the bar stools. The link you provided goes to some sort of labels. Do you remember the brand? I’ll search. Another question, now that you’ve lived with them a bit, how are they? Comfy for all sized people? Would you still recommend them?

  25. judy says

    I don’t usually comment on DIYs but this one is great! Good job! The only question I have is the sign that says “Always tell the truth”.

  26. says

    Jealous! I’ve been making do with a temporary kitchen for about five years, and when I say temporary, I mean temporary! Freestanding bits and pieces of furniture. A second hand oven (which is *really* old). A hole in the floor where a wall was removed…

    I am soooo jealous of your beautiful crisp clean kitchen and dining area. I especially love the ceiling. And the floor. And the subway tiles…

    Enjoy your beautiful kitchen!

  27. Gail says

    I just discovered your web site and I absolutely love your kitchen/dining remodel. I love the paint color, Quiet Moments, and was wondering if you would share the paint colors for your other rooms.

    • says

      Thank you! My other paint colors are Winds Breath, Revere Pewter, Rockport Gray, and Rockport Gray reduced 50% (the paint store can do this for you when you order it).

  28. says

    You have done amazing job! I love your kitchen! I want to renovate mine too. It is cozy but it also looks out of date so it really needs a little paint. Thank you for sharing your experience here!

  29. Meg says

    I love this remodel. Is there anyway you can share the dimensions of your room? Thanks so much!

  30. Michelle says

    Can you tell me what kind of smaller trim is around your plank ceiling is? We are doing Crown around our cabinets but I don’t want to run it around the entire plank ceiling. Absolutely love that you have broken up the crown with smaller trim. I’ve been searching for days and so excited to see someone doing it the way I want mine done!!

  31. Josie says

    Beautiful! I was wondering if you could give me more info on the wood planks for the ceiling. We have textured ceiling and I absolutely hate it. There are a lot of patches that don’t match. Was it easy to install?


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