Graduation Party Drinks

The graduation season is upon us, and chances are you know someone who is graduating from college, high school, middle school and even kindergarten. If you plan on throwing a graduation party or celebrating a graduate this year, why not add some fun graduation decor and drinks to your graduation party.

graduation-party 4

These graduation straws are so easy to make and they add some fun pizzaz to your party.  I love how sometimes even the simplest of crafts can add a big impact to the overlook of a table setting or party decor.

graduation-party 5_edited-1

All you need are some straws and cute serving glasses…even with a plastic cup these straws would be really adorable.  To make the graduation caps all you need is some black card stock.  Cut out a 2 inch square and then poke a hole in the exact middle of the square using the point of a sharp pencil…this is where you will put the straw through.  Then cut a rectangle that measures 5 x 2 inches.  Roll the rectangle into a circle and glue the two ends together with hot glue.  Then glue the circle on the square.  Slide the graduation cap onto the  straw.  Add a little dab of glue if needed to hold the graduation cap in place on the straw.

graduation-party 6

I also added a little black band around the bottles and added a graduation date of 2014.  You could also add your favorite graduates name, or other words that fit your party like congratulations!

graduation-party 3

Happy Graduation!

graduation-party a

Moustache and Lip Suckers

Mustache Lip Suckers 3wm

Mustache and Lip Photo Props are all the rage right now!   They are a fun way to get some creative shots of your friends and family members.  They would also be a fun activity for your guests at a birthday party, shower or wedding.  I had been wanting to get some pictures of my kids with these fun props ever since I had so much fun posing with them at a couple of different Blog Conferences this summer. 

Mustache shelley jen kim  Mustache vintage brassy

The first photo was taken in the Kodak Suite at EVO and include me, Shelley, Jen, and Kim.  The second photo was from the Utah Bloggers Summit.  The photo booth was set up and provided by a cute little company called ‘Stache In a Box.  Pictured are Megan, Mandi and I.

I was going to make some out of paper but then thought it would be fun to be able to send your guests home with them as a delicious party favor! So I found some molds to actually make Mustache and Lip Suckers.

Lip Sticks 2 wm

I found my molds on Amazon and have provided you with the links to the ones that I actually purchased.  I bought the large lips mold and didn’t realize how LARGE they actually were.  If I were to buy them again I would go for the small lips mold.  In fact…I think I may actually go back and order it.

Large Lip Sucker Molds

Small Lip Sucker Molds

Moustache Suckers wm

Moustache Sucker Molds

Moustache Suckers 2wm

I simply filled the molds with melted chocolate onto the sucker sticks for the Mustaches and then let them harden in the freezer.

Lip Sticks 5wm

For the lips I used the last little bit of my red Candy Melts that I had used for these Apple Pops and some leftover pink Candy Melts from Valentine’s Day.

Moustach Lip Suckers wm

See how big those lips are?…haha!  My kids had a great time helping me with this photo shoot.  And as a little bonus they got to eat their props when we had finished!  At least my models will work for little compensation…or I would be broke!  Oh…and make sure if it is hot outside that you work fast.  Just after this last picture was taken, my oldest girl pulled her lips away from her face and it was smeared with melted “lipstick”.  We had a good laugh about that!

Mustache Sucker 1wm


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