Best Banana Cake Recipe

Banana Consumption at my house is really hard to predict.  When I buy a bunch of bananas, sometimes I don’t get one because they IMMEDIATELY get gobbled up by hungry, ravenous beasts…aka…my littles.  Other times they sit…and sit…and sit…waiting for someone…begging for someone to eat them.  But I don’t mind because then I get to make things like this delicious Banana Cake!


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Macaroni and Cheese 3

Macaroni and Cheese Kielbasa

With a busy family, weeknight dinners can be a struggle for many.  We are on the go a lot due to the kids after school schedules. When I haven't been able to prepare a dinner in advance, sometimes we are tempted to throw together a dinner just to get something on the dinner table.  Today I am ... read more

peg-board-shelf 2

DIY Subway Dresser

I am finally sharing how I made this DIY Subway Dresser for my son's room.  It is one of my favorite pieces in his room.  It was fun to be able to personalize it with some of his favorite sports team because this kid is a very big sports fan.  He loves to play them (lacrosse, football and basketball ... read more


Coconut Cream Pie

 Coconut Cream Pie... Are you a fan? This is always one of our family's favorites and usually makes an appearance at our Thanksgiving Table and other special occasions.  It is easier to make than you might think.  I always get rave reviews when I serve it. I love how professional this pie ... read more

Brookies hero

Brownies & Chocolate Chip Cookies: Brookies

My daughter loves to bake.  I know I have shared that with you before.  So on Sundays, she will usually make something for the family.  I learned about Brookies several months ago and had wanted to see if they tasted as good as they looked.  I mean, how can you go wrong with a combination of ... read more

20 camping tips and tricks

20 Camping Tips and Tricks

Are you campers? Our family loves camping.  I grew up back packing and camping with my own family and have always loved being outdoors.  So it was only natural to continue the tradition with my own family.  We look forward to taking several camping trips every spring and summer.  I am always ... read more


Be Kind Free Printable

If you can be anything, be kind! I LOVE this saying and I believe we could all use some more kindness in our life! Everyone has something they are battling…right now…at this very moment. Perhaps if we could see what burdens people were carrying, we would rethink the things we say and do towards ... read more

Top 40 BEST Smoothie and Drink Recipes

Smoothie Recipes and Drink Recipes

Doesn't a refreshing, colorful smoothie or drink just hit the spot on those warm summer days? Smoothies and Drinks are great for outdoor entertaining, summer BBQ's, a nutritional breakfast, or just simply to quench your thirst. Try out some of our Top 40 Favorite Smoothie and Drink Recipes and let ... read more


The Party Bunch: Linky Party

Time for the Weekend Linky Party! Show us what you have to share this week! Amy from The Idea Room, Mique from 30 Handmade Days, Heather from Whipperberry and Desiree from The 36th Avenue want to thank you for partying with us… You guys are the best! Here are some of our ... read more Fighting, Part 1

What to Do When Kids Fight Part I

It is unavoidable, our children are going to get in arguments, even fights, there is going to be conflict and contention and disagreements. Sibling Rivalry will occur in every home. As parents, should we step in, not step in, or ignore it all together? Heather here, from, and ... read more

peg-board-shelf 4

DIY Peg Board Shelf

I can't believe I forgot to share this DIY Peg Board Shelf that we built for our son's bedroom almost 18 months ago. Where does the time go? We updated his room with some fresh paint and took it from his little boy room (still sporting Mickey Mouse sheets) to a more grown up room to fit his age and ... read more