File Folder Games and Activities

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A few years ago I made some file folder games for my kids. They are quite popular in the area we live in, so some of you may be familiar with them. But I have found there are some who are not familiar with them so I thought I would share them with you!

My kids love these. The great thing about these file folders is that you can make them for kids of all ages. Mine are taken from a series of books by the Finch Family Games company, but you can find them in other places. You can also make your own using coloring and activity book pages or find free file folder games on the internet.

I have placed all of ours in a 3 ring binder with the pieces that are removable into their own plastic zip bags. I punch a hole in the bag and place them right in the binder with their folders.

All you need to do is color the page and cut out the pieces. I had ours laminated and the folder laminated as well. Then I added velcro on some and magnets on others to attach the pieces with.

We take them to church, or to restaurants and even to the dentist/doctor office to make waiting a little more mom friendly, if you know what I mean. So go ahead and make some for your kids, they will love them…and you will love the peace and quiet it can buy you (but don’t blame me if your kids fight over who gets to use which folder…that NEVER happens at my house :)!

**I started another photography class two weeks ago and I am really busy trying to fulfill my photography homework assignments. I am also busy taking pics of some of my friends families, so I have been super busy! Not much crafting going on, but I will get back to it asap. I will keep some things coming for you but they will probably be things that I have already done and have on hand. So bear with me for a little bit!

Here is one of my photography assignments: Silhouettes


  1. Shannon and Cameron says

    Great idea to put the file folder games in a binder. I was a teacher and just had a baby so I have tons of curriculum and tons of file folder games. Question: Where are you putting the ziplock bags. I know you said in the binder, but did you put a 3 hole punch in the bag and put it behind the game?

  2. Tiffany says

    I have been trying to get up the nerve to make a quiet book, but don't sew. This is a great alternative! Thanks for the great idea. Where do you take your photography classes?

  3. JAEAEAJ says

  4. Chocolate on my Cranium says

    My SIL had the grand idea to scan all the pages into her computer and she colored them with a basic paint program. She then prints them out, cuts and laminates them in no time, and gives them away as gifts.

    A good source for free file folder games is:
    Childcare Land

  5. The Zeller Family says

    I love the sillouette picture…I am sort of obsessed with them as a photographer and I just had a big canvas printed with one of my family…

    PS LOVE this idea…going to start working on one for my kiddos!!! Thanks for all your great ideas!!

  6. Mrs.Gifted says

    Great Sillouette pic. I really like how thw little one is reaching up it adds compsition to the photo! 80) Check me out at Tell me what ya think 80)…..p.s.-Love the file folder games I used to make them for my kids when I was a preschool teacher, They are so versitile. 80)

  7. Karin says

    Amy, what a gorgeous picture. And those games really sound like fun. I never heard of those!

  8. Sidnie says

    The silhouette picture is amazing!

    I've heard of file folder games, but never knew what they were. Our oldest hardly sits still, so appointments and restaurants aren't fun. Maybe I'll make some and see if they help. Thanks for the ideas!

  9. Anonymous says

    My boys used file folder games in kindergarten and I took the idea to my daycare…The kids love them….

    Your silhouette is beautiful….

  10. Tater Tot Mom says

    I've never seen these…so cute and great way to keep the kiddies occupied. Love the silhouette picture!

  11. Cupkateer says

    I worked of file folder games for my son during conference yesterday. I also used the finch family games pages. I laminated my at home using clear contact paper. Works great.

    Thanks for the great blog!

  12. Sheena says

    I've done a lot of those file folder games, but have looked for a way to keep the organized. The binder idea is great. Just what I was looking for! Thanks.

  13. Rayna says

    Thank you for this great idea! I've come up with games to keep the kids busy with felt and foam but never thought of folders, duh!
    Love the picture for your class!

  14. Vanessa says

    Do you have multiple binders with multiple file folders so each child can have one? Or are they all in one binder and they take the file folder that they want to play with out of the binder?

    That picture is awesome. That gives me a great idea for Christmas pictures.

  15. Llama says

    I loooove file folder games! I make them and use them in my classroom! They are such a great learning tool! I especially love how little storage space they take up! AWESOME!

  16. Kristy says

    Love the photo. How do you do that? Maybe you could just post all you're learning in your photgraphy class-TEHE-and save us all from having to take one. Actually I would love to take a class, but they don't really offer them here. Another great idea!

  17. Jenna says

    I for one, have never heard of file folder games, but they sound like a great idea! Definitely going to try those out.
    GREAT picture, btw…stunning!

  18. Em and Cammie says

    My kids LOVE file folder games! I love the idea of putting them all in a binder! Thanks!

  19. Becky says

    Thank you for the great idea! I'd love to know where you are taking your photo class. I've been looking all around for a good one.


  20. Jennifer says

    I was so excited to see this post about file folder games. I was having a hard time deciding what to do for my nieces for Christmas and this is a great idea. They are going on a vacation right after Christmas and this will be awesome to help keep them entertained on the plane. Thanks for the fabulous idea!

  21. Perkes Family says

  22. Stacey says

    You have the coolest blog EVER! Wow I am so impressed and can't wait to try so many of the ideas you have on here! My youngest son will be so excited to make things like slime and eyeballs and bouncy balls!!! Thank you for sharing them all!

  23. Ashlie says

    These are adorable! Just one question, what did you color them with? I have a few theories, but wanted to ask because they look so great! Thanks.

  24. The Fifield Kail Family! says

    Hi Amy I was wondering if you new the names of the file folder games you have posted or the name of the books they came from. I tried to order them on line but ended up more confused than when I started. I think this would be a great idea for my 3 year old. Thank You

  25. Johnstons says

    My favorite sites online for FREE file folder games are:


  26. Fiona says

    love this idea! have a new baby girl and am going to make some of these folders for her. thanks for all the links to free websites they are awesome.

  27. Ashley says

    I love this idea and the file folder games. I, too, am SAHM, and think this is the perfect thing for myself and my toddler! I love the Noah’s Ark game but was interested as to how it was colored. I would love to hear back from you before I make any purchases. I’d greatly appreciate your time! Awesome blog :)

  28. Liberty Reimschussel says

    I’d also like to know the title of the Finch Family Games book that you got those cute file folder games from. I went to the Finch Family Games site, but it doesn’t look like any of the books they are currently selling feature the games that you have.

  29. Nicole B says

    WOW I found your blog from the glow-in-the dark slime we made tonight! (It turned out awesome). Anyways i have never heard of file folders! I am so excited you better believe i am making one tomorrow!!!!!!! My daughter is so restless when we go anywhere this is going to be a huge weapon in my arsenal! I am loving all your awesome ideas. Oh on the tutus i also like to take a 1/2 in ribbon and wrap it around the top too for another idea. keep up the great work!

    • says

      Thanks so much Nicole. Glad you are enjoying it. That has always been my hope for this blog. And file folders are awesome. My kids LOVE them. Great idea to add some ribbon to the tutus. Adds a nice touch and probably can cover up some of the knots on top too.

  30. Melissa says

    Love your pictures! I just bought the file folder book and can’t wait to make them:) Quick question though, how did you make your pictures so beautiful!? Did you use colored pencil or chalk? I want to know the secret… Thanks!

  31. eve says

    Which Finch Family Book are these from? I actually have some of their workbooks but would like to get this one. Thank you!

  32. Jennifer Reinhart says

    your file folders look amazing. What did you color them with. I am trying to make some for my son but don’t know what to color them with. I love you photograph silhouette. It is very professional.

    • says

      Thank you! I LOVE coloring with colored pencils! That is what I used here and on almost all the things I color!

  33. Suzanne says

    What a good idea to use magnets! I’ve been wanting to make these for my kids but was worried about the velcro being too loud for church…the magnets are a great alternative!


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