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I blogged about these cute felt finger puppets in the very early days of this blog. Do you remember that post? I made the first set of finger puppets for my oldest when he was a baby. That was 11+ years ago. They have gotten A LOT of use and are still one of my kids favorite things to play with at church. A few of them are missing some eyes and are pretty dirty, but for the most part have held up really well.


I have been wanting to make some more finger puppets…AND…since I have had several of you email me with questions about the finger puppets, I thought I would give you a more detailed tutorial.

They are super easy to make. But since each animal is unique, once you understand the process, you should be able to create as many different animals as you would like.


Each animal will be different but basically the same in putting together. Each will need two body shapes. Measure around your biggest finger (thumb) with about 1/2 inch around to allow for glue while still allowing your finger to fit.

Glue (I used hot glue) the ears on one of the body pieces so that the ears will be attached INSIDE of the puppet (I did this with MOST of mine with a couple of exceptions).


Glue around the curved U shape of body leaving the straight bottom unglued. Attach the top body piece.


Add any body parts to the top section with glue.


That’s it! Some are a bit more complicated but as you get going you will get the idea of how to make them more realistic looking!


And, if you are interested, I have a PDF pattern that you will soon be able to buy for $3.00 that includes patterns for ALL of the animals I created. There are 18 animal patterns in all: a duck, blue bird, elephant, bear, rabbit, pig, cat, dog, tiger, moose, frog, sheep, horse, cow, rooster, penguin, lion, and a monkey.


I love these finger puppets and they make a really cute and unique gift. Go ahead and get creative but be warned…they are addicting. I have some more animals I am itching to make.

Amy Huntley is the owner/author of The Idea Room. A mother of five, who enjoys sharing her love of all things creative in hopes of inspiring other women and families. Connect with her on Google+, or read more of her posts.


  1. 1
    Cap Creations says:

    These are so cute Amy! Thank you for showing us how. I'm gonna need this stuff for this summer.

  2. 2
    Casey McArdle Photography says:

    Wow these are adorable!! I can't wait for you to release the patterns – I'm a training Primary School Teacher and these would be perfect for the younger children =)

  3. 3

    Those are beyond cute!! My daughter received a puppet theater from her grandma for Christmas and those would make a great addition!

  4. 4

    Oh, I know how addicting they are! I made some with my husband for a little boy's birthday present. We had a blast doing it together… and he got carried away and made a jackalope! The birthday boy got lots of use out of his set!

  5. 5

    This is a very interesting blog and so i like to visit your blog again and again. Keep it up.



  6. 6
    Lynn from For Love or Funny says:

    My gosh, those puppets are so cute! You are so creative and fun!!

  7. 7

    These are adorable!!! I can see why the last set was so well-loved! :-)

  8. 8

    super cute!

  9. 9
    Kim @ Frost Me! says:

    so adorable! Thanks for the tutorial too!

    Kim @ http://frostmeblog.blogspot.com
    party inspiration

  10. 10
    Maria and Michelle says:

    These are so cute and would be a blast to play with! My felt scraps now have a purpose :)

    ~ Michelle @ FTSN

  11. 11

    CUUUUTE! I know what my neice is getting for her second birthday. Hope you'll have your pdf up soon!! I'm working on a deadline here! Her birthday is May 24th :P

    Very cute idea… a great quiet toy for church.


  12. 12

    I will be making these soon! I love them!!!

  13. 13

    thanks for sharing!! I love them!

  14. 14

    too cute. mine have to try these with my GS troop but using tacky glue. don't know I want them to play with the glue gun just yet. Thanks for sharing.

  15. 15
    ificould says:

    These are so cute! I featured this tutorial today. When you have the PDF for sale, I will for sure add that link too! Love them!!

  16. 16
    Ellen Colberg says:

    I am looking forward to the PDF, I would love to get it and make these for my first child (she is due this summer)! Thanks for sharing such a great project

  17. 17
    Kristen Duke Photography says:

    very cute. i'll add that to my list of thinkgs i'd love to make but probably never will:)

  18. 18

    I want to buy the pattern! They are all way too cute!

  19. 19

    A friend linked this blog from her blog and once I browsed around for a little bit I'm sold! Great job and I can't wait to glean some of your brilliance!

  20. 20

    Oh! I love these!

  21. 21
    Alison@howdoesshe says:

    Cute Cute CUTE!!! Your pictures make me smile!

  22. 22

    very awesome!!!! I have to make these for my nieces and nephews. My sister is always looking for stuff to keep the kids busy during church service.

  23. 23
    Infarrantly Creative says:

    That is so adorable Amy. I will have to wait a year before I do that. Isaac would rip it to shreds right now. You girl with her dainty little fingers and puppets on them is priceless. Another brilliant tute my friend.

  24. 24

    Those are awesome! I, for one, will be first in line to get these patterns!

  25. 25
    Seo Tutorial says:

    Very sweet :-)


  26. 26

    so cute. I need this for my Cloverbud group. We are currently talking about animals. I will be keeping my eye out for the pattern.

  27. 27
    Shaun and Holly says:

    Adorable!!!! I wrote about you on my Blog today and posted a link to your site. I hope that was ok?

    Thanks for sharing the tutorial!!


  28. 28
    Jen Lynn says:

    Thank you. Thank you. Thank you for this. It inspired me to finally start a project that has been in my head for months. I just posted what I made on my blog:


    Thanks again.

  29. 29

    Love these! Thanks so much! I posted this on my website to go with our Farms unit!

  30. 30

    These are very cute! I wasn’t able to get the link to work to puchase the template. Could you please help? My email address is karen_james at hotmail dot com.


  31. 31


    Gostaria de comprar os moldes em PDF, como faço?

    Um abraço

  32. 32

    Are these patterns still for sale – if yes – please send me payment details – thank you

  33. 33

    I love these Amy! I’ve featured them on Fun Family Crafts today ;) http://funfamilycrafts.com/animal-finger-puppets/

    • 34

      Thank you so much Amanda as always for the features. Looks like you had a great trip to Chicago for breakfast recently. That is one place I have not been but would love to go to.

  34. 35

    Your website is awesome! My 3 year old is currently making a paper plate face and turkey! I am in love with the hamburger cupcakes and can’t wait to make them for a summer cookout dessert! Thanks for sharing all these great ideas!

  35. 36

    Thank you so much… i will let my children make some..

  36. 37

    I put a link to your darling post on my felt website. Thanks for making me look so craft! :)

  37. 38

    Do you have the pdf to purchase? Would love to make these!

  38. 40
    Robin Larson says:

    These finger puppets are so cute….I got a congratulations when I posted What is that about?

  39. 41
    Tiffany Houston says:

    Amy, I bought your tutorial yesterday via paypal. I realized this morning you didn’t have my email address. I am hoping to have these as ready as possible for my young women to make on Wednesday. Please let me know if there will be any problems emailing me the instructions. You are so talented! I am excited I stumbled into your account. Thanks! Tiffany

  40. 42
    Alicia G. says:

    How can I purchase your pdfs?


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