Closet Organization and Printable Labels

A month ago, I shared with you how I was tackling my daughter’s closet and clothing mess.  I promised you I would share with you the labels I had made.  Well, I had planned on sharing them sooner, but when I went to write the post and find the labels…they were gone…like I had forgotten to save them after I printed them…gone!  Really?!


Anyways, I decided I wanted to change them up a bit.  So here is the second version, that I like better.  And…the good news is I remembered to save them so I could share them with you too!


If you are anything like me, than a little organization with a pretty label makes your heart feel happy.  It doesn’t guarantee that the toys or closet will stay organized…in fact I guarantee that if your kids are like my kids…it won’t last very long and you will have to hurry and get a picture.


It seems like my kids aren’t interested in something until is has been cleaned and organized and then they are suddenly compelled to dig around in their freshly organized space.  Am I right?!


To see how I am trying to deal with the hand me down clothes for this girl who has two older sisters who give her clothing she won’t grow into for a couple of years due to the age and height difference (she is super small for her age and my other girls are taller than average), be sure to check out this earlier post:

{Closet Organization}

I didn’t forget about the boys.  I tried to come up with some labels that are geared to all sorts of toys that my daughter doesn’t have…like some legos, trucks, trains, etc., so I didn’t leave anyone out.  I have provided some blank labels too so you can customize them for your specific needs.


I, of course, want you to have these fun labels to use for your own kids rooms and closets.  I have made them available as a free download to get them you will need to read these directions very carefully. *I only offer then through Facebook due to misuse of my free labels and copyright due to people selling them or posting as their own.  Sorry about that.

To download the Closet Organization Labels click here:

{Closet Organization Labels}

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 toy-labels-3_thumb.jpg  toy-labels-2_thumb.jpgtoy-labels-1_thumb.jpg                                                    


  1. Heather says

    Amy your awesome! My daughter has these same toys in her room right now. This is my go-to project for tomorrow, thanks for sharing!!

  2. Crissy says

    I love your ideas! I have a craft room I want to organize. Do you use a software program to print the labels? I would love to do labels for different projects. thank you for sharing!

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