Watermelon Slush Recipe

Last week we had a strange wintery storm blow in which brought some low level snow and cold rain.  VERY unusual for June…not unheard of here in Utah…but strange none-the-less.  But a couple of days later the heat was soaring again in the upper 90′s.  So of course some cold and slushy drinks were in order.  I know you have heard me talk about my love for all things icy and slushy.  This time I thought I would try making a Watermelon Slush.  I have heard of them but had never tried one.  I was pleasantly surprised by how tasty it was.  I thought it might be a little bland…but it really was so refreshing and good!


I was a bit surprised that the kids liked them as much as they did.  The youngest, who doesn’t really eat anything other than quesadilla’s and string cheese wasn’t really a fan…but I knew she wouldn’t be.  She prefers to eat the watermelon “not all mushed up!”  These slushies melt REALLY fast so be sure to serve them up immediately.  I definitely liked them better when they were icier…but that may be a personal preference and a texture issue.


Watermelon Slush Recipe

  • 4 cups cubed seedless watermelon

  • 1/4 cup white sugar


  1. Place watermelon and ice into a blender. Pour in lime juice, sugar, and salt. Blend until smooth. Serve immediately.  Garnish with fresh mint leaves (optional).  Add additional flavorings if desired.


So go ahead and make these up for your friends and family on a super hot day.  Serve them up for your next summer party or shower.  They are definitely cool and refreshing and worth a try.


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Homemade Strawberry Jam & Free Jam Labels

A couple of weeks ago I shared with you this Strawberry Jam that I made using Ball’s Fresh Tech Jam Maker.  Today I want to share with you the recipe that I used and give you some free Jam Labels for your own use.


I usually just use the recipe in my Pectin Box, but used Ball’s Strawberry Jam Recipe and we are really enjoying it.


Strawberry Jam Recipe

*recipe from Ball Canning

You will need:

2 2/3 cups crushed strawberries (about three 1-lb containers)

3 Tbsp Ball® RealFruit® Classic Pectin
1/2 tsp butter or margarine
3 1/3 cups granulated sugar


  1. WASH strawberries in cool, running water and drain. Remove stems and hulls. Crush berries one layer at a time using a potato masher. Measure required quantity of crushed berries and remaining ingredients for your recipe; set aside.
  2. SPRINKLE pectin evenly over bottom of the Pot fitted with the Stirrer. Add crushed strawberries evenly over pectin. Add butter/margarine to help reduce foaming.
  3. PRESS jam button – the cook time will automatically default to 21 minutes. Press enter.
  4. WAIT 4 minutes for appliance to sound 4 short beeps indicating that it is time to add sugar. Add sugar gradually while Stirrer continues running. Place the Glass Lid on the Pot.
  5. THE APPLIANCE will continue to automatically stir your ingredients while it cooks. Stay within earshot of the Jam & Jelly Maker, the appliance will beep again at the end of the process signaling jam cooking is complete. Press cancel, unplug the appliance and immediately remove Glass Lid.
  6. REMOVE Stirrer using a pot holder. Skim foam, if necessary, from top of jam.
  7. PRESERVE jam immediately, using 1 of the 3 ways listed here.


If you don’t have a Jam Maker, you can still make this jam and use your stove.  Ball also has many other great Jam and Jelly recipes.


I am sharing the fun Strawberry Jam Labels with you, and decided to make some other labels too.  I figure we are all probably making other Jams and Jellies that we want to add some pretty labels too as well.


Click on the link below to access the free Jam labels.

{Homemade Jam Labels}

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What kind of Jam have you made this year?  What is your favorite Jam/Jelly?


Fresh Peach Popsicle Recipe

Today I thought I would share with you a super yummy Fresh Peach Popsicle Recipe since I have been so obsessed with fresh peaches right now.


Peaches are abundant right now in Utah, where I live and I am simply obsessed with eating them right now. It has also been blazing hot here and that calls for a delicious COLD treat.

peach-popsicle 3

Luckily, these are pretty healthy so you can eat a lot of these treats without the negative side effects or the guilt that comes along sometimes when you eat a treat.

You can use either fresh peaches or frozen peaches and the recipe should turn out super tasty. We used fresh treats for this particular batch of peach popsicles, but in a pinch, the frozen peaches work just as good.

peach-popsicle 5

Fresh Peach Popsicle Recipe

Fresh Peach Popsicle Recipe


  • 1 1/4 pounds ripe peaches, (3-4 medium), halved and pitted
  • · Juice of 1 lemon
  • · 1/4 cup freshly squeezed orange juice
  • · 1/8 cup sugar, or to taste
  • · 1/4 teaspoon vanilla extract


  1. Coarsely chop peaches in a food processor. Transfer 1 cup of the chunky peaches to a medium bowl. Add lemon juice, orange juice and sugar to taste (depending on the sweetness of the peaches) to the food processor. Puree until smooth. Add to the bowl with the chunky peaches and stir in vanilla.
  2. Divide the mixture in about twelve freezer-pop molds (or small paper cups). Freeze until beginning to set, about 1 hour. Insert frozen-treat sticks and freeze until completely firm, about 1 hour more.


peach-popsicle 4

Sooo yummy! The kids LOVE when we make these and I LOVE that there are no hidden preservatives or corn syrup (which I am allergic too).  These are a great way to stay cool and enjoy the last and fleeting days of summer.

peach-popsicle 1

And who doesn’t love a good treat?  Did you see the Peach Slush Recipe that I shared earlier?  It is super tasty as well.

Peach Slush Recipe

I am OBSESSED with fresh peaches right now…are you? There are in peak season right now here in Utah and they are super delicious and juicy this year.  We can’t seem to get enough.

peach-slush-recipe 3

The temperatures have also been record heat breaking.  The abundance of peaches and the abundance of heat has me craving something peachy AND something that is going to cool us off.  So, why not combine the two for a delicious treat?

peach-slush-recipe 8

The recipe calls for fresh peaches, but you can use frozen peaches in a pinch and it should turn out just as tasty.  We like to buy the big bags of frozen peaches at COSTCO that we use in our smoothies.

peach-slush-recipe 9

You can serve this Peach Slush as either a dish, like an ice cream or serve it with a straw as a slush style!  We like to do both.  I love this recipe because I have become very limited with the treats I can eat due to my food allergies. A healthy recipe that tastes great is a win-win in my book!

Peach Slush Recipe

Peach Slush Recipe


  • 2 Fresh Peaches
  • 1/8 cup Water
  • 1 tsp. Fresh Lime Juice


  1. Peel peaches by pouring boiling water over the peaches for 30 sec. or peel with a paring knife.
  2. Chop peaches into chunks and put in a blender or food processor.
  3. Add Water and Lime Juice and blend until smooth in consistency.
  4. Pour into a 9x13 pan and freeze in freezer for one to two hours.
  5. Stir a few times so that it does not freeze into a solid block.
  6. Stir and whip it up with a fork so it has a nice slushy consistency.
  7. Serve immediately in a cold dish.
  8. Makes 2 smaller servings.

peach-slush-recipe 15

I hope you enjoy this recipe as much as we do.  As always, I would love to hear what you think of this if you end up making it.

peach-slush-recipe 16

And…just for fun…if you were give a choice, would you choose a fruity or non-fruity (it’s a word ;) treat?

Giant Bubble Recipe—Skip To My Lou

You guys…today is our very last guest poster for our Summer Series (click on the link to see all our past guests)! I hope you have enjoyed having all of these talented bloggers sharing some of their best summer ideas with you! I know I sure have and it sure was nice to take a little break this summer from posting so that I could spend some quality time with my family.

Today I am so happy to have Cindy from Skip to my Lou here.  She is one of the very first bloggers I started following when I discovered the world of blogging after I had been blogging for a while.  She is also a dear friend in real life.  I look up to her in so many ways.  Be sure to check out Cindy’s amazing site! You will be so glad that you did!


Hi everyone! My name is Cindy and I blog at Skip to my Lou. I blog about simple crafts, sewing, crochet and recipes. I hope you will come visit me if you are looking for more simple crafts and activities. We are having a blast at our house with these giant bubbles. They are super easy to make! You probably have all the supplies in your kitchen right now!

Giant-Bubble-recipe-skiptomylou.org_ First make your own homemade bubble wand with some string and straws.

Cut about two yards of string. Thread the straws onto the string and fasten the ends of the string with a knot. Move the knot around until it is hidden inside one of the straws. Straws with out the bendy part work best!

Mix up your own own homemade bubble solution.

Giant Bubble Recipe

3 Cups water

1/2 Cup Dawn Dish-washing Liquid

1/4 Cup corn starch

1 Tablespoon Baking Powder

1 Tablespoon Corn Syrup

Mix water, Dawn liquid detergent, corn starch, baking powder, corn syrup.Place bubble mixture in a container large enough for the straws to fit inside. Dip the bubble wand into the solution and gently bring it out of the solution one side at a time. It will take quite a few tries until the mixture will start making bubbles. Be patient, it will be worth it.

Slowly pull the string apart.

Slowly walk backwards allowing giant bubbles to form. FUN!

We found it took some time to get the bubbles to work. The motion of our hands in the solution seemed to make it better and better. One it started working it was amazing. We found a few days later the solution didn’t work well.

Coconut Lime Sorbet Recipe

coconut-lime-sorbet cover

Summer here has been hot and muggy.  Eating cold treats has been necessary for survival.  So we have been experimenting with some fun and different ice cold treats.  One of my favorites has been this Coconut Sorbet with Fresh Lime.

coconut-lime-sorbet 2

Doesn’t that looks amazing?  Even though I made it…I would have to agree with you!


This just takes a few easy to find ingredients and is best to make in an ice cream maker.  The flavor is amazing! If you like Key Lime Pie, you are going to love this.

coconut-lime-sorbet 4

Coconut Lime Sorbet Recipe Card

{click on the image above to download a copy of the Coconut Lime Sorbet recipe card}

coconut-lime-sorbet-recipe 3

Ours was ready in about an hour.  We used a full 1/2 cup of lime juice since we LOVE lime at our house.  If you want a little bit less lime and more coconut, adjust your lime juice accordingly.

Coconut-Lime-Sugar-Scrub 13

The sorbet has a great texture but melts really fast.  As you can see in the pictures it got all melt-y goodness…but that might have also been because I was photographing these photos outside on an almost 100 degree day.  But the clean-up was worth it!  Sometimes my job has some real perks!

coconut-lime-sorbet-recipe 4

Thanks so much for having me over Brooke!  If you love Coconut and Lime together…you might also be interested in this Coconut Lime Sugar Scrub Recipe I shared earlier over at The Idea Room.  I would love to have you stop on over!

12 Free Summer Printables

You guys!! It is time once again for our monthly Printable Blog Hop. This month our theme is SUMMER!!


If you are new here, every month 12 creative bloggers share a free printable with a common theme.  To get each printable you simply need to “hop” from one blog to another to get them.  There are some seriously cute Summer Printables here!



With a Summer theme…and July being National Ice Cream Month…I thought it would be fun to come up with some ice cream cone wrappers.  They are a simple way to add some fun to your next summer party!

Ice-Cream-Cone-Labels f

I have a free pattern for you to download that you can simply print out.  Then use the pattern to make some ice cream wrappers out of your favorite scrapbook paper to match the party’s theme.


Ice-Cream-Cone-Labels b

I also have a fun little label that you can add too.  Or, make up a bunch of labels and give them as a gift along with some ice cream and ice cream cones to a neighbor or friend…so they can have their own festive ice cream party!

Ice-Cream-Cone-Labels c


#1 {The Dating Divas} – Everything you need to throw a fun “Getting To Know You” BBQ with your neighbors!
#2 {Somewhat Simple} – 4 different Summer themed party invites. Just print, fill out + send!
#3 {Whipperberry} – A glow stick or sparkler printable for your summer picnics or barbecues
#4 {Crafting Chicks} – Summer in the USA
#5 {Tatertots & Jello} – Printable Lemonade Stand bunting and signs.
#6 {L’il Luna} – GOO’D Summer Gift Idea
#7 {My Sister’s Suitcase} – Summer Reading Bingo Game – 24 FUN ways to get your kids reading this Summer!
#8 {I Heart Nap Time} – A fun and colorful summer gift label!
#9 {The 36th Avenue} – Adorable Nautical Journal and Bookmark Printables.
#10 {Paging Supermom} – Kids will have a blast with these free printable Water Gun Targets!
#11 {The TomKat Studio} – Adorable popsicle notecards and tags, perfect for summer!
#12 {The Idea Room} – Make some fun and colorful ice cream cone wrappers for your next summer party! Sizes available for different cones.


To download a copy of the Ice Cream Wrappers click on the link below and then select Previous Downloads:

{Ice Cream Wrappers}

Please read directions fully to be able to get the download!

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Now get out there and eat some ice cream!!

Spicy Marinated Summer Vegetables–Girl Loves Glam

I am so excited to welcome McKenzie from Girl Loves Glam to the Idea Room today!  I love how happy and fun this girl is! Be sure to head on over to her site and check her out! You will be glad you did.


Hello all of you wonderful Idea Room readers! I could NOT be any more excited than I am to be here today! Amy is such an inspiration to me and I am really grateful to know her! I am McKenzie from Girl Loves Glam, a lifestyle blog where you can find DIY projects, beauty and style tips, home decor, recipes, and so much more!

Girl Loves Glam with text

I am excited to let you in on a little secret today. A secret recipe that is!


Several years ago, I went to a neighborhood BBQ. I saw the most delicious looking vegetables that smelled even better than they looked. I scooped up a plateful and what happened next, is nothing short of a love story. The taste of these vegetables was just as I felt heaven would taste like. I had to know who made this. Finally, I found the woman I had been looking for. When I asked her if I could have the recipe, she paused. She then explained that the recipe for spicy marinated vegetables had been given to her by a friend who had kept the recipe a secret for years! My sweet neighbor was nervous about leaking out the recipe any further, but after about a week of thinking it over, she handed over the recipe. The recipe didn’t just go to me though, it went to everyone! Everyone wanted this recipe! Needless to say, the once secret recipe for spicy marinated vegetables went viral throughout the neighborhood.

After making this recipe several times, I decided to tweak it a little to make it fit my taste buds even more. I am excited to share this recipe with you! It can be your little secret at all of the summer gatherings you will be going to!

Spicy Marinated Summer Vegetables
Recipe Type: Side Dish
Author: McKenzie at Girl Loves Glam
Spicy, marinated vegetables that are full of flavor and perfect for any occasion.

1/4 c Oil
3/4 c Apple Cider Vinegar
2 tsp. Salt
1 tsp. Sugar
1 tsp Tabasco Sauce
1 Head Broccoli
1 Head Cauliflower
1 can Olives
1/4 Red Onion
1 Green Pepper
1 Yellow Pepper
1 Red Pepper

  1. Chop up all vegetables and place in a large bowl.
  2. Put the rest of the ingredients on top of the vegetables and stir to coat all of the vegetables.
  3. If the bowl has a lid, place the lid on the bowl. If the bowl doesn’t have a lid, put vegetable mixture in a large bag that can be sealed shut.
  4. Let vegetables marinate while turning veggies every few hours. For best taste, allow the vegetables 24 hours to marinate.
It is a great side dish that is full of flavor without being packed full of calories too! I can’t wait for you to try it!

Be sure to come check out the rest of the happenings on my blog too! To get you started, you might like these great recipes I shared…

Black Light Lemonade

Funfetti Cool Whip Cookies

Strawberry Lemon Fizz

You can find me on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest too! Thanks again Amy!

Summer Fun Jar–Printable Blog Hop

Hey! It is time once again for our Monthly Printable Blog Hop.  12 creative bloggers including me are sharing our free printables with you.  To get them all you simply need to head on over to everyone’s site to see what fun item they are sharing with you this time!  There are some really great ideas out there!


Here is what I am sharing as part of my contribution this month!


For the Summer version of our Printable Blog Hop Club, I decided to come up with some fun and simple ideas for the kids to do this summer when you need to entertain them.

summer-printable cover

I thought it would be fun to have a Summer Advent Calendar or something similar so that the kids can see what they will be able to look forward to doing once they get their morning chores all finished up.

summer-printable 5

You can display them on an Advent Calendar and set them up for each day…or you can put them in a jar and have the kids pick one out for the day.

summer-printable 4

Or you can use them as special rewards for kids that are making good choices towards their siblings and following the rules at home.  Whatever way you decide to use them, they are a fun and colorful way to be sure you get the most out of those summer days with kids.

Summer-Printable 1

To download a copy of the Summer Jar Printables click on the link below and then select Previous Downloads:

{Summer Jar Printables}

*If you are not a fan of The Idea Room on Facebook, you will need to click like first and become a fan. After you become a fan you will need to click on “Get your free gift” in the upper right hand corner of the Idea Room FB page and then click on “Previous Downloads”.

summer-printable 6


#1) {The Dating Divas} – A vintage pop-up card letting your sweetie know they are the ONLY one you want this 4th of July!

#2) {Somewhat Simple} – Two super simple and adorably patriotic milk carton-style treat boxes!

#3) {Whipperberry} – A festive “Let Freedom Ring” printable banner for the Fourth of July!

#4) {Crafting Chicks} – A patriotic quote to inspire you as you celebrate Independence Day!

#5) {Tatertots & Jello} – Patriotic Medallion Party Printables for parties or decor.

#6) {L’il Luna} -Fourth of July Sparklers Prints that are perfect for gifts or favors at your next Independence Day celebration!

#7) {My Sister’s Suitcase} – A fun and simple game that Toddlers and Kids LOVE to play – just like “Don’t Eat Pete!”

#8) {I Heart Nap Time} – Patriotic Party Circles to give your 4th of July that All American feel!

#9) {The 36th Avenue} – Celebrate this 4th of July with this festive red, white and blue printable.Showing our true colors!

#10) {Paging Supermom} – Printable Statue of Liberty Crowns are the perfect thing to wear to your neighborhood fireworks show!

#11) {The TomKat Studio} – Printable Patriotic Cupcake Toppers & Flags for Your 4th of July Celebration!

#12) {The Idea Room} – Celebrate with these festive drink labels for your 4th of July BBQ.

Summer Can–30 Handmade Days

I am happy to have my friend Mique from Thirty Handmade Days and the Queen Bee Market here today, sharing a great idea for when you are out and about this summer.  Mique is one of my favorites and is a great example to me of Motherhood.  She is also super fun and creative.  I hope you will stop on over to her site to see some of the other great ideas she has shared.http://www.theidearoom.net/wp-content/uploads/2013/06/Summer-Series-Title-big.jpg

Hi the Idea Room friends! I’m Mique from Thirty Handmade Days and the Queen Bee Market. I’m so happy to be here today to share a simple idea to help you be a little prepared for the pool, beach or lake trips – make a summer can.

What is a summer can, you ask? Let me explain… Ok. So we live in California where the sun is shining throughout the year. But summer means days at the pool or the beach. I grew up in the San Diego area (best place to grow up!) and spent a lot of time at the beach. This idea comes from time there- it’s similar to a little emergency kit, only I made it with more beach/lake related items. You could add whatever you want, but this is what I gathered:

Summer Can www.thirtyhandmadedays.com

A Pringles can! Grab one at the store, eat the chips and then wipe it clean with a wet wipe, damp cloth, something to get all the crumbs off. The one in the picture above is Salt & Vinegar but I don’t recommend that one just because it is hard to get rid of that vinegar smell. Ewwww. Other supplies:

  • baby wipes
  • hand sanitizer
  • baby powder – helps with sandy feet/hands. Sprinkle it where the sand is before you get into the car and it will come off.
  • bandaids
  • sunglasses
  • lip balm
  • baby bulb syringe (you know one of those yucky snot suckers?) – this helps with sand too. Use it to blow off sand off of gadgets or off your body.
  • gum
  • plastic trash bag (because we always have trash from food and it’s a pain to collect or walk forever to the nearest one at the beach)

I asked on my Facebook page for things people had to have at the beach and here were a few of my favorite tips that you could add to your summer can:

  • Small bottle with white vinegar – to use on jelly fish stings. (if jelly fish are common at your beach)
  • Leave in conditioner is a life saver with little girls & salty hair
  • Take everything like wetsuits, shovels, whatever else that gets sandy in a big plastic bin…then when you are ready to to go, put everything back in. Helps with sandy things rolling around the car and then when you get home…you just fill bin with water and soak everything for a little while then rinse & hang!
  • Bring plastic bags to help get wetsuits on…put over feet and hands before you put them in the wetsuit and the arms/legs slip right on!

Obviously not everything is going to fit into a Pringles can. Here’s what mine looked like up close with the baby powder, wipes, lip balm, trash bag and nose syringe:

Summer Can close up www.thirtyhandmadedays.comToss it in your beach bag and then you’ll always be prepared!

If you stop by 30days, I have some other fun printables and kids ideas like this one:

Random Acts of Kindness Summer List www.thirtyhandmadedays.comRandom Acts of Kindness Summer List

You can also find me on Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook or Twitter.

Thanks so much for having me Amy! Love ya.



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