Framed in French Doors


We recently replaced our old sliding glass door in the kitchen (which leads to our outside porch and backyard) with some French doors. The sliding glass door was the original door with the home which was built in 1980. It was hard to open and VERY drafty and cold in the winter time. So it was time to get a more energy efficient door.


We had some really nice spring weather for a few weeks before the door was scheduled to be replaced and wouldn’t you know it…the day they came to take OUT the door and put the new one it…IT SNOWED…IN MAY! (That is snow coming down!)


We decided to fancy it up a bit instead of going with just the standard case molding around the door like we had before. So we bought some decorative and crown molding at Lowe’s to frame in the door.


The ribbed side pieces measured 4 inches across in width and we matched it up to some baseboard at the base of the door frame.


At the top of the door we added a flat board that measured about 6 inches in width across the top of the doors. Then we added a smaller piece of molding (about 3/4 inch wide) about a 1/2 inch from the bottom of the flat board. (Not sure what this is called).


Then to finish it off we added a piece of crown molding to the top of the door frame.


We caulked all the cracks and filled the nail holes with putty and then painted the door to match our wainscotting on the lower half of the walls. Really a pretty simple project (because we did not put in the door ourselves :) and I think it makes a big difference in the overall look of the kitchen. I also can not believe the difference it makes as far as how cold and drafty that door was. It also blocks out a lot of sound from outside. I am loving this new addition.

So…this might help explain what has been keeping me from my little craft projects lately! Have you guys been finding yourselves busy with home improvement projects at your house like we have been here? Would love to see some links to things you have been working on too!



  1. Kathy says

    GEORGOUS!! I hate sliding glass doors:(

    Snow in May, who'd a thunk? You just can't plan for stuff like that;)

  2. Katie says

    WOW! That's exactly what we were planning to do in our house!!! Thanks for the motivation : )

  3. Amanda@The Hand Me Down House says

    That turned out gorgeous! I love how it adds so much elegance to your dining room. LOVE it! :)

  4. Anonymous says

    I would like to know where you got your fabulous chairs and table. I just can't find many large tables with that many chairs.

  5. Megan says

    gorgeous!! I cant wait till we get to do ours. We have the biggest, most hideous slider you have ever seen. It NEEDS to go!!!

  6. Julie Harward says

    That is so gorgeous… Great job you guys! The tiny little butterflies in the last post are so cute too :D

  7. Infarrantly Creative says

    That is wonderful. I love the trim work you did….look at your rocking the home projects! Ok and we have the exact same table except mine is black! I love the little drawers. You have those on there right? I keep napkins in mine. Although I am guessing you keep yours open large most of the time. I just switched out my knobs on it with cute crystal ones.

  8. Amanda says

    I can't wait to show this to my husband when he comes home tonight. I have french doors in my kitchen and LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this idea to dress them up! Thanks!

  9. Laurie says

    Beautiful! Has anyone ever told you that your dining room/kitchen is set up just like Jon and Kate's old house was? I mean, it looks like yall took their old house and re-did it -it's that close!!

  10. **Amy** says

    @Kathy–It was a pretty good storm too! So glad to be rid of that door! Thx
    @Michelle–I like me some trim too
    @Nicole–me too…thx for the link…off to check out your blog. Love seeing who my readers and commentors are :)
    @Katie–you will be glad. Not too difficult either!
    @Taylor Made–uggh…remodeling dirt?
    @Amanda & Country Mouse–Thx!
    @Anon–we got ours at a local furniture store (Mom and Pop). I think they sell the same ones at RC willey. They also come in black. Ours is called Buttermilk.
    @Megan–Yay! You will love it!
    @Marissa & Julie–Thanks!
    @Mandy & Andrew and Megan–visited your site and left you some comment <3
    @Infarrantly–I knew I liked you for a reason…great minds think alike…just saying!
    @Amanda–Hope he is inspired for your sake :)
    @Laurie–I have not seen that show…now you got me curious. The decor or the layout??
    @ificould–Yes…I love me some molding…I have some more molding projects in the works as well :)

  11. **Amy** says

    @Grammy–It has been a while…but I think the name of the paint is warm muffin by Behr? I hope that is right!!

  12. Todd says

    Do you know which crown molding you used? I’m looking to put together the same thing and wanted to know if you knew the part or item #’s of the wood.

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