Top 10 Uses for Baking Soda & a review

*This is a sponsored post on behalf of ARM & HAMMER™ however all statements and opinions are mine.

Recently, I was asked to review some products from ARM & HAMMER™ .  I have shared a couple of these reviews with you over the last few months and today I will be sharing with you my review of ARM & HAMMER™ Baking Soda and ARM & HAMMER™ Ultra Power 4X Liquid Laundry Detergent.


I feel like I am always finding new uses for Baking Soda.  Baking Soda is so versatile and can be used in so many different ways.  I thought I would share MY top ten uses of Baking Soda in the home.


1. Refrigerator deodorizer

Place an open box in the back of the fridge or other area that may need freshening. It will absorb odors, keeping the area smelling nice and fresh.

2. Keeps your teeth healthy

Combine half a teaspoon of baking soda with peroxide until it forms a paste, then brush away!  Or use Arm and Hammer’s Toothpaste with Baking Soda.  I love it!

3. Removing Urine/Odors

Potty training can be difficult and you might find you need to clean up wet mattresses and/or carpet.  You can apply baking soda and white distilled vinegar for stronger smelling messes if the surface needs extra cleaning. For dog odors and urine sprinkle with baking soda and let it stand for a few hours before vacuuming up.

4. Drain cleaner

Pour one cup down the drain and let it sit for several minutes followed by three cups of boiling water.

5. Relieves skin irritations

Add baking soda to your bath water or create a paste and add to rashes and insect bites to alleviate inflammations.

6. Polishing silver

Create a paste of baking soda and water. Buff your silver with the mixture using a clean, soft rag. Rinse, then polish dry.

7. Cleaning your bathroom

Create a solution by adding about 1/2 cup of baking soda with liquid soap or detergent. This is perfect for cleaning the bathtub, countertop, or tiles. Rinse after application.

8. Floral Preservation

Add a teaspoon of baking soda to the water in the vase of your freshly cut flowers.  This will prolong their life and keep them fresher longer.

9. Removes strong odors from your hands

Rubbing baking soda and water on your hands can remove unpleasant smells left behind after handling or cutting stronger smelling foods such as garlic and onions.

10. Cutting board deodorizer

Sprinkle baking soda on the cutting board, scrub and rinse to remove the smell of stronger items such as garlic and onions.


Just the other day we spent some time with extended family over Christmas Vacation.  We went tubing for a couple of hours and then headed over to a crater to go swimming in the warm mineral waters.  We had so much fun, but since we didn’t head home until the next afternoon, our wet and dirty swimsuits and snow clothes didn’t get washed out immediately.


They were damp, dirty and had that mildew-y smell that comes with clothes that aren’t allowed to dry properly.  So I washed them with ARM & HAMMER™ Ultra Power 4X Liquid Laundry Detergent.  They came out smelling so fresh and clean!


Designed to give you ultimate cleaning strength in a smaller size, new ARM & HAMMER™ Ultra Power 4X Liquid Laundry Detergent is ultra concentrated and packed with two scoops of baking soda. This little bottle offers loads of power, getting your clothes 50% whiter and 50% fresher compared to the leading value detergent per load. It’s the little bottle with the big value.

Visit ARM & HAMMER’s website to explore ARM & HAMMER products and find out WHERE TO BUY IT.

And…because I know many of you have favorite uses for Baking Soda, I would love to know what they are.  Please feel free to share your favorite uses for it in the comment section below!


Hair Tool Storage Cabinet

I FINALLY got a second to sit down and write up this post.  Sorry to leave you hanging about what exactly was hidden behind this Bathroom Towel Rack Cabinet door.  Many of you guessed there was a laundry chute inside.  Oh how awesome that would be…I had one growing up in my parents house and though we DID use it for laundry, it was also used by us kids for many other devious purposes…hehe!  But, unfortunately my laundry room is on the opposite end of the house so it would have to be quite the chute to get the laundry to the laundry room and I am sure that more than just a sock might get lost in there.


So, the next best option for me was to create my very own personal Hair tool Storage Cabinet.  I do love my curling iron…when I actually don’t have my hair in a pony tail *ahem*!  And…I have three girls…enough said!

towel rack cabinet 9wm

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So that means I spend a little bit of time doing hair on Sunday mornings and before school (when they cooperate). And even though my girls have THEIR OWN bathroom, they tend to gather in our Master Bathroom. Can any of you relate?

towel rack cabinet 10wm

We simply made a “box” that contained three sides.  We left one side off the back so that we could tuck all the cords behind it to keep them from being seen all strewn about in the cabinet.  We also left a small gap in the back so that the cords could fall down behind the box shelf.

towel rack cabinet 11towel rack cabinet 12

Then we placed the box into the bottom of the cabinet.  This becomes the base that we screwed the hair tool station onto.

towel rack cabinet 1wm

We ordered this hair organizing station online.

towel rack cabinet 2wm

Directly behind our customized towel rack, was an electrical outlet.  We wanted to be able to utilize this without having the electrical cords showing so we did what any normal person would do…

towel rack cabinet 3wm

We took (and by we…I mean “the hunky Mr. Idea Room”) drilled some holes in the back of the cabinet so that we could cut out the cabinet directly where the electrical outlet was.

towel rack cabinet 4wm

towel rack cabinet 5wm

After the 4 “pilot” holes were drilled Mr. Idea Room took his jigsaw and cut out a small rectangle to expose the outlet to the inside of the cabinet.  Then we placed our electrical strip inside so we had plenty of spots for all of our hair appliances.

towel rack cabinet 7wm

I LOVE it!  I love being able to turn on the curling iron or flat iron and let them heat up and not be cluttering up the counter top.  They are hidden AND out of the way.  Just the way this momma likes to have things that she uses on a daily basis. 

towel rack cabinet wm

Maybe it will help with the clutter…Haha…Here’s to hoping!

And…to answer your questions…you can find all of the following here:

Update Builder Grade Cabinets with finial feet.

Painting Bathroom cabinets white tutorial.

The yellow rug was painted by me…Painted Rug tutorial!

DIY Trumeau Mirror (not pictured)

Framed in Builder’s Grade Mirror

Original Customized Towel Rack post.

Towels are from Anhropologie.

Hair Appliance Tool Holder purchased here.


What do you think? If you had a cabinet like this what would you like to store in there?

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Ending the Mud Room Mayhem

Hi Idea Room readers – it’s Becky from the Clean Mama Blog and Clean Mama Printables!  I’m excited to be here today sharing a little organizational tip or two about mud room mayhem (or any place the coats, boots, cleaning supplies, mops, brooms, etc. collect).  Every home has a place where stuff gets stashed, coats are dropped and supplies are hidden.  This may be in several areas of your home or you may have a mud room as your go-to place for these items.  Regardless, adding a little organization to the general area(s) is always helpful.  This week I’m going to show you how I organized the closet portion of my mud room.

Our mud room has a closet with double doors – it’s not as functional as it might sound because there’s a dog kennel in front of one of the doors, but there’s a lot of room to store mud room-type stuff.
Here are a couple ideas for getting and keeping the stuff organized:
group like items together – in baskets, bins, boxes…
    I put all the weird household stuff (legs for the washing machine, cabinet knobs, door stops, etc.) in Ziploc bags and then put all those bags in a bin labeled miscellaneous
    Plastic shoe boxes are great for storing smaller items like batteries and electrical cords.  I put the batteries in individual Ziploc bags by type/size inside the box for easy access.
hang what you can off the floor to maximize your space
label, label, label
I printed my labels on cardstock, cut them out and laminated them

I attached them to my containers with stick-on velcro so I could move them around and change if needed

overview of the mudroom closet
Do you have a mud room that needs some identification?
Go here to get some specific mud room labels like the ones that I used.
You can go here if you want some blank labels like these.
Thanks for having me, Amy – Happy Organizing!

Taming the Clutter


Every year when the kids go back to school I get in the mood to ORGANIZE my home. I usually spend the first couple of weeks going through closets and cupboards and dejunkifying and taming the clutter. I actually find it very relaxing…I know…I have a sickness! (When I was growing up I used to rearrange my room by myself and deep clean it every few months…but I digress!)


So one of the first things I tackled is this cupboard (in the kitchen) above the “business center” in our home. It houses our office supplies, electronic cords, mail, items to be filed (the file cabinet is actually upstairs in my “craft/office/computer” room), kids paints, play dough, etc. Do you see my calendar planner and notebooks on top of the drawers? Love those!


I really like having these small drawers to hold the markers, crayons and colored pencils, etc. When the kids need them, they can just pull out the whole drawer and then (in theory…) replace the drawer when they are finished.

I also have a couple drawers dedicated to “cards”. These include thank you notes, blank note cards, birthday cards, get well cards, etc. That way I am always prepared for any occasion. You know those birthdays that sneak up on you. This way you LOOK like you were prepared all along and you don’t have to make a last minute dash to the store to get something.


I also have a phone number list taped to the cupboard door. This includes phone numbers of people we call frequently and the kids friends. It also has emergency phone numbers so they are right at hand. This list also comes in handy when we have a babysitter over tending the children when the hubs and I have our “date nights”. We also tape up soccer schedules and important dates for the kids schools.

I love having everything in one place. It makes homework time a lot smoother because everything they need can be found quickly. (We usually do homework on the kitchen counter when the kids get home from school after they have a healthy snack).


I have a few more organization projects I have been working on that I will share with you soon. I also have finally finished some home remodeling projects that are also on tap to share!

What about you? Have you been organizing something in your home? Do share! I love hearing what my readers are up to!


Fruit Fly Trap

It has been a crazy week around here with three afternoons spent canning and making freezer jam so the craftiness and cleanliness at our house has been suffering! So I am catching up on that this weekend. But I did find a clever and efficient way to get rid of all the pesky fruit flies that have been swarming my kitchen due to the large quantities of produce it has processed.

I remember hearing somewhere, long ago, that placing a funnel with a tiny opening into a jar containing a cut piece of fruit would make a good Fruit Fly trap. And guess what? It really works! They were all trapped within about 12 hours! I used tape and sealed the edges when I discovered some of those sneaky flies were escaping and that worked like a charm. Then when all the flies were trapped, I just released them back into the great outdoors.

Seeing all those flies in the jar brought back a lot of memories of my 8th grade science class. Remember Heidi? We had to breed them and then spent hours counting, sorting, charting and recording genetic traits! I LOVED it! Weird I know, but it is actually the first time I remember my interest in science was sparked. I was amazed that we could actually predict the type of genetic traits we would get. Anyways…I am sure none of you wanted to know all that!

This time of year seems to bring on the fruit fly infestations. Use this trick to remove them from your home and in the meantime, I will get some more ideas coming!