Wood Pallet American Flag

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I have been wanting to make an American Flag out of a wood pallet for a couple of years now.  I have a long list of projects that I hope to be able to get to (someday) and it feels nice to be able to cross one off of the list.  Will I ever get tired of projects? Ha! I am not sure. I really enjoy creating things and the whole creative process…so I doubt it!


I have a spot on my back deck that I thought would be a great place to display this flag during the summer for the Fourth of July.  We had picked up a few pallets almost two years ago when we needed some to make my son’s Pallet Headboard and a Wood Pallet Map for his room.  So, I just used what we had left over in our stash.  We picked up the pallets from a local nursery who just gave us a few for free!


The wood slats can be VERY difficult to remove from the pallet itself due to the long nails they use.  So we just take our saw and cut the wood slats near the end nails and then pull out the nails in the middle.  It takes some elbow grease to get it done…in my case, my husband was a great sport and took care of it.  I used 7 wood boards from the pallet.  Don’t worry if they are beat up…I like that they add some fun texture and an aged look to the map.

If you don’t have access to a wood pallet, cedar fence post from Lowe’s are perfect for this!  They can be found in the lumber section.  Line up your boards and then staple or nail them to three strips of wood that are on the sides and in the middle of the boards in back.  This will hold all your boards together.

pallet-flag 7

I googled an American Flag and studied it very closely to know how I should paint the wood pallet boards so that it resembled a real flag.  I had one board that was missing a section on the lower corner so I just used that board on the bottom of the flag so that it looked like the flag had a piece missing on the bottom stripe.  I then drew out where I wanted the blue section and the 13 stripes.  I started with a red stripe and ended with a red stripe.

pallet-flag 8

I painted the blue section first and made the bottom of the blue section line up exactly with the bottom of the seventh stripe.  Then I painted the red stripes by starting at the top and moving down.  By the time I had finished painting the red stripes, they had dried enough for me to start painting the white stripes.

pallet-flag 9
When everything has had a chance to dry and cure, you can take some sandpaper and rough it up a bit.  I actually did the roughing up part before I painted the stars on because I was still trying to figure out how big of a star I wanted to do.  I finally just decided to go with a star stencil I had on hand from Martha Stewart.  It ended up being the perfect size for my taste.

pallet-flag 6

We relied heavily on a picture of the American Flag to get the dimensions and the layout of all 50 stars as correct as possible.  It ended up being 5 rows of 6 stars with 4 rows of 5 stars in between the rows.  Then when the stars were all painted on and dried we roughed them up a bit too.


To hang the flag, we put a couple of screws on the back and threaded some heavy wire around them so they could act as a picture hanger.  This makes it super easy to hang it up.


Now we are ready to host the Fourth of July BBQ!  Want to see some of our other Fourth of July projects?  Check out these past Idea Room posts:

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How do you celebrate the Fourth?

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Red, White & Blue Fourth of July Printable

Today I am so excited to be working on an HUGE…and I mean HUGE blogger collaboration with over 100 other bloggers.  We are joining together to bring you over 100 free Red, White and Blue Patriotic (Fourth of July) printables and projects.

red, white and blue badgeI thought it would be nice to be able to display part of the Pledge of Allegiance in my home to help us Celebrate the Fourth of July, our American Independence Day.  For some reason, these pictures turned out to be not as vibrant as the printable is in real life.  The entry area in my home is in a dark north facing area so getting a good picture in here is hard ;).


But anyways, I digress…You can use this printable to display in your home to add to your Fourth of July Decor, or use it to help add some festiveness to you Fourth of July Party/BBQ.


I made this printable so that it prints out for an 8×10 photo frame.  If you want it to be a smaller size than just change the percentage that you print it at.  To download the printable, simply click on the link below:

Fourth of July Printable Pledge of Allegiance

I hope you are able to use this in your home!  Be sure to check out all the other amazing bloggers and their fun Red, White and Blue Printables.  You can access them easily below!


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Fourth of July Banner

Recently I shared with you these Patriotic Hot Dog Trays, which could also be used for Nachos at your family Fourth of July BBQ.  In the background of the photo I have this Fourth of July Banner that I used as part of my Fourth of July Décor.  I had several of you ask about how I made it.  If you are interested in the Fourth of July Soda Bottle labels, you can find them here: Fourth of July Soda Bottle Labels

hot-dog-tray 4

It was pretty easy really.  I simply took some burlap and cut it into some triangle.  I made a pattern out of paper to use as a template.  Then traced it out on the burlap.  It worked out that I could flip the triangle upside down every other triangle and I didn’t have any waste.


Then I cut out 14 total triangles.  I wanted to make two different banners so I could criss-cross them over the table.


Then I took the same triangle template and made one with stripes on it and then cut out every other stripe so I could have a template to use for painting.


Then I simply put the template over a triangle and rolled red paint over it with my foam roller.  I made 6 of them.



Then I did the same thing and made a template for the stars and then painted them blue.  I made 8 of them.


Then I simply attached them to some twine with some little paper clips.  You can find them at most craft stores.  Then I hung them up by attaching the banners to the sides of the table which are attached to some poles.

hot-dog-tray 7

I originally saw a banner in the Pottery Barn catalog and I pretty much knocked it off ;)!  Make one for your Holiday BBQ!


*image source Pottery Barn

Fourth of July Treats–Kiss Stickers & Bottle Labels

I have fallen in love with bottles and Hershey Kiss Stickers and have used them to come up with some easy to gift Holiday treat ideas for a couple of other Holidays…so why not come up with a Fourth of July version as well.  I didn’t think you would object ;)!  These are fun Fourth of July Treats.

fourth-kiss-labels 1

So…I am sharing them with you today so that you can use them to gift to your friends and family this Fourth of July.  Or…if you don’t need a little gift idea you could use them to fill up a jar for some Fourth of July home décor.  Or serve them at your Fourth of July BBQ.

fourth-kiss-labels 4

I had some of this fantastic glitter paper left over from this past American Crafts post, and it is too sparkly to not use.  So I whipped up a little Fourth of July Label by cutting out the Fourth of July Label I printed and then added some larger circles and a scallop.  Cut them by hand or use a circle cutter and then stack them up with some glue.

fourth-kiss-labels 3

I simply attached it to a string and hung it around the neck of the bottle.  Makes a super easy and sparkly Fourth of July treat!

fourth-kiss-labels 5

On a whim, I tried to come up with a more “kid” friendly version that can’t be dropped and broken like a glass bottle can.  I simply grabbed an empty toilet paper roll and covered it with some scrap book paper in festive holiday colors.  And it turns out that the Starbucks Frappuccino Bottles (which I use in this post…and a million others Winking smile) fits the roll perfectly!!

fourth-kiss-labels 8

Fill the tube up with some kisses that have the Fourth of July Kiss Stickers attached. I simply print them out on regular computer paper and glue them on with a glue stick.  Works great and I don’t have to bother with printable sticker paper.

fourth-kiss-labels 7

To download a copy of the 4th of July Kiss Stickers & Bottle Labels click on the link below and then select Previous Downloads:

{4th of July Kiss Stickers & Bottle Labels}

Please read directions fully to be able to get the download!

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