Vinyl Chalkboard Menu

*This is a sponsored post on behalf of Cricut, however all opinions and statements are mine and mine alone.

I am making a new, concerted effort to feed my family “real” meals.  So as part of that, I had to make myself a nice Chalkboard Menu to keep us on all the right dinner track.


I didn’t realize I had slipped in my dinner making efforts until after a recent conversation with my oldest son.  It went something like this…”Mom…are we going to be eating a REAL (insert teenage attitude) dinner tonight?”  Me: “Uh…we always eat a real dinner!”  Him: “What happened to all those yummy meals you used to make?” (listing meals that hadn’t been on the dinner table in a year or so).

And then it dawned on me.  I had slipped a little bit…or a lot on some days in my efforts at making a solid meal for my family.  It was true. Granted I have a lot of really GREAT reasons this happened…like dealing with my 7 major Food Allergies, five kids all with busy sports schedules including: ballet, piano, waterpolo, lacrosse, weekly church activities, basketball, homework projects and so on…

I had been doing so well with everything.  I was making my family a meal and then also making myself something that I could eat because it was too daunting (and expensive) to feed EVERYONE how I needed to eat.  But it got very difficult.  So, in an effort to survive, I started doing quick and easy dinner options like breakfast for dinner, grilled cheese, grilled chicken and veggies, and so on.  They were still great dinner options but were merely snacks for a growing, active teenage boy (did I mention he is on the swim, mountain biking and waterpolo teams?).

I didn’t want him to move away from home (which will be 1.5 years…gah!) feeling like he wasn’t being fed delicious meals.  I wanted him to miss my home cooking.  So I had to re-evaluate the way I was doing things.  I wanted to bring our REAL dinner time back but needed to find some ways to make it easier and not as difficult on me due to my food issues.  So we started having the kids make one meal a week this past summer.  BEST. DECISION. EVER!!

We sit down together on Sunday afternoon in our family meeting and discuss the upcoming week’s schedule.  Who is doing what and when.  We also discuss what each person would like to make for their weekly meal.  We scheduled each person a week night.  On rare occasions we have to make some adjustments according to our weekly schedule.  The kids pick a meal (sometimes with my direction) and we make a shopping list.  I do the shopping on Monday in preparation for the week.

And we made this menu out of Chalkboard Vinyl to help us stay organized and keep people accountable *ahem* for making a great meal.  And you know what? The kids are LOVING it!! I help them when needed but this helps free me up to run a kid to practice, or help with homework during the meal prep.  The kids are making great meal choices and sometimes I have to reign them in from making a 7 course meal!  There is overall less complaining about dinner and what we are having because the kids are so involved in the process and they are realizing that it hurts your feelings when someone complains about what they just made for dinner (interesting….haha).  And only a few questions (compared to a million) about what is for dinner because the menu is right there for all to see.  And…the kids are learning to cook…and bake!

Everyone has to clear the table and put their own dishes in the dishwasher until the dinner table it is spotless.  And then the person who made dinner has to clean up the pots and pans and the dinner making mess.  For the past few months it has been working very well for us. I hope we can continue to do this making a few tweaks here and there, as the kids get older!  But it has been a life saver for me.  It gives me time to make my own “version” of the meal that I can eat due to my food allergies!

Chalkboard-Menu 4

Anyways, after that rambling…if you are still with me, I am sharing how you can make your own Chalkboard Menu.  I made ours to stick right on the fridge door.  I did that mainly because I didn’t have any wall space to make one that hangs on the wall.  But you could certainly cut the vinyl out and put it on a painted board and display, or paint a board with chalkboard paint and then use the vinyl cut outs to put the words on the menu board.

Chalkboard-Menu 2

1. Print and cut out your Chalkboard Vinyl with your Cricut Explore.
Make it now with Cricut:
cricut make it now button
2.  Peel out the word Menu and the days of the week, leaving the large section of vinyl.
3.  Place your transfer tape over the front of the Chalkboard Vinyl.
4.  Transfer onto your cleaned fridge surface carefully to prevent any wrinkles or bubbles.
5.  Rub the side of a piece of chalk gently along the entire piece of vinyl to season it.
6.  Enjoy your menu!
Interested in the Grocery Sign? Learn how to make that here: Wood Kitchen Grocery Sign
If you don’t have a Cricut Explore, they are on sale right now for $249! Learn more here:

*This is a sponsored post on behalf of Cricut, however all opinions and statements are mine and mine alone.  I was given a Cricut Explore Machine to review, but all my opinions are mine and mine alone…plus I really love the machine!

Free Spice Labels Printables

If you are following along with me on Instagram, you got to see a sneak peek of this project I was working on while watching me some Olympics.  This is one project that I have been super excited to get completed.  I LOVE anything that involves organization, labels and jars.  Don’t you? It makes my heart feel happy!


I had an antique Dr. Pepper crate that I had been using in my office to organize some of my craft supplies, but it was hidden away behind a cupboard door.  It is too fun to be hidden away.


Then one day I realized that it would make a perfect spice rack.  I had been slowly buying my new spices in these cute spice jars from Target.  They are in the spice aisle and the Archer Farms brand.  The jars fit perfectly.


Now, of course, I HAD to make some labels for the lids so that I could see what the spices were and to give them some extra oomph!

Don’t you think they look so pretty?  Almost too pretty to use…

Ha! With a big family, we do tend to go through some of these spices rather quickly.  So we do buy a lot of them in bulk from Costco and then I just store the bigger bottles in the cupboard directly above these spices, but the big bottles get hidden away.  I just refill the smaller ones when they get low.


So far it has been a great system.  It is also much easier to find the spices we need rather than trying to dig through each one in a crowded cupboard.  Well, I want to share these labels with you.  Even if you don’t have a vintage soda crate to store them in, there are several different options and spice racks you can use.  Or just put the round labels on your current spice jars to fancy them up a bit.


Let me just talk candidly with you all for a moment though.  I have been disheartened for several months lately with people who have been taking my photos, and free downloads and SELLING them.  It is really very frustrating and I have gone back and forth about how to combat it.

This is why I run my printables through my FB page.  It has made a difference in the amount that I have seen, but it is still happening.  This is illegal and is a violation of copyright and has made me wonder if I should quit sharing with all of you here.  BUT…I really don’t want to punish ALL of us due to a few dishonest people.  I feel like the people who are involved in this dishonesty are people who are finding it through Pinterest and don’t realize just how small the internet can be in the DIY/Craft world.

When you visit my site and share my site with others, your traffic earns me some income. I really appreciate all of you who are here and have been loyal followers.  I would not be able to continue to do this without you!!  I want to be able to continue creating and sharing with you, because I absolutely LOVE it!  It is my dream job!

So, on some of my bigger projects, I will be offering the printables FREE for a limited time, and then will move them into my shop.  This is a lot of extra work for me, but I am hoping it will help eliminate some of the problem.  So, this really shouldn’t effect the rest of you who are following along. Just make sure if you see something you want, grab it before it goes in the shop.  Also…please always send your friends and family to my site to grab something for themselves rather than sharing it with them.  I feel like that is a fair trade to make for you to continue getting freebies…right?! We will see how well this solves the problem and go from there!  THANK YOU ALL for your patience with this!

So, with all of that said…if you would like to download these Printable Spice Labels, click on the link below and follow the directions carefully.

{Printable Spice Labels}

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Closet Organization and Printable Labels

A month ago, I shared with you how I was tackling my daughter’s closet and clothing mess.  I promised you I would share with you the labels I had made.  Well, I had planned on sharing them sooner, but when I went to write the post and find the labels…they were gone…like I had forgotten to save them after I printed them…gone!  Really?!


Anyways, I decided I wanted to change them up a bit.  So here is the second version, that I like better.  And…the good news is I remembered to save them so I could share them with you too!


If you are anything like me, than a little organization with a pretty label makes your heart feel happy.  It doesn’t guarantee that the toys or closet will stay organized…in fact I guarantee that if your kids are like my kids…it won’t last very long and you will have to hurry and get a picture.


It seems like my kids aren’t interested in something until is has been cleaned and organized and then they are suddenly compelled to dig around in their freshly organized space.  Am I right?!


To see how I am trying to deal with the hand me down clothes for this girl who has two older sisters who give her clothing she won’t grow into for a couple of years due to the age and height difference (she is super small for her age and my other girls are taller than average), be sure to check out this earlier post:

{Closet Organization}

I didn’t forget about the boys.  I tried to come up with some labels that are geared to all sorts of toys that my daughter doesn’t have…like some legos, trucks, trains, etc., so I didn’t leave anyone out.  I have provided some blank labels too so you can customize them for your specific needs.


I, of course, want you to have these fun labels to use for your own kids rooms and closets.  I have made them available as a free download to get them you will need to read these directions very carefully. *I only offer then through Facebook due to misuse of my free labels and copyright due to people selling them or posting as their own.  Sorry about that.

To download the Closet Organization Labels click here:

{Closet Organization Labels}

*If you are not a fan of The Idea Room on Facebook, you will need to click like first and become a fan. After you become a fan you will need to click on “Get your free gift” in the upper right hand corner of the Idea Room FB page and then click on “Previous Downloads”.

 toy-labels-3_thumb.jpg  toy-labels-2_thumb.jpgtoy-labels-1_thumb.jpg                                                    

Organize Closet Tips and Labels

*This is a sponsored post on behalf of Rubbermaid.

Does January fill you with the desire to clean and organize closets?

I sure get antsy to get the entire house in order for some reason after Christmas and the holidays.  I think for me it may have something to do with all the indulgence and new presents that makes me long for simplicity and order.  When I take down the Christmas tree and all the decorations I feel like I am reclaiming my house.  Then I feel like I need to purge and clean all the dark corners and closets…and my girls room’s are one of the biggest areas needing some organization.

closet-organization 1

We have been working (very slowly) to get their rooms nice…but their closets are another story.  With three girls we have accumulated some clothes and toys and they all seem to pile up in the youngest’s room as they pass them down.  Then…because I don’t want to deal with it…the mess kind of piles up in her closet where we can shut the door and pretend it doesn’t exist.  But every time, I open her closet (which is pretty much daily) I feel anxious…haha!


Her closet was actually pretty clean compared to what it can look like sometimes since I had cleaned it out before Christmas, but I didn’t have a great system to deal with the clothes that were being handed down to her from her older sisters.  I had them all up in the top of her closet…and it wasn’t working.  So I came up with a new system that I am loving.

closet-organization 5


I was recently introduced to these Rubbermaid® All Access™ Storage Bins from Home Depot.  I love storage bins! They make this girl’s heart happy because everything can have a “spot” to go!  What I love about these bins is this handy all access™ door that allow you to gain access easily whether they are up high or stacked together.

closet-organization 2

I placed a couple of the larger Rubbermaid® All Access™ bins on the top of her closet for the clothes that needs to grow into in the next year (the clothes a couple of sizes larger…due to the 4 years of clothing difference from her older sister…are stored in our attic) and the clothes she has just outgrown that need to be donated.

closet-organization 7

So now, all we have to do is open the little door and place the items in.  No more pulling the large bins out every time we need to add something to them.  I would usually just end up stacking them on the shelf by the bin until we had enough to justify pulling the bin out…apparently I am lazy like that!

closet-organization 11 Then I also picked up some small Rubbermaid® All Access™ bins for some of her toys and stuffed animals.  She can easily access them when she wants to play with them now by simply opening the plastic door and they are nicely stored away when she is not playing with them.

closet-organization 4

I am going to go back for the extra small size when they get more in stock.  Home Depot was out of them when I originally went.  They will be perfect for her Strawberry Shortcake and LaLa Loopsy Collection, and perfect for my sanity!

closet-organization 9

I created some labels (of course I did) for the front of each bin.  Stay tuned for some labels coming your way when I share with you how I organized her smaller toy collection, I will share all the labels at once.

closet-organization 1If you are interested in Rubbermaid’s® All Access™  line, you can visit your local Home Depot, during their Winter Storage Event.

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Rubbermaid® . The opinions and text are all mine.

Rolling Storage Drawers

*This is a sponsored post on behalf of Lowe’s.

This month, as a Lowe’s Creator Blogger, one of our challenge choices was to come up with a creative storage idea.  With 5 kids, there is no such thing as too much storage.  I needed some more storage in the girl’s rooms but don’t love when you can see the storage containers sticking out from under the bed.


So I wanted to make some storage spaces that were not only functional but pretty.  Truly a perfectionist’s dream come true!  We made these super easy Rolling Storage Drawers which fit perfectly under my daughter’s bed.  And…I absolutely LOVE them!!


We just made one set, but plan on making more for the other girls rooms.  And we have yet to determine exactly what to store in them…but the options are endless.  We are thinking anything from pajamas, jeans, books, her toys, etc.  And the wheels…I LOVE the wheels!!

You could also make these to go under a book shelf or a T.V. stand…or in a kid’s playroom.  They could really be used anywhere that has a space that you can slide it under.


Want to make some for your house?

I will share with you how we made ours including our specific dimensions.  You can go of of our main design and make any necessary changes in size dimensions so that you can modify them to fit your space.

You will need the following materials for ONE drawer:

  • 3/4 inch piece of plywood or mdf board for the base (ours measured 22 x 22 inches) *Use wood instead of mdf if you are planning on staining them.
  • two 8 foot lengths of 3.5 inch mdf (we got the primed)
  • 4 wheels (we bought wheels that were 2.5 inches in height & swiveled)
  • 16 screws for the wheels (we used 3/4 inch #10 wood screws)
  • a drawer handle or knob (we used the larger crystal knob from Lowe’s)
  • gorilla wood glue
  • staples or small nails
  • eight 1/4 strips of wood to use as corner braces (ours were 5 inches long…two for each corner)
  • sandpaper or sander
  • paint or stain
  • drill
    1.  Determine the length of your space available for your storage drawers.  Then figure out how many drawers you want.  This will help you figure out to big to make each drawer.  You will also need to measure the height you have and figure out the spacing.  Remember to figure in the total height of your wheels too.
    For example our free space under the bed measured 76 inches.  We wanted 3 drawers.  So we made each drawer 23.25 inches square (outside) (rectangle is fine too) which gave us about 6 inches for spacing between the drawers and the ends.

rolling-storage-drawers-22_thumb.jpg  rolling-storage-drawers-1_thumb.jpg

2.  Cut your base out of the mdf or plywood.  We cut our to measure 22 inches square.

3.  Cut your side boards to fit your base.  Our exterior cut was 23.25 inches angled down to 22 inches (remember you need to cut these at a 45 degree angle so they sit at a 90 degree angle on the corners.  We used a miter box saw to cut the angles.  We built it two panels high.

4.  Glue and nail the bottom panels together around the base.  We placed the bottom side panels so that the base was up a 1/4 inch from the bottom of the panels (a 1/4 inch overhang to help lower the height and allow it to fit under the bed).  Let dry.

rolling-storage-drawers_thumb.jpg  rolling-storage-drawers-2_thumb.jpg

5.  Cut the corner braces (ours were 1/4 thick x 5 inches long and either 1.5 or 1.25 inches to allow them to match up in size since one butts up to the other.  Does that make sense?

6.  Glue and staple them in the corners to give your drawer support.  Depending on how big your drawer is, you may need other braces in the middle.

7.  Attach the upper side panels with glue on the bottom and ends and staple the corners.

8.  Caulk all cracks and spaces.  Put putty in nail/staple holes and let dry.

9.  Sand all rough edges and putty spots.  Wipe off excess dust.

rolling-storage-drawers-4_thumb.jpg  rolling-storage-drawers-5_thumb.jpg

10. Attach your wheels to the base of the drawers with your screws.

11. Paint or stain your drawers.

12. Drill a hole (or two depending on your handle) where you want your drawer handle to be and attach the knob.


Repeat process for as many drawers as you need.  The whole project (three drawers) took about 6 hours total from beginning to end spread over two days to allow the glue and the paint to dry.  The wheels and the knobs are the most expensive part of this project.


I am not completely finished with the project as I want to put some fun colored paper in the bottom of the drawers if I can find it in a pattern and color I want.


As always, I would love to see if any of you end up making some!  I love it when you guys email me or leave me a note of FB and share your projects with me!  It makes all my efforts here worth it and I LOVE to get to know who all of you are out there!


Sign up for Lowe’s Creative Ideas Magazine, it’s FREE and offers a bunch of DIY inspiration. Go ahead and connect with Lowes Creative Ideas to find a lot more fun and creative ideas.


*Disclosure: This is a sponsored post.  Lowe’s provided me with a gift card to showcase a project this month as part of their Lowe’s Creative Ideas Bloggers team.  However all opinions and statements are mine.


Organize Garage Clutter

As you might know, I have partnered with Lowes as a member of their Creative Ideas Team.  Each month we are given a gift card and a challenge to complete.  I LOVE being a part of this team because it challenges me to tackle some bigger projects that I tend to put off.  In the past I have been able to do some fun LowesCreator projects.  Here are just a few of them:

Front Porch Curb Appeal

Laundry Room Shelves

Bathroom Towel Rack

Wood Plank Kitchen Ceiling

But for the month of April I finally tackled an area in my home that needed some serious attention.  With all of the projects Mr. Idea Room and I have been working on over the past year in the remodel of our kitchen and main living area, the garage has become a complete disaster.  It is where we do the majority of our work.  Especially in the winter due to the frigid cold and snow we can get here in Utah.  Add five children involved in a lot of various sporting activities who are coming and going constantly, we had a problem finding what was needed in a timely matter…*ahem*!


So with the theme of Outdoor Storage, I knew it was finally time to tackle a portion of our garage.  The mess was so large scale that we have broken this operation down into phases.  And today I am happy to share with you the first phase of Operation Organize Garage.


This area next to the interior door to the house was a particular problem and where most of the kids sporting equipment was being thrown after use.  It made it difficult to locate shin guards, cleats, baseball gloves, lacrosse sticks and bike helmets.  Especially because I have not been able to train my children (yet) about putting items back in their place after use.  The problem is that we didn’t have a WELL DEFINED place for everything…hence the problem.

garage-organization 20

Well, we have now solved that problem and defined a spot for all of the kids equipment.


We purchased this white storage cabinet from Lowes and put it together and gathered stuff that we had scattered throughout the house and finally got it all into one organized space.


We keep all of the balls and kids helmets and rollerblades out here.  It makes it nice to have it all in one spot so when we are headed to a game or practice we know right where everything is.


We even decided to put a bin for the kids soccer and baseball cleats.  These seem to be the hardest things for us to find as we are headed out the door.  Now I just need to make sure my kids remember to take them off and put them back in the bin.

garage-organization 10

We picked up these great storage containers from Lowes.  The metallic bins on top of the lockers and the grey bins that we put the helmets and rollerblades in are perfect for our space and needs.

garage-organization 21

Inside the cabinet, we have our pool supplies, sand toys, and sunscreen.  We also keep some of our outdoor games, mosquito repellant and sidewalk chalk here.


The metal buckets in the lockers also came from Lowes and are perfect for the loose little items like sidewalk chalk and some jump ropes the girls enjoy using outside.  Plus they keep everything nice and neat looking!


I love that everything has its place.  And now the kids have no excuse about not knowing where something belongs.


And…of course I had to paint the door black.  I love our front door that we painted black and I have been excited to paint this one.


It was getting pretty beat up and showed so much dirt from the kids going in and out of here.  We also changed out the door hardware and added a kick plate.

garage-organization 18

To see how I painted it black, you can see our how to paint a door tutorial here.  And lest you think we have everything under control in our garage…let me share with you a picture of the other side…

garage-organization 16

Yikes!  This is where we do most of our project building.  It needs some serious work.  LOL!  That is the next phase of our garage organization.  We have our work cut out for us.

garage-organization 2

But if you look at this one side, it looks great.  And…I have plans to paint the other lockers on the right hand side white.  I wanted to get to them before I shared this, but ran out of time.  So look for an update on them when I can get around to it.

Looking for more creative ideas for your home?  Sign up for Lowe’s Creative Ideas Magazine.  It actually has a lot of really great and creative ideas that you can and would want to do.  Go ahead and check it out!

Connect with Lowes Creative Ideas:

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*Disclosure: This is a sponsored post.  Lowe’s provided me with a gift card to showcase a project this month as part of their Lowe’s Creative ideas Bloggers team.  However all opinions and statements are mine.

pantry update

Summer has hit and I always feel like there is an adjustment period when the kids are home all day again for both moms and the kids.  We are trying to set up a good routine that includes chores in the morning followed by fun.  Some are more on board with this than others.  Does this happen at your house too?  Ha!

pantry 2

While we try to get that all figured out over here I thought I would finally share with you our freshly updated pantry. As you know we have been remodeling our kitchen for the last few months along with the office. We still have some projects left but are getting so close. Life and kids activities have slowed us down quite a bit but there is light at the end of the tunnel. Hoping to start sharing more of it here soon.

pantry 3

One thing we did finish up is the pantry. We didn’t do much to it other than wallpaper it with this Allen + Roth paintable wallpaper which we bought from Lowe’s.

pantry 4

This wallpaper went up pretty easily and I had just barely enough to fill my space.

pantry 6

In fact, I had on little strip left on the inside edge of the closet.  I was able to piece the last few pieces out of the scraps without having to buy a whole new roll of paper.  Phew!

pantry 7

I was planning on painting the wallpaper a nice grey color, but after the paper was up, I loved the original color so much with my new blue kitchen walls, that I decided NOT to paint it.  That could still change in the future (if you know me and my propensity for change)!!


I have a love for pretty labels and added some more to go with the few that I already had in the pantry.  They make everything feel happy and in place for me.  Did I mention that I have some OCD issues?

pantry 9

We then put the closet doors back on, which we had removed during the kitchen renovation when the wood floor was laid.  This whole process has been really drawn out which happens when you end up doing most of the work yourself, but it has been fun to see the transformation.

pantry 1

Now I need to go and get the troops moving on their chores and finally clean up my bedroom that looks like a tornado hit!  Just trying to keep it real.  At least my pantry looks pretty :)!

How to make café shelves

I hope you all had a great and relaxing Mother’s Day Weekend. We were lucky enough to have my Brother-In-Law and his family stay with us this weekend. Things were a bit crazy considering that there are 11 kids between us ages 14 to 3…!! But we had a great time playing with them. Now it is time to get back to work.

I had a lot of you comment about the café shelves we have in our newly updated Laundry Room. We made them and so can you. The best part is that they are super easy to make. Win Win for sure.  So if you would like some in your home keep reading…

laundry room 1 wm

How to Make Café Shelves:

1.  Find a pair  of Shelf Corner Brackets.

I used some from Lowe’s that we found in the molding aisle.  We went with the 7 inch size because that is the size that fit the best with the shelf we had chosen.  For one shelf you will need 2 brackets.  If you are making 2 shelves like we did you will need 4 brackets.

2.  Find or make a wall shelf. 

We happened to find a nice pre-made shelf at Home Depot.  We loved the chunkier style of it and the that it has some nice decorative molding along the edges.  It was in the closet and storage aisle.

cafe shelves 3

3.  Spray paint your shelves your desired color.

Spray paint was the easiest and fastest option.  Plus—I LOVE spray paint.  It makes me super happy.

cafe shelves

4. Glue your corner brackets on the BOTTOM of your shelf.

Make sure that the back of the bracket is lined up perfectly with the back of your shelf. So that when the shelf is on the wall, there will be no gap between the wall and the bracket. You want them to look like they are holding up the shelf.

We used Gorilla Wood Glue.

cafe shelves 1

5.  Be sure to adjust the bracket and place it in from the edge of the shelf.

We measured ours so that it was set in 4 inches from the side end on both ends of the shelf.

cafe shelves 2

6.  Let Wood Glue dry completely.

laundry room wm

We decided to make our shelves the same size but had debated about making the top shelf a bit smaller than the other one.  Ultimately we decided to go with two of the same size shelves.  I am really happy with how they turned out and feel like the brackets give the shelf a lot of fun character and interest.

Have any of you made any café shelves or something similar for your home? I would love to see them.  I would also love to see if any of you end up making some of these.  I always love hearing from you guys out there!

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Laundry room Update & Lowes giveaway

This Giveaway is now CLOSED!

Hey guys! I am so happy to be able to share with you today an update on our Laundry Room.  This room has been a work in progress for WAY too long.  I shared with you in January mid way through our progress and asked for your advice. Thanks for everyone who shared. I did read each and everyone and even got a couple of emails with some great advice that actually helped push me in the right direction…so thank you.  I have the best readers! 

laundry room wm

We built the washer and dryer platform in January early this year.

laundry room 4 wm

We started the actual remodeling process on this room way back before Thanksgiving when we painted our lockers white.   I was really worried about painting ALL the cabinets white in this room, so I was struggling with trying to decide where to go next but knew that I was not happy with the final overall look of the room.

laundry room 5 wm

Then, we got crazy busy with the remodel of our kitchen and getting our wood flooring installed during December, January and February.  So this room just sat in limbo…waiting patiently (ha!) for its turn.

laundry room 1 wm

Well, I got the perfect burst of energy to finally get this room ship shape during April after Snap of course! As you know, I am one of Lowe’s Creative Bloggers and our challenge for this month was to give a room a new facelift.  Just the motivation I needed to finally tackle this room once and for all.

laundry room 6 wm

And I am really happy with the final outcome.  There are still a few things to get just right…like the items on the shelves and the right window treatment…but overall I am loving it.  I am so glad we were brave enough to paint the cabinets all white.  The room is so bright and fresh now!

laundry room 2 wm

Here is what we did for the update:

  • Added Crown Moldings and painted
  • Updated Baseboards and made them taller…tutorial post coming soon
  • Painted Black Cabinets White
  • Added new cabinet hardware
  • Made some shelf with corner brackets and wood…tutorial post coming soon
  • Framed in new window with molding
  • New light fixtures
  • New door knobs on closet doors


Laundry Room Before


Laundry Room Mid Remodel

Here are some other earlier updates we have made to this room if you are interested in checking them out as well.

    Well, that is not all…One lucky Idea Room Reader is going to win a $100 Gift Card to Lowe’s as part of Lowe’s Makeover Challenge.
    To enter: Simply leave me a comment on this post and if you have a room you would like to make over, I would love to know which room and why.
    That’s it! One comment per person please.

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Create Bulletin board

Anyone else have a hard time adjusting to the time change this weekend? I am dragging this morning! Remind me why we are still doing this?

Anyways…despite the slow start this morning, we made some great progress on our HUGE remodeling project and we are getting so close to being FINISHED! Unfortunately all the little things take a lot of time and patience to finish up.  But we are getting so close. 

create bulletin board 10wm

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Today I wanted to share with you a little bulletin board that I got up in my new office. It has been so nice to have everything in one spot, right where I need it.  I wanted a spot to be able to display some fun memories and also tack up some inspiration.

create bulletin board wm

I simply found frame that I liked that was on sale (50% off) at Hobby Lobby and painted it white and then distressed with sand paper.  Then I found some cork board out of an old thrift store frame and cut it down to the right size. 

create bulletin board 7wm

I painted the cork board white since I didn’t want it to look like cork board.  All I did was roll the cork board with my white paint that I used to paint the frame with. It took 3 coats to get it to the whiteness that I wanted.

create bulletin board 2wm

Then I made a simple CREATE banner.  For some reason I couldn’t get the pattern correct with the squares and triangles.  Ha ha!  I must have been tired or something.  But I actually like that there is NO pattern to the banner.  I must admit that normally I would automatically go for the square-triangle-square-triangle pattern as I am a very traditional and uniform person.  When I was a kid I would ALWAYS color the barn red!  But I like that it is a bit off.  Seems to be a bit more “creative” that way. 

create bulletin board 3wm

Anyways…I am waiting to finish up a couple of more things in the office before I reveal the whole thing to you.  I have to paint the ceiling and a few other small things before it can finally get checked off of the list!

create bulletin board 4wm

create bulletin board 5wm

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