Grow Real Easter Basket Grass

easter grass
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Go green this year for Easter. You will not want to go back to using that fake Easter grass when you can grow some real grass for your Easter basket and goodies.

If you are going to, you will need to get started now so that your grass will have time to grow before Easter is here. I used some plastic pot pans (what are they called?…that go under your potted plant to catch the water). Make sure the pot holder will fit into the Easter basket you would like to use. Fill the pot holder 3/4 full of potting soil or dirt. Spread some fast growing, shade loving, grass seed like rye grass liberally over the dirt. Cover the seeds with another thin layer of soil. Water daily to keep moist and place in a sunny window or outside if weather is nice. Within a week you should see the grass beginning to sprout.

If you are too lazy to grow your own, you can cheat and go the easier route. Go outside and cut a patch of grass out of the lawn (somewhere your hubby will not notice.) Make sure to leave a good amount of dirt attached to the roots of the grass. Place the grass patch into a pot holder and then into your basket. Use as a Easter decoration or as a center piece on your table. Make sure that it is watered and kept in a sunny place and it should last for a long time.

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