Valentine Card Ideas


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Valentine’s Day is next week and I just barely finished up the girl’s Valentine’s cards to give to their friends.  I have seen some fun versions of these around the internet and decided to make theirs a bit more personal this year.  So I am sharing with you some different valentine card ideas today.


There is not a lot too these Valentine’s ideas other than just simply taking a photograph of your child in front of a white wall if possible…in our case we used our garage door and then I was able to Photoshop the hinge lines out of the pictures.


For the youngest, I just took a picture of her in the snow in front of a rock.  Busy backgrounds are not the best choice if you want to add some writing to your photo.  Then just using my Photoshop Elements program I drew some hearts and added some simple heart shapes and some text.

hayley valentines 2012 a

I also created some Valentine Bag Toppers (which I originally saw on Martha Stewart) by placing one of the photographs onto a new blank creation that measured 3 inches x 5 inches to place on a candy baggie that measured 3 inches x 4.75 inches. 


Then placing the photo on the bottom half, you fold the topper in half and then staple it onto your baggie of candy.

Valentine bag topper

Fairly quick and easy and I think it makes a great little Valentine gift for their friends.  My son did not want to have anything to do with these sorts of Valentines…and I can’t really blame him.  He went for the standard Valentine’s in a box.

valentine bag with topper wm

I attached some candy to each Valentine.  On some we glued on some Dove chocolate and on the youngest we stuck suckers through the card by placing a small hole above and below her outstretched hand.  This card has been circling the internet for a couple of years now and I finally made one.  And I have to say, that it has been a big hit.  She is so excited to hand them out to her pre-school friends this year!

valentine 1wm

This is the first year I have done anything other than the boxed Valentine’s.  Do you do anything fun or special for your kids Valentine’s Day cards?


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Love Potion no. 9 Labels

Things around here are starting to get put back together and I am making progress on getting my new office organized and the old one cleaned up.  Our floors are in now and I can’t wait to share our progress with you.  We still have quite a bit of work to do as far as the baseboards, some painting and etc.

So I have not been crafting much.  But I did manage to make some fun printable Valentine’s Day Love Potion no. 9 Labels and/or tags.

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These are a really simple addition to a cute bottle filled with candy or your favorite drink.


I burned the edges of this label and colored the label with a brown crayon very lightly but darker around the edges to make it look like aged paper.


Or you can cut around the edges of the label and then glue it onto your container…a plastic test tube in this case to make it like a sticky label.


And, because I like sharing, I have made it available for you to download for your own purposes if you would like.  I made them in brown or in white if you want to color them on your own.  If you would like a different size you can simply choose to print them out at greater than 100% to make them bigger or smaller than 100% if you need them smaller.

Love-Potion-9 |

To make the labels for the test tube I printed them at 75% of the original size.  For the round glass container I printed them at 100%.

(*click on the links below to download the labels)

Love Potion no. 9 White Labels

Love Potion no. 9 Tan Labels

I would love to see if you end up using them and how!

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Valentine Treats – Cookie Pops

Valentine Cookie Pops on a stick? Yep! You know how much I like them. Here is a new Valentine treat version.  But this time it is not an Oreo.  These are sugar cookies…


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These are pretty easy to make and would be a fun little treat to leave someone special this Valentine’s Day.


We made them with our favorite soft Sour Cream Sugar Cookie Recipe.  Then we cut the cookies into some fun Valentine’s Day cookie cutters…hearts, lips, and some X’s and O’s.

valentine cookie pops 7wm

Then bake your cookies according to your recipe directions.  And let them cool completely.

valentine cookie pops 8wm

Then we melted some white chocolate.  If you don’t have chocolate you can also use Almond Bark or Candi Quik.  I poured a small amount onto one cookie that I turned onto it’s back.  Place your sucker stick onto the melted chocolate and then add a little bit more chocolate on top of the stick.  Then place another cookie on top.

valentine cookie pops 9wm

Then to speed up the process, I popped them into the freezer for a couple of minutes.  Then you can dip them into your melted chocolate.  Instead of dipping I actually spoon the chocolate onto them as I turn the cookies at different angles to make sure that the entire cookie is covered on the front and back.

valentine cookie pops 10wm

Add some sprinkles or some other fun edible embellishments.  I did take a small heart cookie cutter and poured some melted Wilton’s Candy Melts into it to make some hearts to place onto the cookie pops too like the ones shown in the pictures below.

Sugar-Cookies-On-A-Stick  valentine cookie pops 3wm 

valentine cookie pops 5wm  valentine cookie pops 6wm 

I also used some fun striped straws instead of sucker sticks to make them a little bit more festive. 


Package them up and give them away!

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Valentine’s Day Printable

Today I get to share an adorable Valentine’s Day Printable with you.  I wish I could say I made this myself…but I just don’t have any talent in the designing printables…and I am okay with that…as long as I know people who do!  This printable is from Charlotte who is the genius behind The Paper Cupcake.  She designed this one to share with all of you as a fun wrap up gift for our Valentine’s Week.


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You can download your copy of this cute Valentine’s Day Printable below:

Valentine’s Day Printable (8 x 10)

Valentine’s Day Printable (11 x 14)

If you do end up taking a copy of the free download be sure to leave a little note of thanks to Charlotte for sharing her amazing talent!  She deserves to hear how much you guys love it!

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Our Valentine’s Day

How was your Valentine’s Day?  We had a busy, but good one.  Here are a few images from our day.  We had our big Valentine’s candlelight dinner on Sunday so we could sit and eat at a leisurely pace.  Then we played some games as a family. 


Then on the actual holiday we gobbled up some heart shaped pancakes FOR DINNER!  Our morning was a little too hectic and this momma decided to sleep in :)!  Earlier in the week we  decorated some sugar cookies and shared them with our friends.  Then we enjoyed THIS…Brownie Trifle!  Yum!

 brownie trifle brownie trifle 1 brownie trifle 2 

Super easy and delicious.  Just brownies, whipped cream, white chocolate pudding, and fresh strawberries {raspberries would be good too}!

The girls were given some flowers by their first true love…isn’t he so sweet?  Love him!  And I got some brownies from my FAVORITE local bakery…I may or may not have hidden  them!





{the day after}

P.S.  Remember when my daughter split her forehead open and I blogged about it here?  Well it has been 5 months now and it is looking so much better.  We have been diligent about putting sun screen and Mederma on her scar.  If she is going to be outside at all we slap a band-aid on it! In fact if you look closely you can see that she has a band-aid tan.  I know many of you were kind enough to comment and lend your support and expertise when it happened so I thought I would share with you how it looks now!  I think it is still fading and will be barely noticeable the older she gets!

Valentines Yahtzee Game


Valentine’s Day is fast approaching…can you believe it?  It just seems like the days are flying by…yet crawling at the same time!  Anyways, we like to celebrate the actual day of Valentine’s together as a family.  We usually start the morning off with these Heart Pancakes. 

We always make sugar cookies and decorate them as a fun activity always within a few days of the holiday and we always celebrate the day by enjoying a nice candlelight dinner for SEVEN!  LOL!  We eat on the fancy plates in our dining room {which admittedly does not get a lot of use}!

Then for the past two years we have topped off our dinner with a fun chocolate fondue party for dessert.  YUMMO!  I thought it would also be fun to play some games together.  We particularly like to play Yahtzee together.  So I came up with this Valentines Yahtzee Game.

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You will need 5 or 6 square wood blocks that measure 1 x 1 inch.  (I made 6 game dice instead of the usual 5 dice.  It is easier for the little kids to get the needed numbers to do well at this game.  So you can either make 5 or 6 dice and play either “heart” or “hearts” yahtzee).

Paint your dice white (or preferred color) and let dry.  Then print out the dice download which can be found here.  Make sure you print it out the original size.


Cut out each individual square.  And put them onto each dice.  Each dice should get a letter and the numbers 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6.  You can look at a regular dice to see what goes where.  Mod Podge the fronts and backs of the squares to firmly attach them to the dice.  I gave each dice an additional layer of Mod Podge after the first layer dried.

**Be sure to print these out with a laser printer so that the ink will not run.

heart yahtzee 5

That’s it!  Pretty easy huh?  I am excited to be able to play this and some other games with the family for our Valentine’s celebration.


This could also be used in a classroom if you have a few kids in each group.


I hope you enjoy it!

Click here to download your copy of the Hearts Yahtzee score card.


Stenciled Love Hand Towel

Need something simple to bring a little more Valentine’s Day decor into your home?  How about a practical and super simple kitchen towel?


I am loving the look of the linen flour sacks that have been floating around the internet lately and this love hand towel was inspired by them.  I took a boring white hand towel that I had sitting in my drawer and decided to pretty it up a bit.  I think I originally found them at Kmart from Martha Stewart’s line.


Then I simply took some blue painter’s tape and laid two strips down across the entire bottom length of the towel.  Then taking a little stipling brush and some acrylic paint, I “stenciled” the space between the strips of tape.


Then I let it dry completely…about 20 minutes.  Then I removed the tape and added two more strips of new tape to make the second line.  This one a made a bit thinner and placed it right above the thicker line.  Let this paint dry as well.


Then I took a lettered stencil that I already had on hand and stenciled the word “love” above the lines.


Now, you are probably wondering if the paint can be washed.  I was wondering the same thing and did not want to have to go out and buy paint specifically for fabric.  I read online that if you iron the back of the painted towel or fabric that this will heat seal the paint so that it does not bleed in the wash.

So I ironed the paint on the back and then also on the front.  I covered the front with a brown paper bag between the iron and the paint so that it would not accidently bleed onto my iron or the ironing board.  I have washed it once by hand…so far so good.  But, I am thinking that I probably won’t throw it into the wash/laundry with my white load!


I am really happy with how it turned out.  I want to make some more that are monogrammed for myself and for gifts.  Wouldn’t monogrammed ones be so much fun?  I think next time I am going to make the top line a bit thinner…but other than that…I “LOVE” how it turned out!

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Valentine Bingo Cards

Do you need a game to play at your child’s classroom Valentine’s Day party?  How about playing some Valentine Bingo with these free printable Valentine Bingo Cards?


Bingo is always a fun one that doesn’t take a lot of time or effort to plan or carry out, and the kids seem to enjoy it.  So I made up some Bingo cards and simply printed them out and laminated them.  This way we will be able to use them over and over again.


The cards are numbered from 1 to 24.  To play, you will need some game pieces.  We usually use small candies.  The ones pictured are heart Gobstoppers.  But we have used M&M’s or wrapped mini tootsie rolls.  But you could also use small pieces of paper or pennies. I realize many of you know how to play Bingo…but just in case here are some simple instructions. Simply give each child a card and a handful of game pieces.  Then the heart in the middle of the card is a free space.  To play you just call out a number from 1 to 24. Or you can have them do math problems to come up with the correct number answer.   Write down each number as you call it so you know which ones have been called {or write out the numbers at first and then cross them off as you go}. As the kids have a number on their card, they cover it with the candy.  The first with five in a row call out Bingo and win.


Then the kids can either eat their game pieces, or you can just throw them away.   Do you want to make some of your own?  I have made it so that you can download these Bingo cards for yourself.  Just make sure to shuffle them around so no two cards are the same for each child.  Or you can print out the blank cards, laminate them and then write on your own numbers, or words {with dry erase pens and markers}…so that you can change them up to suit your needs. I have also provided 3 pre-numbered cards.    

To download the Valentine Bingo Cards click here:

{Valentine Bingo Cards}

*If you are not a fan of The Idea Room on Facebook, you will need to click like first and become a fan. After you become a fan you will need to click on “Get your free gift” in the upper right hand corner of the Idea Room FB page and then click on “Previous Downloads”.

These should print out to be 5 x 7’s.  I hope you enjoy them!

Sea Glass Candy

Have you heard of Sea Glass Candy?  It has become fairly popular with weddings and showers lately but I remember it as a kid. I have been wanting to make some for a while now, simply because the candy is so pretty.

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  • 2 cups granulated sugar
  • 3/4 cup water
  • 3/4 cup corn syrup
  • 1/4 – 1 tsp. flavoring oil
  • Powdered sugar (to coat cooled candy)

1.  Lightly grease jelly roll pan.

2.  Pour sugar, corn syrup and water in a medium saucepan. Place over medium heat and stir until sugar dissolves.

3.  Without stirring, boil the mixture until a candy thermometer reads between 300 and 310 degrees. (about 20-30 minutes.) Drop a small amount into ice water. If it separates into brittle strands its ready.


5.  Remove from heat and let boiling subside.

6.  Measure flavoring oil and pour into candy mixture. Also add food coloring if desired. Blend with a wooden spoon.  **Be very careful when adding as it will let off strong smell and steam.

7.  Pour onto greased cookie sheet or cake pan. Let cool.

8.  Cover with wax paper and hit lightly with a hammer to break into smaller pieces.


Take the pieces and coat them lightly with some powdered sugar.


Package up so that it is pretty and give it away to a friend!  I flavored mine with an orange flavored oil.  Yum!

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Valentine’s Day Embroidery Hoops–w/ Mod Podge Rocks

Well hallo there.  I’m Amy from Mod Podge Rocks.  I’m not the Amy you’re used to, but I hope you’ll like what I bring to the table!  My blog is all about decoupage, a seventies craft that has become cool again.  I learned of its wonders a little more than two years ago, started a blog and I’ve never looked back.  With the big “V-Day” right around the corner, I decided to give you a little Mod Podge love action.

Here are my Valentine’s Day embroidery hoop wall hangings.  Perfect if you need some sizzlin’ home decor, and the kids can join in.  Plus I know that many of you sew; these use scrap fabric.  I’m typically a big Grinch-ola when it comes to the day of chalky heart candies and helium balloons, but my heart softened a bit as I was making these.  I do believe in love! 
Making embroidery hoop wall hangings is a snap, and once you start you’ll definitely get addicted.  To start, gather these supplies.
Embroidery hoops – any size
Mod Podge Fabric
Fabric scraps in your choice of colors
Felt scraps in your choice of colors
Acrylic paint – I used pink and red
Buttons – coordinating
Hot Glue Gun – I’m addicted to my Imaginsce Cordless
Die cutter or template for cutting flowers – I used my Sizzix Big Shot

Gather fabric and felt scraps.  If you don’t have any in Valentine’s colors, Jo-Ann sells fabric in fat quarters.  They are great for crafting with.  I wash and dry my fabrics before any project.  I guess you don’t have to – it’s a lesson I learned from sewing camp “back in the day” and I’ve stuck with it.

Prepare all of your fabrics with Mod Podge Fabric – this means spread a medium layer of Mod Podge over the piece of fabric large enough to cover the area you need to cut out.  What the Mod Podge does is prevent fraying when you cut the fabric.  It also adds some durability and makes it less flimsy when you put it into the embroidery hoop.  Sweet, huh?

Paint both embroidery hoops and allow to dry.

Once the fabric and embroidery hoops are dry, pick two colors for the base fabric.  I used my pink and white.  Sandwich them in between the embrodiery hoops and tighten.  Tip – I use a little craft glue on the inside of the embroidery hoop to make it permanent.

Cut your hearts out of the Mod Podged fabric.  For this step I went back to my kindergarden years – fold, cut 1/2 a heart shape and unfold for the full heart.  Hey, after all these years it still works!

Use the Mod Podge Fabric to attach the hearts to the base.  Cover the entire piece with Mod Podge; allow to dry and then give another coat.

Start planning your embellishments – you can see here that I laid out some buttons and flowers I cut from felt.  If you have a Sizzix Big Shot, I used the 3-D flowers by Beth Reames.  If you don’t, never fear – you can cut felt flowers using patterns and/or templates you find on the internet.  Search for “felt flowers template” in Google and you’ll find tons of awesome results.

Hot glue your embellishments to the wall hanging.  Yes, my glue gun has a headlight.  It seems weird but is actually very helpful.  I had no idea until I used it!!  I have a love affair with my glue gun.  Allow everything to dry before hanging.

Thanks to Amy for allowing me to share with all of you today – I love The Idea Room, so it’s such an honor.  If you haven’t been to Mod Podge Rocks, swing on by when you have a chance – I’ll roll out the virtual welcome wagon for you.  We have a great community and you won’t believe everything that can be done with a bottle of white sticky stuff.  See you soon!

**Love Amy from Mod Podge Rocks! Thanks Amy!

Be sure to head on over and check out Mod Podge Rocks. Here is a glimpse of the project I am sharing over there today…A Chalk Board Purse!





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